Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The night before Christmas eve, with a toddler and a baby

T'was the night before Christmas eve, 
when all through the house,
not a creature was stirring, 
not even a mouse. 

I had just dropped off to sleep 
after an hour of folding laundry, 
when suddenly the baby woke 
crying rather loudly. 

I took her into bed, 
cuddled her and shushed her 
but lo and behold, 
she vomitted everywhere. 

I cleaned up the bed 
and held her tight, 
we cuddled until 2 o clock, 
settling in for the night. 

A little voice woke me, "mummy, pipi!", 
I went to his room, sat him on the potty, 
he yawned and out fell his dummy, 
splashed into the potty! 

He cried rather loudly, 
I shushed him and said 
"I'll get you another one, 
get back into bed." 

I ran downstairs, 
grabbed a new dummy and knew, 
from the noises I could hear, 
the baby was awake too. 

Kissing my boy 
and settling him in, 
she started to cry, 
she'd woken her daddy. 

Back into bed, 
comforting the baby, 
she decided it was time to play, 
oh God save me. 

She pulled at my hair, 
stuck her finger up my nose, 
but half an hour later, 
result, she snores! 

And then it was the adults, 
we couldn't drift off, 
tossing and turning 
and trips to the loo. 

Almost sleeping again, 
but a cry from our son, 
his nightlight had gone out, 
the bulb had gone boom! 

FP looked for a lightbulb 
at 4am, 
fixed it up and 
our boy was asleep again. 

But the baby had woken, 
she was sick on me, 
she must have caught something, 
this is so not funny. 

And a while later, 
a storm kicked up, 
the scaffolding on our house 
banged so much. 

It woke our toddler, 
he cried and cried, 
FP went to his bed, got in, and stayed there 
(he was so tired he "could die"). 

T'was the morning before Christmas, 
when all through the house, 
not a creature was stirring, 
except maybe a mouse, 
because there are droppings all over our bloody garage floor again.