Monday, December 08, 2014

The Little Man's First Birthday

So it was a whole month ago but we've only just stopped the celebrations!  I can't quite believe our baby is one year old.  I know everyone says it and everyone warns you to make the most of it when they're babies but it's so true - the time flies by.

I started planning the birthday party months in advance.  I saw a rainbow cake.  I wanted to make my own rainbow cake.  I made a rainbow cake!  And thanks to the rainbow cake I started to plan a rainbow-themed birthday party.  It was all going well; I'd bought special party plates, cups, wine glasses and had started making decorations all to fit in with the rainbow theme but at some point I lost interest in the rainbow-ness (apart from the cake) and about a week before the big day I changed my mind and started frantically planning a Moustache Bash.  I found some awesome free printables from  I kept the rainbow cake though, even though it had nothing whatsoever to do with moustaches, although thinking about it now, how cool would a rainbow 'tache look!