Friday, March 08, 2013


So.  I've been writing a little on a new blog for the past week or so.  I wasn't sure whether to just write about (or more likely post pictures of) what I felt like on La Belle Saison because well, folks, I don't know any other way of putting this...I'm obsessed with my son and all things mummy!  I just couldn't see a way of joining up this blog with a mummy blog and to be honest, I already annoy the hell out of my facebook friends with photos of my son that I kind of didn't want to annoy any more people.

I've changed so much, you see.  My life has changed in a very big way.  I suppose that's to be expected when you have a child, but I just wasn't sure how to come back here.  The blog where I've chronicled my final year as a student, my romance with FP and my move to France.  How to continue writing as before?  I'm old now (26.  I know technically it's not old but I recently found a white hair so I'm feeling it.)  I'm a wife and a mum.  A mum!  I don't want to bore people but, honestly, the most exciting parts of my life right now tends to be when my son sleeps through the night (a rare, rare occurence).

So is it fair to take this lovely blog which has seen me through so much and to turn it into a 'mummy blog'?

I remember when I moved to France in 2008 just after my battle with health issues had been victoriously won (almost 5 years ago!).  At the time I remember thinking that it was a new chapter in my life and therefore it meritted a new chapter on my blog.  It became La Belle Saison Part 2. Well, how about I make this Part 3?

Yesterday I found my old blogger friend Zhu and was delighted to find she has recently had a little boy!  It was then that the thought occured to me...I've changed but surely so has everyone else who I used to know in the blogosphere (are we still saying that?  I better catch up on the lingo, I feel like I've not done this since 1999).  So who knows, perhaps there are one or two of you out there who might still be interested in reading my musings.

Well at least I know my biggest only fan (hi mum!) will be reading this!

So I'm going to add posts from the new blog to La Belle Saison (warning it's ALL baby related but I promise it won't be 100% baby once I start writing here!)