Sunday, July 18, 2010

Text Messages

Text Message Received :

From: Mum

Lins, just checked ur blog. Hurry up & upd8 it, u haven't written in a month!!! X

Text Message Received :

From: Mum

Where has my online reading material gone? Upd8 ur blog! X

Text Message Received :

From : Dad

Ur mum wants u 2 update ur blog. She's driving me insane.

Text Message Received :

From: Mum

I miss ur blog! Time to do an entry about the wedding here. X

Text Message Receieved :

From: Mum

Linsey!!!!Blog!!!Sort it out!!!


T.D. Newton said...



But, seriously, yeah. Post something.

Evelyn said...

I stop by and then I left..

Sally said...

Well, they're right! x

sarah doow said...

No pressure of course! ;-)

Lis of the North said...

Here here!