Saturday, May 08, 2010

People We Love

As the wedding days are fast approaching (4 weeks until the French one and 6 weeks until the Scottish one) FP and I are spending most of our time running around like headless chickens, juggling my business (all of a sudden I've got a wee boom of new clients who are panicking about their upcoming English exams) and preparations for the weddings, so I don't have a lot of time to write. But the run up to the wedding(s) is such an exciting time and I don't want to leave this wee blog all on its lonesome again, so I thought I'd take a few snippets from our wedding website and post it here.

So voilà, our beloved family and bridal party (some names have been changed):

Mother and Father of the Bride

FP says : Mr and Mrs Ecossaise are great! They have been so kind to me even from my very first visit to Scotland back in the day.

Mr Ecossais and I share a lot of loves : whisky, cheese that is strong, sciencey stuff, growing beards (even if Princesse won't let me grow one impressive as Mr Ecossais) and naturally, his daughter.

And Mrs Ecossaise is truly a kind, caring woman who treats me like her own son. She's always very sweet, actually she's the sweetest person ever! Her French is perfect too!

Mother and Father of the Groom

Princesse says : Mr and Mrs FP are grand. I'm very lucky to be able to say that they welcomed me into their family with open arms way back when my French was apalling. In fact, they both helped me with my French vocabulary immensely: I now know the majority of French sweary words thanks to them!

Mr FP is a sound guy. He's amazingly talented when it comes to DIY and engineering fidgety wee things such as miniature working street lamps, as you do. He is also pretty handy when it comes to fixing broken down cars, a talent that he passed on to his son, for which I am eternally grateful. As for Mrs FP, well, she's wonderful. I never knew what French food was until I came to her house for dinner. What an amazing cook!

Maid of Honour

Princesse says : Zannie is my oldest friend. We met when we were both wee and have been best friends ever since! To be honest, after over 17 years of friendship, she is more like the sister I never had, which is why there was no question about her being my maid of honour. Soul sisters forever Zan!

Zannie and her lovely man Venzo have just tied the knot themselves this past December. Their wedding was truly beautiful and very moving (I cried) (tears of joy) and everybody present had a fantastic day. She's now Mrs F!

So technically, Zannie won't be my 'maid of honour', she will be my 'matron* of honour'. A title that you can feel free to use when you meet her on the big day. Or maybe not, because she might just launch her bouquet at your head.

*I'm sure you will agree that this word is highly flattering...Not.

Best Man

Princesse says : Dam (or more commonly known as Damdam) is FP's best friend, which makes him French. Don't be frightened off though: For this Frenchman is very kind, polite and friendly and he also speaks English!


Princesse says : Indigo and I met when we were 17 on our first day at University. In our student days we went to classes together, studied together and of course, partied very hard together. She was also one of my flatmates when I first moved to France in 2005 and played a big hand in supporting me when I was going through some serious health problems. All in all, Indigo is a wee star!

Indigo lives in Livingston with her lovely fiancé and together they have - officially - The Most Beautiful Baby Boy In The World. Baby C was born in April, 2009 and you can see how adorable he is in the picture.


Princesse says : My Brother Kenny. A great big brother. I would even go as far as to say the best big brother in the world. I got the looks and he got the brains, charm, sense of humour, musical talent, patter, confidence...oh, and actually he got the looks. Kenny works as an electrical engineer and is a very talented turntablist. On top of all that, he plays in the world famous My Own Religion (if you haven't heard of them then where have you been?!) and owns his own record label Capital 1212 Productions. He has been with his gorgeous girlfriend Joanna (who you can see in the picture) for a few years now and she has done the world of good for him. I 100% approve!

FP says : Kenny is such the best soon to be brother in law ever!


Princesse says : L is a French version of me. We met in a heavy metal bar in Versailles (both of our men enjoy a bit of metal - we don't) misleadingly called 'Le Kilt' (has nothing whatsoever to do with Scotland or kilts). I was perched on the edge of a dirty threadbare bar stool, trying not to touch anything for fear of contracting hepatitis and whispering to FP not to eat the peanuts sat in the middle of the table. L and I got talking because she saw I was wearing a pink cardi and silver sandals and was the only other girly girl in there. We discovered we share the same interests, the same phobias and that we both dream of one day owning a Chanel handbag. And the rest, as they say, is history.

L got married to Seb in June 2009 in Versailles one year before we will. It was a fantastic wedding - my very first French wedding I'd attended - and L was a stunning bride. The photo was taken on her wedding day.


Princesse says : Venzo! The husband of my matron maid of honour. Venzo and I met sometime near the beginning of his relationship with Zannie and he passed the impress-the-best-friend test with flying colours. He's a lovely guy, has a great sense of humour and speaks with a 'proper' Scottish accent (according to FP, my accent isn't a real Scottish accent) that my Frenchman enjoys trying to immitate in his quest to speak English like a true Scotsman.

FP says : Venzo is a true Scotsman. Princesse is a fake Scottish girl! Just kidding.


Micah D.L. said...

lovely to meet all your friends and family! i'm sure they'll be just as fantastic in real life!

T.D. Newton said...

Yep, it was so cool to meet all these folks! Now I'm trying to add them all on FB!

Léa - What the L said...

Je n'avais pas vu cet article ! C'est sympa d'avoir repris ces photos ! En tout cas les mariages étaient super :)
Bisous !!!