Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A wee bit of blether for you

Well, it's been another month since I've written and I'm officially very ashamed of myself. My excuse this time is that I've been so busy with my wee business that any free time I've had I've spent sprawled out on the sofa begging FP to bring me cups of tea and inspiration for my next lesson plans (TEFL teachers I'm sure you know what I mean!). I have also come to the conclusion that facebook status updates have been satisfying my strange quench to share wee anecdotes and random personal information on the internet; much faster and easier to update my facebook status than to blog...

But I'm fighting against it, people, I am! i'll be honest with you. I was very close to just giving up, doing one last blog post saying it's been lovely but goodbye, blah blah blah, but then I had a few very dear friends who got onto me and ordered me to come back and blog. They said they enjoyed reading about all the silly things that happen to me and were disappointed each time they came back to nothing new. So here I am! You know, when I really think about it, ever since I moved to France almost 2 years ago I've been a horribly sporadic blogger, so I suppose I can blame this whole thing on France. Or FP. But nothing whatsoever to do with my laziness or writer's block, you understand.

So what have I been up to since I last wrote? Well, it was my birthday at the beginning of the month and despite fearing I would feel old as I'm now nearing my mid-20's (which will be followed by my late 20's followed by my 30's, followed by my...gulp...40's...gasp!), I'm feeling ok about being 24.

I think I used to freak out about getting older mainly because I felt I hadn't really done much with my life and was scared I wasn't going to. But that's all changed now, and I'm quite content with what I've acheived so far and particularly where I'm at in my life right now.

I'm 24 and I've made tons of friends, gone to uni, lived in student digs, partied super hard, lived abroad, rebelled, lived alone, met the love of my life, got a bachelor of arts degree, lost the friends that needed losing and kept only the best, battled cutaneous tuberculosis and won, moved to France alone, moved in with my man, said yes to his proposal, got a teaching degree, set up my own business...and in 2 months I shall be married! I've managed to do a lot more than what I had even set out to do, so I'm kind of getting used to the idea approaching my 'mid 20's'. Unless you consider 24 as having already reached the mid-20's...then I'm not ready for that at all...

Speaking of my birthday, I had a lovely surprise from Zannie this year! I knew something was going on as far back as a few months before as FP had told me to cancel my appointments the weekend after my birthday, so I kind of had an inkling that I was off somewhere nice for a few days. I couldn't quite work out who was behind it all though until Zannie emailed me telling me she had sent a package and under no circumstances was I to open it until the morning of my birthday. Now, I always thought I was pretty good with surprises, I really enjoy being (pleasantly) surprised and hate it when someone spoils it by letting something slip, but by the time Zannie's package had arrived I was ripping my hair out with the frustration of not knowing! FP is usually the worst at keeping secrets too - just to prove this point, let me remind you that he couldn't even keep his planned marriage proposal to me a secret. In the end it was me who was having to keep it a secret from all our friends and family until he could finally 'officially' pop the question! - but it seems that Zannie had absolutely sworn him to secrecy and every time I begged him to tell me what was going on he had to walk out of the room and drown out my cries of protest with some music.

Anyway on the morning of my birthday, I finally got to open the package and found out that I was off on a hen (that's a bachelorette for you Americans!) trip to London, baby!! It was such a cool present and whatsmore is that Zannie and her mum and sisters had planned an amazing itinerary of activities to do while we were there...shopping, theatre, cocktails, museums etc. But more about that in my next post which is just coming up. I fear it will be a long one!


anne said...

Hurrah! She's back! The most entertaining blogger on the net.

T.D. Newton said...

Awesome. And the hen party pictures were great, as I think I said on Facebook.

You just blog at your own pace. I, for one, am happy to wait until something odd happens to you that you just can't keep to yourself (or concisely share in a FB status).

I would have been incredibly sad if you'd stopped blogging altogether, because this is how we became friends in the first place, but it's totally understandable. We're friends outside this now, anyway, and pretty soon we'll get to laugh and snort around the same table. Very exciting!

Sally said...

What a fantastic friend Zannie is! xx

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Aww thanks Anne!

TD That's a lovely thing to say...I'm so happy we all finally get to meet in person, it's just a shame that afterwards we'll probably have to wait about 5 years before doing it again! Mind you, maybe you will fall deeply in love with France and will decide to come here more often!

For the record, I would have been really sad to have stopped the blog too. I think I just go through phases when I am so busy in life that it's a struggle to come and write about something interesting, and other times I have a major lack of inspiration. But that's probably the problem for all writers. Anyway I shan't be giving up on La Belle Saison just yet! :-)

Sally Yes, she's wonderful! :-) xx