Thursday, January 07, 2010

Zannie and Venzo's Wedding

It's a surreal and terribly moving moment when you see your oldest friend get married.

I can recall so many sleepovers where Zannie and I - from the ages of 6 and upwards - would imagine what our future husbands would be like. At the time of Take That (the first time around), we thought she would be married off to Robbie Williams and that my husband would be Mark Owen. Funnily enough, we genuinely believed that, somehow, these famous popstars about 15 years our senior would find us in our little Scottish village and would fall head over heels in love with us - genuine! Oh how I would love to go back to those simple times where being realistic was of little importance!

Anyway, as we grew up (and once Take That had, devastatingly, split up) I moved onto lusting after Leonardo DiCaprio and I can't quite remember who Zannie liked...Ronan Keating perhaps? Well, peu importe now. Zannie and I would launch into wildly serious conversations about our future weddings. Not in any kind of detail, you understand. Don't get me wrong, there were no discussions about the fabric quality of chair covers and whether to provide strawberries and chocolate at the aperitif or just stick to canapés. No, we weren't that weird as children. (Although a certain Mrs Pegg would beg to differ.) In the naivety that only children have, we would find ourselves daydreaming about our celebrity husbands and how we would look like beautiful Barbie princesses. (Don't mock. Barbie was, at the time, our image of a perfect woman - obviously this was well before Cheryl Cole came bounding into our lives with her lolipop head, lucious locks and flawless skin. Living Barbie. The Brunette Version.)

When we were so young, getting married seemed so far ahead in the future. We hadn't even left primary school yet and 16 year olds were considered as adults from our perspective. I can recall wondering whether Zannie and I would even know each other by the time we made it to adulthood. And even though we could both fit our fore finger and thumb around each other's wrists (something that we learned at primary school which scientifically proves that you will be invited to the other's wedding), I wasn't entirely convinced two people could be best friends from the age of 6 right up to an enormously old age where one of them got married. Would Zannie be at my future wedding to Leonardo DiCaprio? Would I be at her wedding?


I was there. I had the honour of being a bridesmaid.

Sitting there, in the front pew of the church among the other three bridesmaids, I tried hard to fight the lump in my throat as I saw how beautiful and happy Zannie looked. As I said before, it's a surreal and terribly moving moment when you see your oldest friend get married.

As she turned to Venzo (her now husband!!) to exchange vows, the tears started to cloud my vision. Luckily, I had stuffed a Kleenex into my bouquet of flowers. It was used a lot and then passed onto one of the other bridesmaids who was in need. That's how beautiful the ceremony was.

(Venzo, for the record, is nothing like Robbie Williams. Robbie Williams is a cheeky twat and Venzo is a legend.)

(Venzo is also nothing like Ronan Keating who is a bit of a cheesy crooner and Venzo is more rock and roll and plays the drums.)

And Zannie, although her family name has now changed, is still Zannie. A sweet, loving, beautiful person. (And hilarious too. Funny things always happen to Zannie! Now I hope she doesn't mind me telling you this, but it made the ceremony so 'Zannie' that I just have to share! At the beginning of the ceremony, Zannie and her dad walked down the aisle to the beautiful tune of Ave Maria, followed by the flower girl and us, the bridesmaids. As we walked down the aisle behind her, the congregation all focused on Zannie and her beautiful princessy dress (not Barbie-esque though) but I was distracted because I had spotted - right there in the middle of the church aisle - a lacy white thing discarded on the floor. On closer inspection, it turned out to be Zannie's garter which had slipped off her thigh without her even knowing it! Well, as you can imagine, I got a fit of the giggles and at intermittent moments throughout the service when one of the other bridesmaids would remind me of the incident, my shoulders would start to shake and my face turned red as I tried to hold in my laughter. Of course this all became even more hilarious when, at the end of the ceremony as the guests were leaving, one of them came up to Zannie with the offending garter and handed it back. Oh I laughed so hard that my lovely boned bridesmaid dress almost burst!) Anyway, here are some pictures:

Laughing at the garter incident

The happiest guy on earth that day.

Look! FP wore his kilt!

P.S. Happy New Year!!


Micah D.L. said...

oh jeebs. weddings get me every time! i love seeing the photos and the bride and blah blah's all so lovely and wonderful!

i think all weddings are like dreams, really (mostly because, as the bride, you only really remember what you're told and what was captured on's a bit of a blur otherwise)'s the one time in a girl's life where she gets to wear sparkles and an enormous gown and diamonds in her hair (and on her fingers) and all this wonderfulness that will (hopefully) never happen again. it's so trance-like to me!

which is part of why i love planning weddings so much...seeing a bride return to that 6-year-old girliness and watching her enter into a state of complete joy and effortlessness. oh's a wonderfully powerful moment.

Princesse Ecossaise said...

I LOVE weddings too!! I honestly began to consider wedding planning as a career last year I love weddings so much. I imagine that once our two wedding ceremonies are done I may be a little less passionate about that obsession though. Unless one of my other friends then decides to get married and then I'll be all about it again!

I love seeing the bride too. I love looking at how happy the couple are, it's beautiful and reminds you what life is about.

You and TD better make it to the French ceremony!!!!

Micah D.L. said...

Just waiting to hear from my friend (a Lufthansa flight attendant) to see if he can get us a good deal on flights...already have the hotel picked out and dates confirmed!

Thank you SO much for letting us crash your wedding! We'll be good little guests, I swear it! I can't wait!

Oh and my obsession was a little alleviated after my wedding, but it comes back from time to time haha!

Princesse Ecossaise said...

That's EXCELLENT! Hopefully your friend will get you a good deal!

Hey it'll be our pleasure to have you at the wedding, TD's my oldest reader and it's so cool that you'll be a part of our big day!

French weddings are a little different - it'll be in Versailles town hall which is a bit like a wedding machine - ie we have a time slot to get married and there will be other wedding parties hanging around for their not romantic! but hopefully the party afterward will be great! Ooooooooh I'm way too excited!!!

T.D. Newton said...

You two are hilarious.

Am I the oldest reader? Nice. I have "cred."

We seriously can't wait for the trip!!

Princesse Ecossaise said...

You are my oldest reader TD. My faithful commenter. Even FP has given up commenting! Booooo :-(

I cannot wait to have you guys here it'll be awesome!!! How long are you thinking of staying?

Micah D.L. said...

we're just going to make a big ol' vacation of it! we'll be in paris from May 31 - june 6...woo hoo! TD's never been and i haven't been since 2000 so it'll be fun to get back!

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Ooooh that is gonna be great fun! You do realise that you'll be leaving the day after the wedding though? Hope there will be no hangovers! :-p Oh man I'm just so looking forward to when you guys tell me it's all confirmed! I'm still scared you're gonna say 'actually we thought about it and we kinda realised we'd rather stay home and wash our hair' hehe

Léa said...

Tu as de la chance de ne pas avoir fait le bruit bizarre en pleurant !! Et puis tu étais dos aux gens, ils ne t'ont pas vu pleurer ;)

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Oui, c'est vrai que j'ai eu la chance cette fois ci mais je crois que tout ça va changer quand c'est moi la mariée!!! Oh là là je vais pleurer comme un bébé!!!!