Friday, October 09, 2009


Please excuse my disappearing act, folks! FP and I are in Scotland having a blast, catching up with all our special people who live over this way and making the most of our time here. We're also using this holiday to get a move on with the wedding plans, (FP has bought his kilt and I have bought my dress! Oh the excitement!) which is more fun than I could ever imagine. Roll on next June!


Anonymous said...

ooh, he's going to wear a kilt?! So cool. In what tartan? Does he have scottish roots? how blumin exciting it all is!! yeeee!

ps, amiens sells iron bru. :o)

Pepette said...

Hey! Hope you enjoy the rest of your holidays - it's not even been raining that much, you're SO lucky :) - and of course the wedding preparations, SO exciting!

Lis of the North said...

ooh a kilt! What is your family tartan?
Have fun!

Loth said...

Well in that case, welcome home!