Friday, September 11, 2009

Trou du cul

While FP and I had been in La Rochelle, FP's parents had, very kindly, been keeping the cat at their house. The day I arrived to pick him up, Mr FP told me he was glad to get rid of him.

"Ah bon?!" I asked, wondering what Ollie could have done to upset him so.

"Oui," Mr FP nodded. "He's won the award for being the biggest trou du cul."

Oh-oh. Ollie, admittedly, is not a well behaved cat. He tips over vases full of flowers, paws your face when you're sleeping, climbs up christmas trees, claws his way up your jeans, and sits in the middle of house plants, but, up until now, our friends and family who have been affected by his petty crimes have managed to laugh it off. Because he's cute and furry. He must have done something pretty naughty to have been awarded the biggest asshole award from my soon-to-be father-in-law.

"What did he do?" I asked, scared to hear the response.

"Oh, nothing. Just insisted on sleeping on my head all night with his tail wrapped around my chin. I felt like I was wearing a Davy Crockett hat."

I laughed. "It could have been worse. At least he did sleep in the night instead of meowing at the door."

"True." Mr FP agreed. "But I took the liberty of awarding him the biggest trou du cul medal."

I looked at him, not quite getting it. Mr FP called for Ollie and before I saw him, I heard the little jingle jangle of the bell on his collar.

And when he came galloping towards me and I saw what Mr FP had made him, I laughed and laughed and laughed.


Loth said...

Ah, that's a good father-in-law-to-be you have there!

Crystal said...

oh that is too funny. Can he make one for my kitty too? I think Ollie would have a run for his money in the trou de cul category with my Noé ;)

Andromeda said...

That is seriously hilarious. Good to know he has a sense of humor at least!

Leah said...

Hehe, I love it!! I think Ollie and Owen would get along well!

Anonymous said...

That's so funny - i LOL and J just looked at me strangely! You have a great relationship will your in laws! and a great way of telling stories!

Anonymous said...

Super cute!! Ollie sounds like he is loads of fun.

T.D. Newton said...
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T.D. Newton said...


Sorry, misspelled that the first time.

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Hehe! Hey @Crystal I'll get him to make one for your kitty too ;-)

Léa said...

So now I know the whole trou du cul story ! So funny !