Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Worry Thing

Does anyone else ever suffer from a 'worry thing'? The term (coined by my brother when he was about 8 years old) refers to when you feel worried, but you can't quite put your finger on the reason you are worried. My brother's the only person I have ever met who knows what I mean when I say I have a worry thing. I have just tried to explain to FP what this is and he actually laughed at me(!) Not just a normal laugh either, but a hooting laugh. He hooted at me.

So FP has never experienced a worry thing and I am beginning to think that my family has a disposition to worry things. Which kind of makes me worry even more.

Well anyway, right now, mes amis, I have a worry thing. A big knot in my stomach. But the thing I am so worried about seems to be so unimportant that my brain has forgotten what it is and I am left scratching my head trying to remember.

Does this make me weird?


Anonymous said...

non non non you're not weird! I have this "worry thing" all the time too, usually because I'm so forgetful!


Andromeda said...

French paperwork = constant worry thing for Americans. Omg. Or are you more talking about that feeling when you leave the house of "did I leave the gas on?" "did I lock the door?" (Yesterday it was a big yes and yes for me).

Luckily, there is always cheap wine here to make you worry-free for a few hours :-)

Syd said...

I have had, from time to time, a generalized anxiety. Usually it comes because there is something I'm consciously avoiding dealing with. Once I deal with the thing, the seemingly unrelated worry goes away.

Exercise helps, too.

Nicola said...

I understand what you mean. I think I get more "anxiety things" than "worry things". Probably pretty similar but usually it's like I know that I'm going to have to change/improve something before I know what doesn't feel right. Does that make sense?! haha.

Also, I just came across your blog via ladybloggers and I love it. Keep up the good work!

Loth said...

Yup. But don't worry (hah!) weird is good.

One Fine Weasel said...

My whole life is a worry thing :)

Zhu said...

I have been called the queen of worry, of the worry master.

So you are not weird, unless I am too.

T.D. Newton said...

Full aware of how sexist this sounds, but I think that's just a woman thing.

Ha, kidding!!

You're probably more of a Type A personality. Organized and scheduled. They tend to be worriers, just ask Micah. Us Type B's just lay back and go with the flow, most of the time, without much of a care. Better that way, unless you have a really big project or something.

I wouldn't worry... I mean, I wouldn't worry any extra over your worry thing. Sounds like you're worrying enough already.

Micah D.L. said...

yes, I have what TD calls "panic panties"...I worry incessantly about anything, everything, and nothing.

I was worried about SOMETHING the entire time we were on vacation last week and could never really nail it down.


Charisse said...

I also have a worry thing, several to be honest. You're not alone at all on this one.

samselton said...

yes, i experience 'worry thing' quite often