Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

After all the walking FP and I did lastnight when we went out with Ksam and Kendra to the Grandes Eaux Nocturnes (held in the gardens of my work), today we decided to stay off our feet. We were planning on going out for a picnic, but the chicken I'd planned on using in our sandwiches was 3 days out of date (oops...must remember to check the label) and so we opted to stay at home on the balcony, lapping up the 30°c heat and chillaxing to the max.

And what better way than to chillax with a Fresh batch of coffee...

And a great book written by a great friend?

I've been trying to save TD's book, The Ninth Avatar for the holidays (in one week) so that I could give the book my full, undivided attention like it deserves, but I couldn't resist picking it up and starting it today. It was pretty difficult to put down and so, if you don't mind, I'm just off to finish chapter 5.

TD would you be kind enough to leave a wee link or two in the comments box for any readers who are interesting in buying your book?


Sally said...

Sounds like a brilliant way to spend the afternoon x

Zannie said...

Ooh, I love a good book for me please!
I'm jealous of your sunshine! I had a very active Sunday today, a big group of us went here - it was cold, rainy and muddy (typical Scottish Sunday) but FANTASTIC!
Miss u x x x

p.s. My dress is IN THE SHOP. Oh. My. God.

p.p.s. Need you holiday dates so I can book days off work

p.p.p.s. Will send copy of driving license this week

p.p.p.p.s. I should have done this in an email!

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Sally Indeed! Sunday's were made for relaxing, n'est ce pas!

Oh Zannie I love you. The book is really good, I'll send you info in an email tomorrow (Monday = day off woohoo!) Woooaaa goape looks soooooo cool, I actually think there's one here in France not too far away too so I might talk FP into taking me!

OH MY GOD YOUR WEDDING DRESS IS IN THE SHOP. SURRRRRREEEEEAL. When are you going to pick it up? Argh! Can't believe your wedding is coming up soooo soon!

Will email you tomorrow my love to give you holiday dates etc, can't wait to see you in Oct, miss you so much forever and ever amen! xxxxxxxx

T.D. Newton said...

Hey, was camping this weekend so didn't see this until now! I'm excited you've started to read it already. Remember, you were my first official purchase!

Here's the "homepage" for The Ninth Avatar including links to purchase and additional information:

There's also a FREE audio podcast version that I JUST completed the recordings for, available through (just look under Fantasy or search for The Ninth Avatar). My voice and the recording quality are not exactly fantastic, but hey it's free and beats the cost of trying to ship a book overseas!!

Micah D.L. said...

mostly, I am tres jealous that you are sitting on your cute balcony, reading books, and drinking coffee...oh to live the European life!

We have big plans of visiting Versailles in the next couple mother swears by it (she also swears by Nice and Paris so those might have to be stops along the way...I've done ol' Paris, but TD has not and frankly it should not be missed)...