Friday, July 24, 2009

Computery Words

One of my pet peeves about computers is the way I am so often faced with words that I don't understand. Warnings that use big, fancy computery words that make no sense to me. The other day a black screen informed me of a 'Kernel Panic - Not Syncing: Fatal Exception in Interrupt.' Sorry, what? Or even worse, when the error contains some kind of computer code. Page error 404 for example. What's that all about?

But the very worst, mes amis, is when you actually have to respond to an unanswerable question containing these computery words.

Now, normally I call FP, who is an embedded software engineer (to give him his full title), and is a whizz at computery language. He talks me down off the ledge, taps on the keyboard and soon enough I have my computer back to normal.

But this morning I turned on my computer at work and saw this:


Do you want to continue?

Yes No

A timer then popped up on the screen, counting down 5 minutes.

It was pure terrifying, my friends. Pure terrifying.


T.D. Newton said...

Sounds like trouble.

You're bound to get an earful from Micah (who hates computer problems more than mushrooms, I think) as she just went through a series of them on her work computer.

I majored in Computer Science, so these types of things are ... less of a problem for me.

pierre l said...

As far as I know, "404" has always meant "page not found"; I just want to know what 1 through 403 mean.

pierre l said...

Sorry, that wasn't a very riendly comment. Let add that it's great to have you posting again, and that I love your Eiffel Tower animation.

Micah D.L. said...

DEATH TO COMPUTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My new laptop that TD got me works marvelously (and is hot pink, to boot!), but this damn work computer sometimes makes me...ill.

The other day, it apparently got some craptacular malware for which I had to run a (time consuming) scan only to find that there were several "infected items" that had to be deleted.

Then a few days after that, the whole thing just stopped doing what I needed it to do. Wouldn't open anything, wouldn't send emails, nada.

It had something called KoobFace to which I said "What the hell is that?" and our IT guy said "Oooo...that's definitely not good."

I went what I like to call "hella batshit" about the computer and my co-worked sent our boss an email to get me a new computer before I walk out.


i hate technology.

Word Verif: Semin. WHAT?!?

Princesse Ecossaise said...

TD you computery types are very lucky to have the ability to understand these things. I swear everytime my computer 'talks' to me, I feel like I'm reading a foreign language. Grrr to computers!

Pierre I want to know what numbers 1 to 403 are too! You never really come across them, do you? Hmmmm... By the way, your first comment wasn't unfriendly atall! But thanks for the welcome back to blogging :-D

Micah YEAAAAH death to computers *shakes fist*

Had to laugh at 'KoobFace' though. Do you think our computers have a sense of humour and are seeing how far they can push us with their stupid, weirdly named koobface viruses and kernel panics?

Very annoying.

pierre l said...

Hello again Princesse. The boring technical answer is here
In actual fact, I have seen "403 Forbidden" a few times.