Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Noel, Noel!

Well, the year is almost over now and it's always about now when, like most people, I look back at the past twelve months and consider whether my year was a success or a failure. Or somewhere in between.

But this time I think I can say, without a doubt, 2008 was the best year of my life so far.

The beginning of the year saw me finally recover from a five year long battle with tuberculosis. I then passed my driving test which, to most people might only be a tiny little success but to me, after having failed the test countless times before, it was an enormous victory.

And then I came to France and moved into an idilic apartment in Versailles with the man I love. I got my very first job, improved my French a billion times over and made a new friend or two along the way.

What's more, the year has certainly ended on a lovely note as FP and I are spending christmas and the new year in Scotland with my friends and family. I have never be so contented with life before. I love my life!

So basically, if 2009 can be even half as good as 2008 was then I will be happy as Larry. Whoever he was.

I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas, that you are surrounded by friends and family and that even if Santa Claus is not as generous as you might like (because even old Saint Nick has been affected by the credit crunch) that your new year is filled with love and happiness and good health.

Merry Christmas, mes amis, and a very Happy New Year!


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Have a lovely festive holiday Princesse ............

ÅnGe|e said...

Joyeux noel a toi :) Best wishes!

T.D. Newton said...

Same to you!

pierre l said...

You sound as though you've already had a great Christmas, so I wish you a Happy New Year (perhaps I should say Hogmanay).