Friday, December 19, 2008

The End

Well, that's it then. As of right now, I am unemployed. Today was my last day at the office and it struck me how ironic it is that even after all those months of complaining and hating my job, I now feel sad to have left. I suppose it's true when they say you never know how good you've got it, until it's not there any more.

I packed up a small box of my personal belongings, emptied the desk drawers and stole a roll of sellotape as a souvenir (and to use when I wrap my christmas presents tonight. Sellotape is the type of practical item that I never think to buy until I find myself knee-deep in silver wrapping paper and no sticky tape.) I said goodbye to all my colleagues - I must have rubbed cheeks and made kissy sounds with almost 50 people in the space of an hour - and I found myself tearing up a little when I realised that 99.9% of these people I was never going to see again.

I have complained so often about that job. About taking the train. About working with FP's mother. About my boss. About bitchy girls. About the salary. About the boring tasks. About most things and most people, if I'm honest. But now that it's gone, I feel sad and sorry and I miss my copines.

I can't even believe that in the end, I actually found some friends. It took me a long time to settle in there, longer than it would normally take me to settle in anywhere and to feel at ease, but I put that down to the fact that when I first arrived, I found it extremely difficult to express myself in French. How can you expect to make friends when you can't hold an intelligent conversation in their language, nor them in yours? I really felt like I never would be able to find a friend here in France...But things changed, as soon as my French improved.

People were so kind and friendly and interested in me today. They seemed so fond of me, and I wonder if they have always been that way, or if they just realised that, like me, they hadn't been friendly enough in the seven months I was there. It seems to me that a departure shows us all how you truly feel about someone. I suppose it reminds you that actually, despite their annoying pencil chewing, or constant sniffing, you did become quite fond of them after all...

Oh well, here's to finding another job in the new year. Onwards and upwards, my friends, onwards and upwards!


T.D. Newton said...

Good luck! Enjoy the holiday, though, since you have a nice break in between jobs.

L'oiseau de perles said...

Today was my last day at my job and I feel the complete opposite. When I first started working there a few years ago as an intern in high school, I ended up having to leave after five months and I was soo sad! I was eventually rehired a few months later and had been working between two offices in two diff. cities for the past three years. Now, I am just so happy to be done with it because it is absolutely not what I want to do... the other reason might also be that all my coworkers are older, married, and... conservatives. Not really the place me for me. I'm too young to be so bored! lol

I'm sure you'll find something great soon enough, especially now that your French is better. Just think, you'll adjust at your new job more quickly than at your old one. Good luck! ;)

Lesley said...

Good luck with the job hunt and have a lovely Christmas!

Loth said...

I'm leaving my job (where I have been the boss, in fact!) in two days time and whilst I am happy to go, I will miss everyone too, so I know how you are feeling. I just hope you pick up a new job somewhere soon - a whole new source of friends!

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Thanks TD! I am trying my best not to stress out over searching for a job in January, I absolutely must relax and enjoy this christmas!

L'oiseau ah well I suppose if I had had to stay there for as long as three years I'd probably have been desperate to leave before long!

Lesley Thank you madame! And you too, have a lovely christmas!

Loth It is sad to leave people behind when you change jobs, but the people who are worth it will stay in touch. Good luck with your new job!