Monday, September 15, 2008


My blogging has been rather eratic lately. I suppose this is mainly due to the adjustment of being a working girl, or as I see it, a grown up. I must admit that I really haven't found the transition from being a student / sick unemployed girl to becoming a full time office worker very easy at all. Not at all, at all. The last couple of weeks have been a constant struggle as I try to find a good routine that will allow me to find the time to work, do the chores at home and have some me-time, but alas, I still haven't been able to come up with the right routine that suits our lifestyle.

Last week was particularly difficult. I was feeling down in the dumps because of the lack of me-time. Instead of coming home from work at 6pm and doing chores until 8pm when we eat, wash and are in bed by 9.30 ready to be up again at 5am, I just wanted to come home early from work and chill out with a good book, a bottle of wine and a chocolate bar, just to indulge myself a little. But I am learning that life as a grown up has it's priorities and unfortunately me-time is rather near the bottom of the list. I often wonder and actually marvel at how people with children work 9 to 5 and still don't manage to get stressed out or depressed with their lack of them-time. My hat goes off to them.

However I digress. This weekend FP and I went to visit his grandpa in Dieppe (Normandy), the town where FP himself grew up. I (selfishly) kicked up a fuss about going beforehand as I couldn't bear to be away for an entire weekend and then have to come home to a massive pile of washing and other chores that I should have and normally do take care of over the weekend but actually it did me some good to get away.

As I lay in FP's arms on Saturday night, in an old, hard bed in an old French house in the North of France, I couldn't help but be thankful that I had swallowed my pride and had come along on the trip after all. We'd spent most of the day together, just us, walking along the beach, holding hands, FP showing me houses where his school friends used to live. He pointed out castles where he used to walk two hours to get to, just so as he and his friends could play in the ruins. I saw the church where his great grandfather's name is inscribed inside, remembering those who died at sea. I laughed at the anecdotes and memories that he relayed to me, and my heart melted when I looked at him as he recounted these stories, his face lit up.

And so it appears that what I had really been looking for was not me-time, but rather, us-time.

Just us.

Close up of Freaky Jesus!

Freaky Jesus. This is for Ksam!

Four auld wumen

Four auld wumen.



You can see the entire collection of photos from the weekend in Dieppe here.


T.D. Newton said...

How cool. I love getting away for the weekend and I am always a big proponent of "me time" because that's how I recharge. It's good to be with someone that can handle leaving you alone for a few hours!

Conversely, though, having far too much "me time" can be pretty depressing. Better to find a balance, like you said.

Ksam said...

Oh dearie me - thank you, I was almost going into Freaky Jesus withdrawal here in Paris!!!!

Zannie said...

Aw, looks like you had a lovely weekend. I cannot wait wait wait to come visit you and FP in October and get some "us" time for me and you! I'll do the washing while you're at work or when ur in bed at 9.30 :p so you have some time to chill with Venzo and I! x x x

Sally said...

Great photos - glad you had a nice weekend!

Stavroulix said...

I love NOrmandie! I did my Erasmus in Caen and traveled a lot arround the area and I have wonderful memories from there, it was a great place

Kimberly said...

The reason that parents of young kids can work and manage the house is that we GIVE UP SLEEPING. For about 5 years, anyway.

Thanks for the pix - I can be in France 'window licking' vicariously.

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Feck it, I just wrote a big long comment to all of you and then I lost it. Grrrr!

TD it's a wonder what a few days away can do for the moral isn't it? You're right about there being such a thing as too much me-time. I guess I had way too much me-time when I was sick last year and rarely left the house. That was no fun. Ach the grass is always greener on the other side eh!

ksam haha you see, I was thinkin about ya!

zannie hey don't laugh at my bedtime hour missy! I'm an old fogey now dontcha know! Anyway there is no x-factor on french tv (well there is crap french imitations but that's just not the same, I need Simon Cowell) so not much reason to stay up later than 9.30! But don't worry, when you guys are here I'm defo without a doubt gonna put all my chores and worry and stress to one side cuz I really wanna make the most our us-time!

sally thanks, I'm glad you liked the pics!

Stavroulix ah another Normandie lover! I am very keen on Normandie myself, haven't ever been to Caen myself but the parts of Normandie I have been to have been lovely. The people there seem to have a different mentality especially in comparison to the Parisians. There's also the reminds me of home factor, what with all the fields and cows!

Kimberly Oh GOD NO!! I can't give up my sleep! Sleep is the most wonderful thing! I really DO take my hats off to working parents!