Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The French Man, His Girlfriend's Mother And A Joke Gone Wrong

I have to say, as far as matchmaking goes, I really do think FP and I are perfectly suited for one another. My reasoning? He makes a fool of himself almost as much as I do.

You may remember when I wrote about FP's sneaky additions to my To Do list last month. Despite me thinking he had learnt his lesson not to take advantage of my weakness for lists after I outed him on this very blog, it turns out he did it again. Only this time he decided to add some extra special 'tasks' to an online To Do List which I had on my igoogle homepage.

I'm sure it would all have been very funny, darling, if only the last time I was home I hadn't signed into my google account on my parent's computer and forgotten to sign back out again.

Yes, I'm sure it would have been funny if my mum didn't use my igoogle homepage as her own homepage, not knowing why Google looked so different these days.

It definitely would have been more funny if I hadn't received a frantic phonecall from a paniced mum asking me if I knew anything about a strange To Do List that had recently appeared on the screen saying things such as 'eat FP' and 'Do FP' and lots of other unmentionable things my mother couldn't even understand. The poor woman was so shocked at what she read that, with her eyes averted, not knowing where to look, she panicked and clicked the red cross on the To Do List application, thereby losing my list forever.

After spending a good hour on the phone calming my mum down and assuring her that it was some sort of silly French joke ('you know what the French are like mum, they stink at jokes'), I took great pleasure in watching my boyfriend sink to his knees in horror when I explained to him why my poor, innocent mother was so upset.

So yes, it was very funny, darling. Well done.


Ksam said...

hahahahah!!! i am lmao as we speak. my neighbor must think i'm crazy. as punishment, i think he should have to take two lovely foreign girls to ikea this weekend, and then have to shove a clic-clac into his car. lol

T.D. Newton said...

Ack, romance gone horribly awry! Yet another reason the internet is evil and the older generation should stay away!

Haha, psych.

That's hilarious. I guess now you don't have to call your mom and let her know what you've been up to lately, eh? Ohhhhh.

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Haha ksam he don't even need bribing, he knows he owes me one!

TD eeeewww haha my poor wee mum, let's hope she has recovered from the shock!

Victoria said...

oh my that's too funny!

Zhu said...

Okay, French men. They have weird things in their mind. :D