Monday, August 11, 2008

A weekend with a cherry on top

There is only one word to describe this past weekend. Fan-bloody-tastic. Technically, that is two words, but that doesn't matter.

Saturday was spent with the family. FP's family, that is. His second cousins came to stay chez Mr and Mrs FP; two beautiful little girls aged six and eight. And we all went to the zoo, saw the animals, petted the goats and gatecrashed the kids playground. It was fantastic, despite the fact that I fell over and twisted my ankle twice. Afterward, we came home and I hung out with the little french girls, jumping on the bed, doing somersaults and cartwheels across the blown up matress. They even taught me a new word, which is kind of embarrassing, being taught french vocabulary by a six year old, but I have retained the word for future reference if ever I need to use it, just in case: une galipette.

But the icing on the cake was Sunday, when I finally got into Paris and met up with the blogger formerly known as Sam de Bretagne. I mean wow, what a great girl! Lovely, lovely, lovely. And she bought me some M&M's! Now if that doesn't maker her a star then I don't know what does.

FP and I went into Paris to meet Samantha and we spent the afternoon and most of the evening together. We had a drink in some Parisian bistro which may have been overpriced but it was worth it because the toilet had this plastic bag thing on the seat that turned around when you pressed a button so that you had a new bit of plastic bag when you sat to do your business. (Does that make sense? I'm having an aperitif on an empty stomach so in all likelyhood it makes no sense whatsoever.) I thought that was great because you all know my irrational phobia of sitting on warm, recently used loo seats. I pressed the button three times, staring wide-eyed, amazed, thinking "how hygenic!"

And then we went for a lovely wee walk in Les Jardins du Luxembourg; a public park where I have never been before but always longed to go to. Gorgeous. We mused at the big head and other scary iron sculptures before then deciding to go to the cinema where - wait for it - I WATCHED A FRENCH FILM AND UNDERSTOOD IT!!!! I must be making progress, my friends, I must be making progress.

So now that Sam and I have finally met up that leaves just a few other bloggers that I must - absolutely must - meet up with.

So who is next?


Ghosty said...

I'm on the list!!!!

Somewhat posthumously ... but I'm on the list!!!

Zhu said...

You in Canada or me in France?

Or come to Beijing with me next week!

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Ghosty if posthumously means last then yes, your name is last but I promise the list was randomized, in no particular order! Poke poke poke!

Zhu Bah n'importe ou! Perhaps not Canada in the winter though...I just escaped a cold country, don't think I'm ready to be going to another one so soon!

JB said...

Wow! Sounds like you and the extended family had a lovely weekend! Glad you had such a good time.

Leah said...

I'm glad you finally met up with The Sam, I know you've been on her list for a while. I see I'm on your list, yay! If you ever come to Bretagne, let me know and I'll let YOU know if I ever come to Paris/Versailles. :)

Zannie said...

Is it wrong I'm insanely jealous of people who have seen you more recently than me? Miss you sooooo much! x x x

T.D. Newton said...

Aww, we're totally on the list. Seeing as how we just got back from a vacation to Boston, I don't think we'll be hitting France anytime too soon (plus we're going on a cruise to Alaska next year) but I guess anything's possible.

You two are welcome to visit Colorado anytime - we would love to show you around!! Maybe even catch a Broncos game (the Saints will be playing here in Denver on September 21st). I don't know any French, though, so you'd have to play interpreter.

Princesse Ecossaise said...

JB Yeah, t'was good fun to be around kids again, since coming to France I've been stuck with adults and that doesn't seem right when I'm just a big kid at heart myself!

Leah you absolutely must let me know if you are going to be over this way, it would be too cool for school. De tout façon I may take a wee jont over your way just for the hell of it because I figure that living in France means you have to take advantage of that and travel a bit! Hopefully see you soon missy!

Zannie my lovely, I am jealous of all those people who get to see you more than I do, so I know how you feel. I am terribly upset because you didn't even tell me you had a fringe cut!!! And guess what! I had a fringe cut too! But mine was ugly and thick and long and I looked like a boy but yours is beautiful and you've even had golden highlights! Oh it's nasty having to be far from you. You absolutely MUST come visit. Oh I am trying to come home the 6th to the 11th November. Be around! (I know it's not October but too many other people at work are taking October off so I need to be there to cover.) Love you.

TD and Micah you guys are DEFO on the list! WIthout a doubt! I can't believe you mentioned the Saints though Todd, FP is going to be looking at his accounts wondering how he can scrape together the money to get over there for September!

Micah D.L. said...

oh yes! do come to Denver! it'll be smashing!

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Smashing! Micah that's a very English word, have you been watching the BBC?

Denver! You guys live in Denver! That's in Colorado! You see? I know some geography! Tell me, if we came to Denver would we see snakes and turantulas and exotic creatures? I'd be a tad scared! (Still, it's a dream of ours to visit America. I might buck up the courage despite any exotic creatures.)

Micah D.L. said...

yeah, i have a weird habit of using "foreign" slang sometimes. i think it must drive the hubby a little bonkers!

no weird scary creature here (unless out count crazy football fans on a sunday afternoon) the mountains, there are bears and goats and such, but rarely seen.

denver is a pretty chill place with lots to do and see in the city and mountains...most people come here to ski or other suck wintery sports. but every season here is lovely so come at will!!!

i must say though, patio season in denver (summer time) is hard to beat :o)

T.D. Newton said...

Yeah, the elevation is too high for scary creatures. We are the mile-high city, after all.

Lis of the North said...

Princesse well done you for understanding the French film! And for doing galipettes.
We'll get that meet-up sorted one day so we will. Aye but.

stavroulix said...

why do you even consider sitting on public toilet seats?
Anyway, happy you're having a nice time, i've been reading you blog for a time now

T.D. Newton said...

Gack, people that are afraid of public toilet seats (and germs in general) really confound me. You know humankind has been around for a few thousand years BEFORE the "invention" of hand sanitizer, right??

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Micah bears! Goats are ok, I got licked on my hand by a goat this past weekend at the zoo. But wild goats may be a little scarier. Bears on the other hand scare me alot. But I remember in Canada we saw a bear in the forest and it was, in some weird way, kind of cute. Patio season sounds like a nice season. If I had the money I would come for patio season.

TD But what about yetis? I can imagine a yeti living up high.

Lis Yes! FP says you really aren't that far from us and we can drive up one weekend and meet, so if ever you have a free weekend and fancy some Scottish company do let me know!

stavroulix I used to hover over all toilet seats except my own in my own house. But then one day I realised that was a bit obsessive compulsive and now only hover over public loo seats that I am suspicious of. It's weird but less weird!

TDyou make a very good point my friend, but it's some kind of modern fear of germs that overtakes me. You sit on a seat where someone might have dripped a bit of pee which has dried in so you can't see it, you tend to feel an urge to hover or at least to wipe the surface before use!

T.D. Newton said...

There are no Yetis in America!!! Certainly not in Colorado. We have moose and bear and elk and whatnot, but no Bigfoot/Yeti. No Hobbits, either, coincidentally.

If a little pee on the toilet seat scares you, imagine what people used to use before the toilet was invented. I'll admit that if a stall looks gross (or has "remnants" eww) I will try to use another stall but when nature calls, you answer!

Princesse Ecossaise said...
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Princesse Ecossaise said...

TD re the toilet thing: before the toilet was invented I'm pretty sure people just dug a hole in some earth, hovered over the hole and did their business there, and afterward they covered it up, like a cat! Is that true? Or did I just make it up? What did they use in the old days actually? The toilet has been around for a while - since the romans I believe - so it's kind of hard to imagine what they did before then.

Oh and by the way, men are lucky because you don't need to sit down to pee! This is why men don't really care when there are remnants left on the seat (and why they don't tend to clean up after themselves if they leave their own 'spillages')!!! Haha I just clumped all men together in one dirty, miss-the-target-while-peeing group! Sexist remark alert!

T.D. Newton said...

OMG, hilarious!!

I could just send over the Wikipedia entry on the toilet, but I don't think I will. To my knowledge, the French were the first people to invent the sewer system and prior to that (yes, even back before the Roman Empire) people did use deep holes in the ground well away from sleeping/eating areas that they probably covered up when "full". Men probably just peed on the nearest bush or tree (which might be where dogs learned it from?) rather than degrade themselves. The flushing toilet (or "water closet") wasn't invented until plumbing and the S-curve pipe in I think the 19th century.

That's a lot of [nasty] holes in the ground.

Oh and, by the way, some men DO sit down to pee (not pointing any fingers). It shouldn't be looked on as a "womanly" thing to do no more than cleaning house or doing dishes. Some people just like to take a nice little break - probably why they call it the "restroom" in some areas. In Canada they call it the "washroom" which is totally foreign to Americans, but sounds to me more like the Spanish word "el sanitario" (el baño means more like the shower portion).

Anonymous said...

I am only two hours on the TGV, so I think it is a must to meet up before I leave French shores :-)

pierre l said...

Hello Princesse. As a Canadian who lived in France for a couple of years before settling in the UK (in 1975), I remember that a lot of public toilets in France consisted of little more than a hole in the floor with a raised area for the feet. I must say I never actually used one of those, but do they still exist?

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Todd you are a fountain of knowledge! Very interesting, especially the fact that there are some men who sit down to pee! I did not know this! FP says he sits down to pee when he is drunk because he's scared he will fall. Too funny! You learn something new every day eh?

Sugar Yesssss defo! Although I had no idea you were leaving French shores... :-( That means the sooner we can meet up, the better. Let me know if you want to make any plans!

Pierre Yes! Yes I can assure you, those holes in the ground still exist. Although they are rarer now than they were back in the day, but since being here I have come across a few, particularly in service stations. I can't bring myself to use them myself. eugh!