Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Littlest Things

The alarm woke me up with a startle this morning, pulling me from a deep, peaceful sleep. I opened my eyes and squinted at the red glowing numbers on the radio alarm clock. 5.00 am.

The room was pitch black, I took my phone from the bedside table and flipped it open to see my surroundings as I tiptoed to the bedroom door. Before I turned the door knob, I paused for a moment and shone the light from my phone in the direction of the bed. I could just make out the outline of my sleeping boyfriend, lost in a similar deep sleep to the one that I had just been ripped out of only 30 seconds before.

He was curled up under the duvet, his head and a stray leg thrown out from the edge of the covers were the only visible parts of him. If I listened carefully I could hear his soft, rythmic breathing in the silence and when I did, my heart melted. This is the reason I wake up every day. This is the man I love with all my heart, so much so that I get up at 5am on a Wednesday morning just to cook him pancakes.

I padded my way to the kitchen where I was greeted by the cat. My other favourite boy. He curled himself around my legs, rubbing up against my skin, purring, begging for a scratch between the ears. I bent down to give him a quick tickle under the chin and whispered, 'sorry pussy chat, no time right now,' my voice sounding croaky and unlike my own. 'There's a birthday boy in there who needs a good birthday breakfast and I've got to get cracking.'

By 6am the pancakes were piled high on a plate, the best pancakes I have ever made, I'd showered and dressed myself, my hair and make up were done and the cat had been played with. I tip-toed into our bedroom, Ollie following closely behind me, and I climbed onto the bed, straddling FP's sleeping body. He smiled even before he opened his eyes.

'Hey birthday boy,' I greeted him, bending low to kiss him on his hot forehead, his sleepy eyes, his cheeks, his nose, and finally his lips.

'Oh nonnn,' he groaned, turning slightly away from me. 'I'm old today.'

I laughed, 'you're only 25! Now come on, leve-toi, I have a surprise for you.'

When he finally emerged from the bedroom and walked into the dining room, his face went from sleepy, grumpy, dazed FP, to sweet, youthful, happy FP. I watched as his eyes took in the plate of warm pancakes, the jam, the tea, and he turned to me and said;

'Je t'aime, Linsey.'

He held me close to him, squeezing me and showing me his appreciation. 'I am really touched,' he whispered into my ear. And I knew he meant it.

The thing was, for some reason I was really touched too. I had to blink back the tears that had started to fill my eyes. Sometimes it really is the simplest of gestures that people appreciate the most. And sometimes it really is the smallest gestures that shows how much you love and care for someone.

After all, if it were any other guy in that bed, there would be no freakin' way I'd be getting up at 5am to make pancakes for him!


Anonymous said...

I haven't posted on your blog before but have been silently lurking, yet I just had to comment. That is the sweetest thing that I've ever read. You guys are so cute! :)

Leah said...

That was really cute!

ÅnGe|e said...

That was so sweet of you and I'm sure FP was delighted.

And yes, I like to think that it's the little things we do that make it so special =)
To see the surprise and happiness on your other half's unexpected face... this is all you can ask for.

Samantha said...

Awww...well if that didn't just thaw my cynical little heart!

Ghosty said...

AWWWWWWWWW! Last time someone got up at 5AM to make me breakfast was ... um ... erm ... *ahem* that's so special! LOL

L'oiseau de perles said...

Aww, that is too cute. :)