Saturday, August 23, 2008

Attention! Un homme est blessé

Just to say that I woke up feeling a whole lot better today. No more homesickness, no more pining for Coronation Street, the sight of the Campsie hills or the odour of cow manure. I'm okay.

Also I wanted to share something with you. The following video is from Bill Bailey's* stand up show 'Part Troll' and talks about foreign ambulance sirens. In particular the French ambulance siren. Even if you have never been to France or don't give two jots about France you will still find this hilarious, so do watch it. And to all those expats out there, how true is this!!! Seriously, the first time I heard a French ambulance siren I looked around for the ice cream van! I have no idea how the French know the difference between the police sirens, the pompiers (fire service) and the ambulance service because to me there is absolutely no pattern to any of the sirens atall. It seems to be random notes, a tune, a melody, an anthem, sometimes it will play fast and other times it will play slow and really, truly, honestly, sometimes it just does sound as though there is no emergency atall and the folk in the ambulance are just enjoying the ride!

And for non francophones here is the translation of the song;

Watch out!
A man is hurt
We have a man, he is called Jean-Michele, his leg is broken
With a young girl
Her name is Giselle
It's so beautiful
They climbed up a tree
To make love
They adopted the missionary position
It's popular
He fell
His leg broke
Watch out!

Ah la France, you gotta love it.

* I really love Bill Bailey. For non British people he is an English comedian and in my opinion, one of the best. You may all scoff, but I think he is so funny that I actually quite fancy him. He is a God. And he speaks French! German too I seem to recall, but who cares about German? What a man...


Micah D.L. said...

TD and I are HUUUUUUUUUUUGED fans of the incomparable Eddie Izzard ourselves. Never have I laughed so hard as when hearing him talk about religion. oh my god. We watched one of his films last night and I was DYING laughing!

English humour (the extra "U" special for you) is far more entertaining than American humor. Standard fare here is what I like to call "dick and fart" jokes...or bitter lesbians. It gets very old. I like that English humor is SMART. Eddie Izzard has got to be one of the most intelligent and well-versed people ALIVE.

And he speaks like 18 languages or something.

And don't even get me started on HOT FUZZ. that is some funny stuff!

Check out Jim Gaffigan or Demetri Martin if you want to see some quality American comedy...

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Bill Bailey is the bee's knees ...... but I don't fancy him ............... that much ....... and I'm glad you're feeling more settled .....

Ghosty said...

I just found it funny that you were pining for the smell of cow shit. But I'm glad you're feeling better! :D LOL

Jane said...

I saw Bill Bailey last week (he was up for the Edinburgh Festival) and Oh My God! I haven't laughed so much in ages! Half way thru the second half, my face was actually sore from laughing so much! If you get the chance to see the Tinselworm show I highly recommend it!

Micah - you are so right about Demetri Martin...I saw him at the festival a couple of years ago and he is soooo good. Thats probably the last time I laughed so hard before Mr Bailey! Princess, you should check him out on Youtube.

Glad you're feelin a bit brighter sweetie.


Leah said...

Hehe...very funny. His French sounds pretty good! I third what the others said about Demitri Martin. I found a few clips a few months ago on youtube and I found him quite funny, so enjoy!

T.D. Newton said...

Oh man, that is some funny stuff. Yeah, like Micah says, we love Eddie Izzard. For me he ranks right up there with George Carlin and Lewis Black as "people who can make me laugh the hardest by pointing out stuff I already knew."

And yes, Demetri Martin is hilarious. Micah also loves this guy named Nick Swardson. If you have a chance to check out his Comedy Central Presents (it has a picture of him as a baby on the back of the stage), you might actually pee your pants laughing.

Princesse Ecossaise said...

micah Eddie Izzard is also absolutely FAB! I had no idea he was well known in the states!!! Oh My God I reeeeally love comedians, I mean good comedians, I can't get enough of them. They give me this kind of warm feeling.

I thank you for the 'humour' spelt the english way ;-)

It's intelligent comedians that I love the most. I mean stupid ones can make me crack a smile, but intelligent comedians actually get me thinking and make me laugh.

Am checking out Demetri Martin on Youtube as I type. Already I am laughing, what a cutie as well huh!

DP He is the bees knees but you do fancy him. Yes you do!

Ghosty You see?!! That's how sad I felt, I was pining after Scottish cow shit!!

Jane Oh My God. You saw Bill Bailey live?! I am sojealous!!! I wanted to go see him at the festival last year but got there too damn late. It was sold out. But oh God that man is a genius!

Leah Yeah! I thought his French was pretty good too! He's a clever man. Am enjoying Demitri, am enjoying very much!

TD I have read and noted all the names here because I don't actually recognise any except Eddie Izzard! It's shocking isn't it? The only American stand-up comedian I actually know of is Chris Rock. That has to change. Youtube here I come...

T.D. Newton said...

Mitch Hedberg and Bill Maher are also worth checking out, just FYI.

Gavin said...

I'm a big Bill Bailey fan. My sister got to see the Troll tour but alas I missed it. I have the DVD though and remember his European siren piece well. :) I played some to my French girlfriend, but she didn't seem to get it and was bored after just 3 minutes. :(