Friday, June 06, 2008

Silence is Golden


Yes it's been mighty quiet around here and for that I apologise. You see FP and I have moved into our love shack in Versailles and have been rather busy lately. Not only that but we have no internet connection. Not only that but as this is France, there will be no internet connection for the next two weeks. C'est pas possible.

Naturally - of course it's sod's law when you have no internet access - I have so much to write about. There have been so many funny and crazy things that have happened in the past few weeks and I am itching to share, but for that I need
a) time and b) an internet connection and believe me; at the moment both of these things seem very hard to come by.

So there you go, my excuses as to why you have not heard a peep out of me. But fear not! For I am searching for a good internet café in Versailles so hopefully after today there will be no more long gaps in this little plebian blog of mine. I promise tales of cringey happenings are coming soon as I am bursting to tell people about The Perv on the Train and other short stories.

Hope you are all doing fine and dandy, people, stay tuned!


pierre l said...

It is nice to see you happy Princesse (apart from the lack of internet connection, of course). You could always store all those things you want to write on your PC, and feed them to us when you do have your connection.
Even though I didn't write a comment then, I have to say that those pictures in the last post were very nice indeed.

Kevin D said...

It takes ages in France for everything, I called up Orange and got the livebox ready in 2 days, had to *ahem* lie a bit!

We had to wait 8 weeks for an emergency plumber once..seriously!

Samantha said...

There is hope yet! They told me my internet would take 3 weeks, and it was turned in mere days, I couldn't believe it.

And we must meet up soon!

T.D. Newton said...

I just always assume that if we don't hear anything out of you then things are going fine. Not that things are going badly when you DO blog hahaha. No, seriously, I think I said it before that the rest of us will keep waiting. We have "brand loyalty" for your unique style and humor.

On the downside of waiting, I did pull a muscle bowling yesterday ... after 2 hours of dance classes. That's what we've been up to. Re-taking General Ballroom (Foxtrot and hopefully some more Waltz) and Tango.

joy suzanne said...

So glad you got that apartment! Yay!

Marianne said...

Congrats on your new place, can't wait to hear more! Also, I don't know if it helps but I went to FNAC and got Numericable internet installed within 3 working days - definitely the first thing in France that has been efficient! M

despina said...

Bisous! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Paula said...

That is so true that when you don't have an internet connection you suddenly find all this stuff you want to write about - so irritating!

Lis of the North said...

Hope you're snug and happy in your lurve nest. Go to MacDo's to get wifi, we did that on our hols (desperation!!). I wish I could get Hubby to make them install your internet faster, but he doesn't work in that department.
Gros bisous!!!

Richard said...

Congrats on your new pad. When we first moved here we were told by France Telecom it was impossible to get the internet. Took us 2 months, but they finally saw sense!