Sunday, May 04, 2008

J'habite à Paris

I emerged from Charles De Gaulle Airport lugging my largest suitcase behind me. It was stuffed to the gills; full of everything but the kitchen sink (although I can assure you that if the kitchen sink were a packable item I'm quite sure I would have given it a go - I got a bit carried away with the packing and wanted to take as many home comforts as possible. Sadly, kitchen sink not an option though). The ridiculously massive backpacker's knapsack that was upon my back was similarly stuffed and was so heavy that my arms kept turning a grey-ish blue shade as the shoulder straps dug so deeply into my flesh that they cut off my circulation. But you can't move to another country and travel light, can you? C'est juste pas possible.

Paris had made sure I received a warm welcome. She had chased away the clouds and the sun was shining directly upon me , making me sweat as I navigated my way out of the terminal building and through the crowds of business travellers and holidaymakers, to a grassy knoll (this word tickles me) highlighted by the sun.

Sitting down, I pulled out my book (Marian Keyes' "This Charming Man") and settled myself on the grass, mentally preparing myself for a good two hour wait before FP would be able to leave work and come pick me up.

I couldn't quite believe that I was here; that this day had finally arrived. FP and I were finally going to spend extended amounts of time together, not just a fortnight here and a long weekend there. And finally those emotional goodbyes at the airport were over. I was finally here. To stay. And just as a smile spread across my face thinking about this, I looked up and saw him walking towards me.

FP stood before me on the grass, his smile wide, my mouth agape (attractive!) (sarcasm) in surprise.

"What are you doing here, you're early!" I squealed.
"I came to take you home," he said, scooping me into his arms in one fell swoop.
We kissed and it was delicious.
"Home..." I mulled the word over for a moment or two.
"Tu es prête d'aller 'home', ma princesse?" My hands cupped his face, his jaw felt smooth against my fingers (he had shaved!) he gazed deep into my eyes and I felt the warmth of his familiar smile radiate throughout my body.
"Yes," I smiled up at him, "take me home, baby, I'm ready. Take me to our home..."

End of La Belle Saison Part One


Anonymous said...

That's sooo romatic! ;-)

Anonymous said...

sorry ---- romaNtic!

Samantha said...

Aww, that's sweet enough to warm even my hardened heart!!

Loth said...

Aw, I'm all sniffly now.....

Lis of the North said...

Hello my love. Welcome in France (as they say in these parts)! Oooh how exciting. This takes me back nine years (nearly). I took the train, lugging a huge suitcase and holdall. Getting all sweaty (so that you're lovely and fragrant when your lover comes to pick you up!). I cried when I got off the train and Hubby was there. Cried for seeing him, for being in France, for leaving home... It's a strange and exciting time. xx

Leah said...

Wait, whadya mean "end of la belle saison part one"? No more blog or new blog???

PS-That was sweet! :)

Jane said...

Aww, you guys are so lovely!

And go easy on those tourist types now you're a local..that'll be me in 3 weeks!

I'm all tingly with happiness for you both!

Zannie said...

:) Glad you had a good arrival my lovely, email me soon with the all the goss. Miss you lots already! x x x

Despina said...

oh babes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sorry i've been absent recently, but i've been reading religiously and i am so happy for you! God bless and lots of love for you and FP xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Zhu said...

Princesse, there are kids around here, get a room guys!


Sounds cute. Sounds like the end of a romantic Amélie Poulain movie. Except we know it's just the beginning for you two!

Glad you made to France. You know I've been reading you for almost a year now!

Oh, and Marian Keyes' "This Charming Man"... how come we don't have it over there? I love Marian Keyes, I gotta find this book! Is it the latest one?

Heather said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! *claps* I'm so happy for you guys! How exciting!

joy suzanne said...

happy for you, Princesse!

Ghosty said...

Oh, gosh ... *sob* I'm so happy for you! Congrats, you finally made it! :D

Anonymous said...

Welcome to France!! So exciting and romantic. Hope it is all and more you expect.

Chouitie said...

Cool! Glad you've finally made the move.

I've been following your blog for a few months now and am really interested to hear how things go for you as I'm moving to France myself in June. Do you have any tips for maing things go smoothly? There seem to be so many forms (E106, E10 etc etc) that could potentially be needed, and then there are things I have no idea about,like do you need a resident's card, which seem to me to be potentially very complicated.

T.D. Newton said...

Aw, that's so awesome.

I can say I had a somewhat similar experience when I first moved to Denver. I advise you to do what I did and celebrate it every year thereafter by doing something similar to what you did on your first day (I bought a bookmark at the 16th Street Mall).

It's so nice to see a friend's dreams come to fruition. How's the new job?

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Woaa thanks everyone for the comments, luv you ALL!

I've been mad busy (sunbathing) and haven't had a lot of time to come on here and reply to every one of your comments individually but it's after 6pm and before 7pm (apèro time!) and while I wait for FP to get home from work I shall try to get in a few quicky replies to you all.

SG, Samantha and Loth, I'm so very glad you enjoyed my attempt at Mills and Boon! You are all ladies after my own heart :-)

Lis I bet this does give you flashbacks! I know what you mean about it being strange and exciting all at once, it's all rather surreal to me. It will hit me soon, I'm sure, and then I'll send you a long email crying over how frustrating it is to be a new expat in this country. Just you wait!!

Leah ah no, the blog is staying, I just wanted to seperate this past part of my blog from this next part, for future reference...think of it like a series; "LA BELLE SAISON, SEASON TWO" type of thing. (it would sound a lot better if the word 'season' wasn't already in the title)

Jane awwwww tingly with happiness, thats beautiful!! you've got empathy tingles!!!! I'll be nice to the locals...if they make an effort to speak a wee bit french!!! :-p hope you have a great time on your holibags my darling, it's hot here so you'll get a tan!!

Zannie my dearest, i miss you tons too, already!! We need to set up webcams and do a webcam 'meeting' on skype. LOL! Also, you need to come stay as soon as you can!! love you always xxxxxx

Despi awww thats ok sweetie, you've been a busy girl and I know it!!! thank you for the lovely lovely best wishes, you know they mean so much to me, and so do you, pretty songbird! xxxxx

zhu haha sorry, sorry that was maybe a bit too ...raunchy! Ahh the book is genial, trop top! It's the latest one, but literally just been out about a week. I love her too, shes my idol!

Heather awwwww yaaaayyyyyyy! hope you're doing well hon!!!

Joy Suzanne thankyou, thank you!!

Ghosty I know, it sure took me long enough didnt it!! But finally, im here, and this is really when the adventure is about to begin!!!

Hey Sugar! I got your email, thanks for that, sorry i was going to reply to the one before that, but its been mad. MAD! but thanks hon, for everything, the advice, everything. Tu es genial!

Chouitie hello! thanks for commenting!! hmmm tips for making things go smoothly? Well thats a tough one, because...well nothing goes smoothly in France when us foreigners are involved. Do you have a place to stay already, an appartement, a maison? Thats what I've been having most trouble with, no one will allow me to rent a flat from them cos I've not worked in france for the last three months, and yet, to work in france i need an address in france! Crazy, gets on my goat. Luckily have nice handsome french boyfriend who will rent appartment under his name. Have suddenly started typing in funny sentences like Bridget Jones. Apologies.
You dont need a residents card because you are british so thats one less thing to worry about! I'm still learning as i go along, but do take all documents of every piece of paper that proves you exist and male many copies, because you will need them; birth certificate etc. Also! don't leave house without passport in your handbag - very important, they wouldnt even sell me a measly pay as you go phone without it!!!!!

TD thats adorable, and very fitting! a writer buying a bookmark!
Haven't started job yet, start in one week!!! I just reminded myself!! (deep breaths, deep breaths) Not sure you can tell but am terrified, but also wee bit excited because, hey, it's 'Chanel'! (anyone new who's reading, i dont actually work at or for Chanel, is a joke, actually work for boyish company but cannot say who for fears end up sacked.) Why am typing in funny sentences again?

Must go, this took me half an hour to write but I am very nice bloçgger with good blogger etiquette (sp?) who replies to everyone. FP has arrived, time for apèro, yayyy!

Esa said...

I've been checking in to see if you'd made it...congratulations! Your FP could say anything en Francaise, and to me, it would be the most romantic thing in the world...but what he actually said just made my heart skip a beat. Best of luck to you in your new job!

Passementerie said...

Darling, you're here! I do hope that you will let me take you to coffee in Les Deux Magots some time very soon! We are back in Marrakech right now but do send me an email very soon, won't you?

doow said...

Zut alors! What a lovely welcome. Enjoy part two :-)

Princesse Ecossaise said...

ESA hi! Ahhh I look back on the days when anything said in french sounded romantic to me with much fondness. Perhaps when you've been insulted and shouted at by scary french teenagers it becames less romantic sounding? Still, FP still makes me go weak at the knees whichever language he speaks in so it's all good!!

Passementerie! Love to, madame! Just let me know when you're back (hopefully I shall have an appartement by then, closer to the centre of Paris) and I will be delighted! (OMG what am I going to wear when meeting Passementerie, the queen of style?!)

Doow teehee zut alors!