Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Good Side

We lay in bed for as long as possible, making the most of a Saturday morning when neither of us had to get up at 6.30am. Our bodies were entertwined, my head on his chest, our limbs entangled, and his hand softly stroked my lower back.

"Are you happy here?" his voice broke the silence.

I moaned and turned to face him. I was still too sleepy to speak. Without opening my mouth I replied, "mmhmm".

"Are you homesick baby?"

My hand searched for his under the duvet, and when I found it I squeezed his fingers reassuringly. "Not yet."

He laughed, turned onto his side and planted thousands of tiny kisses all over my face. In return I gave a delighted squeal.

"Now you've gone and woken me up!" I said in a mock-cross voice.

"Mais bébé, réveille toi! Il est 9 heure."

"Nooooooo, it's too early for a deep conversation!" I tried to turn, to get away from his grip and to hide my face in the pillow, to shut out the light. I still had another hour of sleep in me. But he wasn't having it. He threatened to tickle me until I couldn't breath.

"Answer me and then you can dormir jusqu'à 9 heure et demi, sinon je te chatouille."

I looked at his face. He was so sexy first thing in the morning. He had a 5 o'clock shadow covering his jaw and his upper lip, making his lips appear even more deliciously kissable than usual. His eyes sparkled at me, working their magic. Leaning forward I kissed his forehead, then his nose, his cheeks, his chin and finally those lips.

How is it possible that I can love someone so much? I never knew I was capable of having this much love, of ever feeling this happy with anyone. But there I was, in bed with the love of my life, elated.

"Am I happy here?" I repeated, settling back onto the mattress and staring up at the ceiling. "We are moving into the apartment of our dreams in just a few weeks, I love my new job, I've made some friends here already, you have just graduated with the best mention possible, and best of all babe...I'm living in Paris with you, l'amour de ma vie. So, you ask am I happy here?"

I paused for breath and glanced at him. Joy was written all over his face.

"Yes, I'm very, very happy here with you. Sans aucun doute."

He grinned back at me, I knew that he, too, had found a routine in our new life together and was enjoying it all as much as I was. He reached out and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear.

"Okay mon lapin, just as long as you are happy then I am happy. You can go back to sleep now."


esablog said...

So you have found an apartment? Congratulations!!

Your story is just beginning...

Zhu said...

You guys are cute ;)

Les chatouilles, ah non! Pas le matin...! :D

My looooves deep conversation when I'm half asleep. Gods knows why...

Val said...

that's the sweetest thing :)

I can't wait to move to Paris too with my bf! it's been my dream since forever..

Sinon, bonne continuation! :)

pierre l said...

It is very nice to see a happy post, after the rather depressing last one. Congratulations on your academic result. It is indeed good to see that you have found somewhere to live.

ÅnGe|e said...

I can feel the love and happiness through this post... :)

It's so sweet and personally I think that waking up besides the person you love most in the world, is one of the best things ever.

Samantha said...

So you found a place?? I can't wait to come see it (yes, I'm inviting myself over, LOL)!!

Loth said...

Good. I'm glad.

Bonnie said...

Awww, I want a FP too! He sounds like a hopeless romantic, You are one lucky girl!

The Divine Miss M said...

Woohoo to the apartment! What's it like? Tell us! :)

That is such a sweet post :)

Princesse Ecossaise said...

esa yay! I suppose being turned away from the other apartments was just as well!

zhu Ahhhh I know! le matin n'est pas un bon temps pour les chatouilles!

val thankyou! Awww we share the same dream alors! Good luck to you :-)

pierre the day I wrote the last post FP said to me "Please write something nice" with his puppy dog eyes that I love so much. I realised I'd written at the wrong time; I was angry and had only given a very biased view. So yes, it wasn't very fair what I wrote. There are good bits and bad bits but I'm finally feeling a little more comfortable here. Hooray!

angele I agree! Oh I definitely agree. It's so simple and yet so wonderful. After all that time FP and I had to spend apart I really try hard not to take these kinds of things for granted now.

Samantha Haha! Ah I can't wait for you to come see it either! Chambre d'ami, balcon...we will have a fete tous les deux!

Loth merci! I am glad too ;-)

Bonnie Awwww he's gonna LOVE this comment! The other day he was convinced my readers hated him because of the last couple of posts I wrote. He's a silly billy.

Miss M Thanks! Woohoo I LOVE talking about this apartment, it excites me so! One post on the appart coming up!!

Samantha said...

chambre d'ami ET balcon ? c'est le grand luxe !!

despina said...

You are so lucky, and I am so happy for you!! I miss waking up like that, sometimes. It's precious.

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Sam I know! Who woulda thought it! (Actually I believe that the balcony is tiny and probably couldn't fit even a garden chair on it but so what!) xx

Despina yes it is precious, even more precious when you have waited so long for it :-) xx