Friday, April 11, 2008

I've been driving in my car, it's not quite a Jaguar

Yesterday I passed my driving test! Haha! It still hasn't quite sunk in, even though I have been a legal non-learner driver for over 24 hours now. After all these years I had come to terms with the fact that I was destined to be one of those people who has to use the bus to do her Asda shopping (or in France, her courses a Auchan). But no! Amazingly I am actually going to be a girl who drives!

I have already been out driving by myself. I can't even begin to tell you how hilarious I found this; just the fact that I could feel that empty space on the passenger seat next to me made me laugh out loud. Anyone who saw me would have thought I had escaped from the nut house because I had a huge grin and was guffawing and talking to myself as I drove through the village. I shook my head with disbelief a lot, this is so funny! I kept saying out loud to the car in general. Even after I thought I had gotten used to the empty car and I had calmed down, every so often I'd look at the seat to my left and laugh heartily. Is this normal? Did anyone else do this when they first went for a drive by themselves after they passed their test?

I really, really love 2008 so far. I've been so lucky. I can't believe how much my life has changed since 2007, I feel I've really acheived a lot for myself in just four little months and this is really the icing on the cake. I really feel like - dare I say it? - an adult. Well maybe not an adult adult. I mean you can't quite rely on me to know how to pay bills or to buy shares or to not go to Disneyland and get excited when I see Mickey but I am setting myself up for a new, more mature life what with my new job, living with the man and driving, that I'm feeling proud as punch.

Now I just have to work out how to convince FP to let me use his car to practice driving on the wrong side when in France. Oh-oh...

(side note - I want to treat myself to some itunes music but can't think who to download. Anyone know any great artists / songs that I wouldn't have heard of yet?)


Lynsey said...

Congratulations!! I still get giddy when I remember I passed my driving test (and that was last summer!)!! It's such a brilliant feeling, especially as I was nervous beyond belief. As for the empty passenger seat, I don't laugh when I see it, I freak out!!! But being able to sing alone in the car is fab!

Lesley said...

Congrats on the permis de conduire on the wrong side of the road.
On the I-Tunes front - I can't stop listening to Devendra Branhart at the moment (but what do i know, I'm an old fogey!)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

So the roads are longer safe - home or away - crikey.

Well done!

Ghosty said...

1. Yes, everyone does this! I did it too, alone in the car, grinning like a fool at passerby ... hysterical!

2. Try not to drive anywhere they want to you be on the "wrong side" until you have a good deal of experience. It's too easy to forget when you're new at it, and that could lead to disaster!

3. I am an iTunes freak, and listen to lots of different genres, but I don't know what you like! Can't help you much until I do, I'm afraid ...

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Lynsey lol so I can expect the novelty not to wear off for a good wee while then? Grand! I haven't tried singing while driving yet, in fact I haven't even driven while listening to music yet! One step at a time!

Lesley Checked out Devandra Branhart on the net then downloaded his song 'I feel like a child'. Love it! Very appropriate actually. Thanks!

DP haha best stay away from Scotland and France for a wee while.

Ghosty Thank God someone else reacted this way, I was beginning to think I was weird(er)!! I don't think I'll be driving in France for a long time anyway as I can't afford my own car and FP's car is too good for me! But when I do get a car I shall be practicing on quiet roads before I start driving for real. Of course this will be good for me to get used to being on the wrong side of the road and doing everything inversed but also, have you seen the way the French drive? Scary...

As for itunes I, too, love many genres of music.
Love: punk rock, rock, drum and bass, pop, acoustic, reggae, soul, blues...etc
Not into: rap, heavy metal, new age, electronic

Princesse Ecossaise said...

After re-reading my last comment I'm now confused. Is 'inversed' a word or am I getting confused with the French 'l'inverse'?

Anonymous said...


Despina said...


ÅnGe|e said...

Driving is fun at the beginning for sure because it's a sort of freedom. You know you can go just about anywhere in your car and it feels so gud to know you are the one actually driving the car instead of being seated on the passenger's place!*lol*

And yes. "inversed" in a word meaning "reversed in position or order". So I guess "inversed" can be translated in French as "l'inverse". Mwahahha. But then again, even though I speak fluent French I'm no expert language. o_O

Anonymous said...

Woohoo, congrats on passing. How exciting, you can now drive on the wrong side of the road in France. But make sure you perfect you French swearing vocabulary because you will need it on French roads, believe me :-)

For your itunes, not sure what you like but here are my last few downloads, you might get inspired. Don't judge my tastes though ;-)
The Connells:74-75, Bjork:Army of me and Play Dead, Citizen cope's album(he is amazing),Goldfrapp and Lupe Fiasco:Daydreaming (fab cover of imonster's tune.)Voila

Paul OFlaherty said...

Congratulations :)

joy suzanne said...

Congratulations Princesse!

Will you have to pass another test to drive in France? I'm really lucky in that my home state in the US has an agreement with France and I'm allowed to just turn in my driver's license for a Frenchified one.

If I ever moved to the UK and had to drive on the WRONG side of the road I would be fuh-reaking out. ;)

Princesse Ecossaise said...

SG thank you mademoiselle!

Despina Huzzah indeed!!!! I almost feel ready to drive down to Manchester now! ;-)

Angele Thanks for the confirmation that inversed is actually an English word! Sometimes I think I'm going mad, I really do! Ahhh the freedom of driving is incredible. I will never go back to buses if I can help it!

Sugar Cheers for the list of tunes! I've been away all day so haven't had a chance to check them out yet but I will download a few of them tomorrow. Haven't heard of any of these (except Bjork) so perhaps I will discover someone new that I really like!

Thanks Paul!

Joy Suzanne Thankfully no I wont have to sit another exam when in France. I checked out the regulations and again I can play the good old European Union card! Apparently it's all ok and our licences are accepted there and vice versa. Phew! Couldn't be doin' with all that stress again - and in French!

Jane said...

Congratulations, great feeling innit?

I didn't so much as grin inanely as panic slightly. I had to drop my dad off after the test, then follow him back into town, but once there I was so freaked out I followed him all the way to his work rather than going off on my own! When I pulled up beside him I think he thought I'd finally flipped.

So once I'd realised I could actually decide for myself where to go rather than waiting for "at the next roundabout, take the third exit on your left" off I went. Decided to go park in the local Tesco carpark and walk down to school, but they don't teach you how to park in a busy nightmare of a supermarket carpark do they? I eventually squeezed into the last available space but was so terrified at the thought of getting the car out again I tried to persuade my friend to come and shift it for me! What a wuss! I managed on my own though, and I haven't looked back since. (except when I need to check my mirrors and blind-spot obviously!) 12 long years later (okay, I'm showing my age now) and I do still sometimes find myself grinning gleefully at the sense of freedom I get from driving. So if you see a mad-looking wifey grinning away to herself in a black Fabia ( I know, i know, it's a Skoda...) in and around for your life!

As for iTunes, you need some serious driving tunes. 80s rock is always good for that. Just don't submit to the subliminal messages about getting a bad corkscrew perm!


Jane said...

PS Sorry for the essay length comment.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, try looking at Adele and her album 19. Great voice, the song Chasing Pavements is great.

Peach said...

hey BIG CONGRATULATIONS! Yes I too was that grinning nutvase at the wheel with an empty passenger seat when I first was let loose on the world! Just be careful and take it easy - I also had a few prangs in my first few years too - it's not you, it's the rest of the bastards out there !!

Being an adult is overrated, but I know what you mean and am chuffed for you ! XX

Micah D. Newton said...

woohoo! you go, girl! the last time i was in paris, the drivers were total madness, so big congratulations on being able to manage that! hahaha!

check out Amy Courts (she's my BFF and a very good sure to listen to "Company"...I think you'll dig). Also, the bad Meese is pretty bad ass and amazing as it The Cinematic it. They have a girl in their band that plays the bicycle wheel. Yes, you read that correctly. The BICYCLE WHEEL. It's pretty über-fantastic!

Samantha said...

oh wow, congratulations!!!

doow said...

Congratulations to you! I feel sure FP will want to buy you a Jaguar to celebrate.

Loth said...

Congratulations! And if you ever do become an adult, let me know what it's like, will you? I will be 41 shortly (gulp) but have so far singularly failed to grow up. Just ask my children.

Bonnie said...

Congrats! I didnt get my drivers license until I was about 23. But its was the most FANTASTIC feeling in the world driving by myself and not relying on anyone. Enjoy!

sylvie d said...

ohlalala...cachez vous!
I remember that first drive in UK...I had previously successfully passed in France 6 months prior but never touched a car since! I honestly had a prayer that day( I don't even believe in god!)not only the car was rubbish, the stirring wheel was on the wrong side and I had to utilize my left hand to change gears...I got to my job safe and slightly over excited!
Congrats all round :)

T.D. Newton said...

Wow did I come late to THIS party.

Congratulations on the driving! It's fun to actually realize how independent you are haha.

BTW, being an "adult" doesn't mean you don't get excited at Disneyland. It's still okay to have fun.

(music recommendation: check out the band Ludo, their first single "Love Me Dead" is fantastic)

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Oh Jane you always make me laugh! You're hilarious, wumun! I feel your pain about the fact that they never teach you how to park in carparks, I've had so many difficulties already! Actually, the other day I was parking in a garden centre car park and mum had to get out to direct me in to the space but even with her help I was a bit stuck and I was there so long that a random man decided to come along and stick his arm in the window, steer for me and kept saying 'come on now, don't be scared'. That was odd.

Princesse Ecossaise said...

hello Lusks, yes I really, really love Adele's song Chasing Pavements. I haven't actually heard her album yet though, I might check that out, thanks!

Peach Thanks! Oh thank God,another grinning nutcase at the wheel! It's always good to know I'm not the only one.

Micah ah yes, the Parisian driver...CRAP!! I'm a little scared to try that out. Oh my God Amy Courts is amazing! I listened to her song Company and I do dig. It's beautiful. Thanks! Also I always dreamed of playing the bicycle wheel...(no, really, that is hilarious but I love it, so original!)

Samantha thank you hon :-)

doow I was sure he would want to buy me a Jaguar also but apparently they are kind of expensive... :-(

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Loth haha! Never forget that you should always act your shoe size and not your age! Stick to that rule and you'll never go wrong =oD

Bonnie yayyyy for us drivers! It's amaaaazin!

Sylvie Argh! This sounds like me in six months time! Glad to hear you got there safely, otherwise I would be very very scared!

TD you did arrive late, maybe even too late to be fashionably late. Oh la la. Checked out Ludo Love me dead, the video is ACE and the song is puuuuure catchy!

T.D. Newton said...

Isn't it???

I'm listening to the song RIGHT NOW!!