Thursday, March 20, 2008

Platinum Paws

It's been quiet around here for the past week but I'm taking some time out of my hectic schedule (sarcasm) to plug the best business around;

My best friend Zannie and her business partner have just opened up an amazing online pet boutique. Platinum Paws is the number one luxury online store for your furry friend and has some unique and stylish products ranging from designer fragrances for your pooch, fashion pet clothing, chic collars, leads and harnesses, cute toys, to the ultimate chaise longue that leaves no guesses as to who's 'top dog' in your house (ha ha, I made a joke!).

Platinum Paws sells everything a loved pet could ever dream of (how cute is this!) and with the combo of great prices, great quality and unique, stylish pet products you can't go wrong! This has now become my all time favourite pet boutique and very soon Ollie is going to be the proud owner of some bling!

So, if you are a pet owner - no matter what kind of furry friend you own - make your way over to Platinum and take a look around!

(Although Platinum Paws is currently UK-based, if you are further afield and see something you might like to buy, feel free to e-mail Zannie or Lata on their contact page and they will see what they can do.)


Ghosty said...

Did you get a pet-pampering kickback for this little honorable mention? Trying to schmooze yourself some free cat food, eh? LOL

Zhu said...

Glad you found Patrick Bruel! Sorry, just caught up on the last three posts ;-)

The name of the business, Platimum Paws, is cool. ;)

T.D. Newton said...

I can't wait to see the kind of bling that Micah picks out for our pups (but we'll purchase it locally, unfortunately). We should be getting them on the 2nd week of April. How exciting!

Yay Ollie, go for the gold!

Jamie Lovely said...

I would spoil my new puppy rotten if shipping to the states wasn't a ridiculous amount!

70steen said...

must hide this from my teen. Our puppy already has a selection of t-shirts (one of which suits her and has ASBO on the back) and bright pink raincoat which has pockets ... now tell me why does a puppy need pockets????

Oh and the girlie collar with pink flowers I forgot top mention that must cause my nieghbours son some embarrassment when I ask him to walk our pup when I am working and teen is away!!! Barking mad ? Yes I think so!!

Despina said...

Oooh you did indeed make a joke, you should be on the shopping channel! I wonder id Jez would let me buy Suzy some bling from here? Somehow, I doubt it.
So is Ollie being spoilt rotten then?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

oh how cuteee!x