Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Eating my Words

I am female. Therefore I dislike being wrong. I especially dislike being wrong when I have spent over an hour arguing that I’m correct and he’s lost his memory.

It all began with one innocent email that I sent to my beloved this morning which read: I'm listening to my Patrick Brouel CD that you gave me! It gives me a lovely happy warm feeling and makes me want to be en france avec toi NOW!’

Soon after, I noticed my inbox had a new email from FP. I opened it up and read the words: ‘I never bought you a Patrick Bruel's Francis Cabrel!’

I picked up the CD box beside me and read the name on the cover. No, it was definitely Patrick Bruel. FP was obviously getting confused. He had given me this CD because I fell in love with Bruel’s song ‘Je t’aimais, je t’aime et je t’aimerais’. Feeling righteous I quickly emailed FP back.

‘But you DID buy me a Patrick Bruel CD!!!!!!!! You did! I'm listening to him right now. You bought me it when you came here in August. I have all the Francis Cabrel songs because I downloaded them but I have the double CD of Patrick because you bought me it!’

I smiled to myself, thinking how much I love being right. He was really going to feel like an eejit when he realised he'd gotten it wrong.

Very quickly I received a reply. Two sentences that indicated he thought I was mistaken and that I was the eejit.

‘Baby...are you sure it was me? I do not remember me buying you a Patrick Bruel CD...’

Of course it was you, I replied, rolling my eyes. This was getting tiresome.

Another email arrived shortly after. Instead of the ‘Oh, wait, you’re right,’ that I had been expecting, I was rather taken aback when he insisted he hadn’t bought me the Patrick Bruel CD, that he didn’t even like Patrick Bruel so why, [Princesse], would he buy his girlfriend a CD of someone he doesn’t even like?

I shook my head, he’s losing his memory. I remembered it clearly, and I usually have a terrible memory for these sorts of things. But I was adamant that I was correct. I sent an email off describing the precise moment he gave me it, that it was in the car on the way home from the airport in Glasgow, that it was August, that he also gave me the Un Gars et Une Fille DVD at the same time. ‘I can assure you,’ I wrote, ‘that I’m right. You must have forgotten.’

Still he wasn’t admitting he was wrong. He responded;

‘I'm really confused...the CD I bought you with the DVD was the CD of Francis Cabrel. I'm 100% sure.’

By this time I was becoming angry. 'Right,' I thought, 'this is war.' We’d now spent over an hour emailing each other, bickering over this silly little thing and neither of us could just say ‘okay let’s agree to disagree’.

I typed out; ‘[FP] is this going to get into an argument?! How else would I have the CD in my room?! You gave me the CD, you just don’t remember! It’s Patrick Bruel who sang je t'aimais je t'aime et je t'aimerais, you bought it for me because you knew I loved that song! And I pressed ‘send’.

While waiting for his answer I became unsure of myself. He was so adamant that he gave me the Francis Cabrel CD and not the Bruel CD that I was now getting confused. Oh God, surely I couldn't be wrong, could I?

With lightening speed I googled ‘who sang Je t’aimais je t’aime et je t’aimerais’ and yes, you’ve guessed it.

Francis Cabrel.

I hate when that happens.

(It begs the question though, who the hell is Patrick Bruel and what is his CD doing in my bedroom?!)


ColbyPants said...

d'oh! I hate it when that happens (and Carrie does this to me all the damn time!)

You do seem to have an interesting mystery on your hands though.

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Argh it's so annoying isn't it? It was uber-hard to e-mail back and admit I'd got it wrong. I'm still annoyed about it!

The mystery of the Patrick Brouel CD will be thoroughly looked into, I assure you. Will update if anything comes to light. I've already a list of suspects who may or may not have planted the CD in my room and will be interrogating them later.

Exciting stuff.

T.D. Newton said...

When we run into things like this, we usually say something like "your other girlfriend must have given it to you," as a joke. It sounds like you could have used some humor in that conversation hahaha.

Princesse Ecossaise said...

haha yes a bit of humour could definitely have benefited us there, we both took it very seriously indeed!

It reminds me of a time when FP said my dress was brown and I said it was green and that no way would I ever wear a brown dress and if he didn't know that, he didn't know me at all really and in the end he walked away because I was really taking it far too seriously.

It really cracks me up to think back to these moments and remember how, at the time, it seemed so important and serious!

Anonymous said...

Well, I hope you have a picture of Bruel of the CD cover because I think he is jus gorge with those puppy dog eyes. Are you sure, you were not hypnotised by those eyes you bought it through some out of body experience?

Princesse Ecossaise said...

lol 'fraid not Sugar! Actually there isn't a clear picture of Bruel on the cover, I just google image'd him to see those puppy dog eyes you mentioned and 'French Heart-throb' comes to mind!

Is possible out of body experience happened to my mother however...I will get to the bottom of this!

Ghosty said...

When I have such luxuries as girlfriends, I buy them stuff I don't happen to like all the time. ... hmm, no, that can't be why I don't have one now, is it? Oh, dear.

Heather said...

Oh, PE, you always, always make me laugh aloud. That last line sent me over the edge.

Samantha said...

Aww, that's the pits!

I absolutely LOVE Patrick Bruel - he's always so positive and in such a great mood whenever you see him on TV. He just seems like such a nice guy (even though they say he has a gambling problem). But "Je fais semblant" and "Je m'attendais pas à toi" are so beautiful, they just make my heart ache.

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Ghosty there's definitely nothing wrong with that!

Heather I'm glad I can make you laugh with my silly wee stories! Actually I did find this episode rather amusing too - after I'd backtracked!!

Sam both these songs are on the cd, I just put on 'Je fais semblent' to remind myself and yes it really is so beautiful isn't it? *siiiigh*

Misplaced said...

FP needs to realize that he will just have to admit that he is wrong no matter what- when he realizes that life will get much easier.

I'm enjoying your writing

T.D. Newton said...

Yay for female-in-relationship-stereotyping.

I really want to throw down some flames but, since this isn't my blog, I'll just let the joke pass with minimal challenge (see above).

Loth said...

Salut Princesse! Came over to say thank you for leaving a comment on my wee blog. I can't believe for a moment that an elegant, composed lady such as yourself could ever have been as unruly as my offspring! Now I have found your place, I am off for a rake around your archives. Don't mind me, I'll tidy up after myself and make sure the door is closed behind me........

Jane said...

Even though you were *technically* wrong, you were still right...because as females we are ALWAYS right. It's just the way of the world.

Found your blog, liking it a lot - as a fellow Scot and as an aspiring writer :)

(though I am quite jealous of your blog)

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Misplaced you're not wrong there. Males should know this already; when in a relationship, just smile and nod.

TD ah go on, throw down some flames!

Salut Loth! I am far from elegant and composed - in fact, deep down I am still exactly like your son! I'm a big kid and FP, if he's reading, can verify that!!

Jane yay for Scottish bloggers! I tried to leave you a comment on your blog but blogger seems to have been down.

You are, of course, correct. Girls = right males = WRONG! (even when technically we are mistaken we are still right)

Anonymous said...

I feel for you.
Of course I, as a female, am never wrong. So I don't really understand. Haha.

PS Thanks for the comment :)

T.D. Newton said...

Ah, ladies, why must you make us suffer so?

Don't you know that by saying you're "always right" you're opening the door wide for us to hold it over your heads when we are right once in awhile?

YOU may think that you're always right, but the fact is that you only are "always right" when we concede to avoid argument. You may have gotten used to this over the years because you believe you have some strange ability to make our lives hell if we do not agree... but how high quality is a life spent with someone who walks around believing they're always right?

Despina said...

Hilarious stuff Principessa! My CDs are currently scattered across Manchester, hope I can reclaim most of them soon...

Jane said...

Aw no! I love comments *sniffs* Blogger is out to get me I swear...

Micah D. Newton said...

this makes me laugh a w hole bunch more now because of an incident the other day with my husband...he asked where his "mexico blanket" was (a blanket from mexico [ironically enough] that he keeps in his car)...i said it's in his trunk. he said no, it's not. i said, yes it is, you put it there when we cleaned cars the other weekend. he said, i'll et you $5 it's not. i said, i'll bet you no money it is. he said, that's because you know it's not in there.

upon leaving the house for work, we checked his car and wouldn't you know it? there was the blanket.

he still swears i put it there.


T.D. Newton said...

The evidence was planted (just like the weirdo granola bars that were also in there)!

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Mr and Mrs Newton I'd just like to say that I love having a husband and wife team in my comments! You guys crack me up and I'm sorry TD, I know we were blogger buddies first but I'm always going to believe Micah because she's a girl. Also it's a well known fact that men don't look properly for mislaid items, if they look at all.

Don't worry Jane I'm on my way over to yours to re-leave that comment!

Anonymous said...

Oops!!! I hate it when I'm wrong!!
Love your blog! =) x