Friday, March 28, 2008

At Last

Did you notice the cyber tumbleweed on this blog? Silence! For an entire week! Well, if you were wondering, I was in Paris over Easter and have returned with lots of things I need to say - there are too many things I need to say - so let's try a list. (I love lists).

  • Had a job interview in Paris
  • Got the job!
  • Spent the day in the office where I will work and made friends with French girls!
  • Friends! With French girls! Mad!
  • Am currently searching for an apartment in ...
  • Versailles!
  • Am going to live in sin
  • with...
  • FP!
  • Life is incredible
So much to say, so little time, but rest assured normal blogging will resume very soon. Before I go, I'd like to just remind you that it's Friday so make sure you all have an alcoholic beverage this evening to celebrate the fact that often in life, if you persevere, after a month of cold, rainy, dreich Sundays, the sun will shine again.


Samantha said...

Oh, that's incredible!!! I can't wait to read la suite!

Ghosty said...

In fact, I'll order up a "box whiz" in your honor! (oh, the poor people here have no idea what I'm talking about ... well, you do, that's all that matters LOL)

Jane said...


Congratulations sweetie! I am soo pleased for you, everything is falling into place at last!

Lots of big hugs and virtual clinky glasses to celebrate!


Zhu said...

Man, I was in Paris too, just got back to Ottawa yesterday, I missed you!

Congratulation on the job. Versailles , chère reine... wow! Prince has been promoted to King??

Live happily in sin. Sinner are usually happier ;)

Tu travailleras dans quoi?

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Sam comme les jeunes disent; Youpi!!!!

Ghosty Haha! Box Whiz, the incredible cocktail. I think you might have said an 'FP-ism' with that one in fact!

Jane merci, cherie, merci! As the French say, 'chin!' or as the Scottish say, 'fuckin' yassssss!'

Zhu damn it, we missed each other, that's crap! Ah no, the Prince has not been promoted to King, I'm pretty sure we will be living in the hoveliest hovel in Versailles. We will just be pretending that we are rich :-)

I will be a 'technicien d'achats'. That's a title. I've never had a title before. Except 'skivvy' and 'waitress'. said...

O.K. I need a translation...Purchase technician? Sounds like fun...getting paid to buy things?

My 14 year old daughter, who plans to move to Paris one day, will be very jealous. Congratulations!

doow said...

Crikey lady, that's a busy Easter! Congratulations on, well, all of it! Zut alors.

Despina said...

Princesse, I am overjoyed, can't stop grinning!
The best of everything for you my love. That's just wonderful news! Congratulations you darling girl xxx

Micah D. Newton said...

just read this post to Husband...we giggled...mostly at the living in sin section (i always find it funny when people say that).

the following conversation occurred:
Husband: what job did she say she got?
Me: she didn't.
Husband: i bet it's something "fashion-y"
Me: probably. at the very least, it's probably something FABULOUS [imagine and incredibly gay american man saying that word]. I think it's a rule that you have to have a fabulous job to be European.

Seriously. we're twisted. as if the only information we have about western europeans comes entirely from Bridget Jones and Love Actually.

please don't kill my dreams :o)

Princesse Ecossaise said...

BusyMom aw man I so want to let you believe the job is me getting paid to buy things!! But it wouldn't be fair to lead you on like that. No, unfortunately I am merely putting some details into a database in order to buy things in for the company! In fact the title is misleading. Well, i gotta start somewhere eh! Love to your daughter!

Doow indeed it was busy! But very satisfying :-D Bon sang!

Despi Awwwwwwwwww YOU!!! You are such a sweet girl, I love how despite the hard times you have been through recently you can still find such delight in a friend's happiness. i LOVE you!

Micah hahaha!!! You made me laugh so much with that 'Faaaabulous'! Did you swish your hand in a camp manner? Love it!

Oooh errrr well it could be considered a fashion-y job in a not at all way...

Sorry :-(

To save both our dreams lets just say I work for Chanel, agreed? :-D

T.D. Newton said...

Hahaha "faaaabulous!!!" You don't need the hand wave - the inflection makes it 'gay' enough (not that there's anything wrong with that).

We'll have to catch a double-date-dinner if you and the FP are still around when we visit France (some time in the next few years... because we just HAVE to get there at some point).

BTW, we'll be in Toronto again next week. You're jealous, I can tell.

When do you "officially" move and start your job?

Princesse Ecossaise said...

I am jealous. Fact. You know why? Because it's right next to Ottawa and they speak French there. You know how I knew that? Because I looked at a map.

Double date dinner? You're on! Do NOT even think of coming to Paris without telling me!

I start my job at 'Chanel' on the 13th May so I'll need to be out before then to find an apartment. I'm planning on being there from the last week of April onwards but you know me - things never go smoothly! Whatever happens before then, at least I know for sure that I wil definitely definitely be there from the 13th May (even if I do consider the number 13 to be a slightly unlucky...)


T.D. Newton said...

I think they speak French pretty much all across Canada. My boss that lives in Toronto is French by lineage (her first AND last names are very French) but she'll be honest and say she can't speak a word of it.

Mid-may?? That's fantastic! It must be pretty important if they are willing to hire you a month and a half in advance... or maybe that's just how things roll in the EU. I remember when I moved from Utah to Colorado for a job - it was tough scrambling for an apartment but once everything calmed down it was amazing! Hey, you're kind of like me! I did this in 2005! Copycat!!!