Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ollie and the Spider

Tonight my cat found a spider in the bath. It was his first encounter with a spider. He ate all but a leg. Good lad!

(the spider was not teensy - but by the time I'd arrived with my phone to video the momentous occasion the spider had curled itself into the tiniest ball. Disappointing.)

And here's a bonus Ollie vid (with me in it playing around with new webcam) just because I thought it was funny...


T.D. Newton said...

As you might know I've given up all video-style entertainment for Lent so I'll have to watch these after Easter. But it sounds hilarious! Cats are great spider-killers (and just about every other nuisance smaller than them, I might add).

Ghosty said...

Video #1: EWW! He ATE it! Ick!

Video #2: Not very dignified, is he? :P

Princesse Ecossaise said...

TD I didn't know you were giving up video style entertainment, that's original! Better than giving up chocolate anyway! Hope this wasn't temptation for you hehe

Ghosty; dignified, my cat is not.

Funny though!

ColbyPants said...

if I told you what I gave up for Lent, I would have to kill you, and that wouldnt be very Christian, now would it.

Silly Kitty Kat Videos :P