Sunday, January 20, 2008


Well, I knew this day was coming. I knew that my little kitten wouldn't stay a little kitten forever. I knew it, I just didn't realise he'd grow up so fast.

Ollie will turn six months old on February 1st, which, in human terms, is still a baby, but in cat terms he's coming on for a teenager. Which only means one thing...

Do you remember being a teen? Remember hating your parents? Remember being so embarrassed by them and refusing to be anywhere near them because they were, like, so uncool, man. Well, Ollie is going through that teenage phase. He's rebellious, he won't let me hug him or kiss him, he no longer comes to sleep on my lap unless he's feeling really sorry for himself, he refuses to allow me to groom his fur or trim his claws, and he's even started answering me back when I tell him off. Not to mention he sleeps all day and partys all night.

And like most adolescent boys he's lazy. I mean, he has his bursts of energy which send him galloping through the house at top speed, but in between those wee mad half hours he is lazy. And here is the evidence;

Lazy Ollie

Lazy Ollie Again

And Lazy Ollie Again

Between you and me, I wouldn't be surprised if I caught him hanging out his bedroom window with a cigarette in his mouth and a bottle of Buckfast in his hand. Rebellion is his middle name right now.

I'm sure you get the point, but what I'm trying to convey is I think Ollie has reached cat puberty.

The idea that he is coming of age was reinforced the other evening when mum and I were sitting in the living room late at night, just blethering away, as we do, with Ollie running off his energy around us. He suddenly stopped short and lay on his back to wash himself when we both noticed it. Ollie was displaying more of his bits than I'd ever seen before.

They grow up so fast don't they?

The thing is I really don't think I'm prepared to give him The Talk. I'd have no clue where to begin and I don't want to embarrass him but someone needs to tell him about the birds and the bees. I nominate FP. After all, he is his father and he is male. You have to take your fathering responsibilities seriously, you know. And while you're at it my darling FP, perhaps you could just mention that he's getting neutered in a few weeks time? I'm sure it'll be better coming from you, there's a good lad.



Ghosty said...

OMG he is SO CUTE! I do love kitties you know ... they are teh awesom.

But, ahh, you don't have to give him "the talk." You have to take him to the vet and give him "the snips."

Heather said...

Awwww! He's adorable. My newest baby, Mouse, is about seven or eight months -- and we just had him neutered about two weeks ago. He's still an absolute terror, but getting him neutered calmed him down enough to where he now loves to be cuddled and snuggled, whereas before he was always too busy (we cramped his style, I guess).

And I HAVE to say this, even though I'm sure you already know: Be really careful trimming his nails yourself, because cats have blood vessels in their claws and they can bleed to death if you clip them. (We only let the vet trim our cats' nails for that reason.)

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Ghosty this is exactly what I intend to do, I just had no idea it would need to be done so quickly. Booooo my kitten isn't pure and innocent no more!

Heather, mouse is such a great name I love it! I think boy kittens do seem to be naughtier and madder than girl kittens, do you find this? Ollie is a terribley behaved wee monster,s till, I wouldn't have him any other way!

Thanks for letting me know about the blood vessels in their claws; I didn't actually know that!! I went to the vet to get it done the first time, she taught me how to do it and so far it's been fine, I'm always dead careful to cut far, far away from the quick. Because Ollie is an indoor cat he needs his nails trimming so so soooo often it's unbelievable, so no trips to the vet every time he needs them done. But I promise I will be mega mega careful!! ;-)

Zhu said...

Hi crazy cat lady,

Please, be cool. You know, times have changed since we were teens thousands of years ago. Just be cool about it. You don't want him to run away, right? :D

Princesse Ecossaise said...

hahaha! Zhu you made me laugh hard there, so hard that something flew out my nose. Ahem.

You're right, god I totally didn't think about the fact that he could run away. Good Lord, you've opened a whole new can of worms!

Oh what to do what to do what to DO?!

FP said...

Ah la la la !!!

les gosses!!! jte jure!!

Ghosty said...

I have to trim Wilson's nails regularly ... same deal, don't cut to the quick and he'll be fine. I have to put Wilsom on a tennis racket so his nails poke though, he hates having his nails trimmed so much!

T.D. Newton said...

Wow, he is adorable. Micah wants to get three cats and name them after Transformers (can you imagine a cat named Bonecrusher??) so I had better not show her this.

They do grow up fast but they will always be cute.

Princesse Ecossaise said...

fp je suis un gosse mais tu m'aime comme ca! And does that mean you will give him 'The Talk'? :-p

Ghosty that is the funniest thing I heard all week!! You have to put Wilson on a tennis racket?! haha that's...unique!

TD - THREE?! Oh dear, she's going to be madder than a hatter, she's gonna be a real crazy cat lady! Look at me and I've only one! Ahhh but they are SO lovely...

T.D. Newton said...

Yeah, we'll see how she does (read: how I do) with one and then we might think about more. Definitely not getting one just yet. Maybe at the next place we live.

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Well, I must admit, cats are addictive! So one may easily turn into 3...or four! And I bet you will happily go along with having lots of cats because you can't help but love 'em!!

I have a new myspace account, as an author. I tried to add you TD but it wouldn't allow me to. The address is add me! I have Torey Hayden as one of my 'friends' wowwww I love her books!

T.D. Newton said...

It's tough to add me on myspace. I'm reclusive, what can I say? I just sent you a friend add.

What are you going to put on this new profile?

Princesse Ecossaise said...

I have no idea...I just don't think it's fair that artists, bands and comedians get their own special pages and writers don't get one. This one I will use to network with other writers and...other stuff? It's all about networking baby!

I'm trying to set up a website so I can publish fictional short stories and other writing that doesn't fit in with the theme of this blog but bloody hell it's difficult!

Zannie said...

Aww, poor Ollie, the teen years are troublesome, send him up to his auntie Zannie! Looking forward to Thursday lady, hope your class goes well tonight!


p.s. My blog has gone somewhat stale , I'm feeling uninspired by it! Think the rest of life is just too busy just now to regurgitate it in an interesting to read manner...

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Hey Zannie!
I can't wait till Thursday, I wanted to see this film ever since I heard they were making it. Don't worry about your blog so, the good thing about blogs is that they don't seem to mind being neglected for a while! Hope today wasn't too bad in the rain, I kind of wished I had gone with you after all...I wanted to wear the waterproof breeks again!!!

looooove you x

Heather said...

I KNOW you'll be careful -- you're an awesome cat-mommy!

And yes, boys tend to be wilder -- but they're also friendlier and more loving.

(My cats are indoor-only, also.)