Thursday, January 10, 2008


Bonne année à tous! Happy New Year!

Okay, okay, I know it's dead late and I know there must be a time limit on how long after the New Year you can keep wishing people 'happy new year' and the like (February? March? April?!) but it's better late than never, n'est ce pas? Anyway I do hope you all had a fantastic time yourselves, that Christmas wasn't the horrible anti-climax that it usually sets itself up to be, and that you made it to midnight at Hogmanay (that's Scottish for New Years E ve, fact fans) before you passed out in the bog. Also, I do hope that none of you made any New Years Resolutions; you're only asking for trouble if you have, they always end in tears.

The Christmas holidays in Princesse Ecossaise HQ this year were...busy. Busy with lots of people coming and going, to-ing and fro-ing. Busy with lots of things to do, people to see (or, for some, things to see, people to do). Busy as a busy man in a busy place. But busy is good. Busy is my new buzz-word for 2008. You see, last year was THE WORST YEAR OF MY LIFE EVER. There was rarely any 'busy' in my life. For the main part, I sat in the house staring at a book, the telly or the computer, waiting for...waiting for what, I don't think I even knew. Waiting for my health to improve, waiting for my life to begin, waiting for my next hospital appoint ment. After university finished I had nothing left in my life that would keep me busy from day to day. And it got me down.

Now, if I were making New Years Resolutions - which I'm not, but if I were - I would make myself keep busy. No more hiding away indoors. No more watching 8 hours of TV a day. No more! In fact, I am going to be going to Glasgow Uni for Creative Writing classes (I am very excited about that), and, while I'm still stuck in Glasvegas, I think I should join the Alliance Francaise to keep up my French before it falls by the wayside (what is a wayside anyway?). And as much as it pains me to utter this, one must lose weight and exercise this year. No excuses. Because I really and truly have never been so...wibbly in my puff! It's time, my friends. Time I got busy.

In other news, my darling FP was over chez nous for a whole nine days! It was wonderful. He presented me with a beautiful ipod nano (remember I mentioned I was the only person left who didn't own an ipod?) with the words - and I'm going to embarrass him here - 'what are you doing for the rest of your life?' engraved on the back. It touched me, in fact it almost brought me to tears. But before anyone gets excited I feel I should just mention that it wasn't any kind of proposal, nevertheless it was adorable.

Two days before he left Scotland, FP gave me another present. A mass ive, snotty flu-type virus. Isn't he so kind and sharing? I suppose he didn't want to leave me all high and dry, wanted to leave me with something to remember him by. What an absolute prince!

Here's to a very Happy New Year!


joy suzanne said...

Bonne année Princesse! But when is the move to France happening?

I've made my first resolution this year (I know, I know!), and it was to speak nothing but French with my own prince... so far, ça marche! I can hardly believe it.

I decided I had to make a declaration and take the English option off the table if I was ever to become as fluent as I'd like to be. So, here we are, 10 days in. Woot!

Ghosty said...

So good to hear from you! I was beginning to wonder if your FP had kidnapped you - surely not so bad a prospect. :) So happy new year to you too ... glad to hear your Xmas wasn't a disaster!

A wayside? You know, I haven't the faintest where that comes from, and we say it over here too ...

T.D. Newton said...

In your case I think it will be better to be busy (living life) than not. For me it has been tougher to blog since my life has become busy but hopefully it won't affect you as adversely.

That creative writing class sounds great for you! I'm sure you will enjoy it and probably make some friends.

And, by the way, you nearly slayed me with "wibbly in my puff!"

Zhu said...

THANK YOU! Thanks to your frog now I'M the only one person on earth without an Ipod...!



Oh, happy new year! It's okay, you have till feb, 7th, Chinese new year. After that... go for next year's happy new year!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Hello snotty ..... all sounds tres positive ....... good.
I haven't got an iPod either or an iPhone, but then I'm old and forgotten ...... don't worry .... I'll be OK ....... probably.

Hugs and kisses XXX

sylvie d said...

Hello and Happy New Year, very happy to see you have got yourself some new
projects, although you did achieve a lot last year! Great to see you "all princessy" ...did I mention that I too have an Ipod...?

Teuchter said...

Happy New Year to you all.

I hope 2008 will be have more of the good things and fewer of the bad things, Princesse.

Mr T used to go to classes at the Alliance when we lived in The Weeg.

I go to a wee local French class every Wednesday. It's held in someone's dining room. Hah.

My nano died. It was left in my gym bag for six months and now doesn't want to play. The only option seems to be sending it back for major engineering - at equally major cost - so I'm going to try putting it in the freezzer overnight.
My shuffle also died. It fell to bits after being stuffed down a sweaty sports bra once too often. Sorry - TMI, I fear - but you can see a link developing here.
Am now using another clip-on type of shuffle at the gym. Thumping loud music is the only thing that makes the treadmill bearable.

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Joy Suzanne - bonne annee a toi aussi! When am I moving to France? I keep asking myself the same question! I'm hoping that it will happen within the next few months, but it all depends on my health really. It was supposed to happen back in June 2007 but...well, fingers crossed that I manage to make the big move very very soon! I wonder how well your no-english-all-french is going! I'd like to try this with FP but he won't allow it! He enjoys speaking English too much to give it up ('what's the point in having an English-speaking girlfriend if you don't speak English with her?') (I'm joking, he didn't actually say that).

Ghosty - you know, I have fantasies where I am kidnapped by FP..defo NOT a bad prospect!

TD - being busy usually does slow up my blog writings - I remember near the beginning I wrote every single day (!) cause I was doing absolutely nothing else in my life! The good thing is though, that I will have a lot more interesting stuff to write about now! As you know, I can't leave the house without doing something cringey / stupid / utterly ridiculous. I really am looking so forward to the Creative writing classes, and it's a good way to meet some like-minded people. Can't wait! Hope you spent a lovely, lovely Christmas & Hogmanay with your wife as romantic!

Zhu - oh cherie! I apologise to have left you as the only ipodless person. Just remember to be proud - being ipodless is so old it's retro!!!

DP - Ahhh mister papersurfer you tugged at my heartstrings there. You almost made me feel sorry for you! But then I realised you called me Snotty so I changed my mind. And then I realised you left some hugs and kisses. And then I got confused. Happy New Year DP!

Sylvie! Did you get your ipod for xmas too? From Santa? We are TOO COOL! :-D

Teuchter - I hope the bad things wil be few and far between this year too Teuchter, especially for us with health problems. Ask Mr T if he enjoyed going to the Alliance, I used to go when I was at high school and the place freaked me out. All empty and silent. Definitely haunted. I'm dragging my mum with me this time! Also I'm v v interested in this theory of putting the nano in the freezer to make it work again. Tell me how that goes!

Despina said...

Happy New Year beautiful! Busy is good! If you ever fancy a break, I'm just a train ride away - so much news I can't blog it, but this year is going to be wonderful for you - well done on 2007. You faced your demons, you kept things going with FP, you're one step nearer with your health, you became a proud mum to Ollie, you met me, and, you got a degree!

I hope 2008 is the best yet for us both :) Lots of love and kisses for you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Princesse! I wish you and FP all good things for 2008!
Lots of love

Zannie said...

Ah, you have returned to the blog world lil lady! Does this mean the snottiness is leaving you? If so, phone me! I want to come see Ollie soon and I intend to help you stick to your 'busy' plan! x x x

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Despina - Hello my dearest! Great to hear from you again, I feel like it's been ages, but I suppose in the blogosphere a couple of weeks feels like forever! Busy IS good indeed and perhaps sometime this year I will make it down to Manchester, wouldn't that be such a laugh! Or, of course, if (WHEN!) I eventually move to France on a permanent basis and you and the lovely Jez fancy a holiday.... ;-)

I, too hope 2008 is the best for both of us, we really do deserve a break don't we!

Lots and lots of love xxxxxxxxx

SG hey! and thankyou, I wish you and yours all the best for this year too. And I'm still cracking up over the pretend poo story!! Heres to a great new year, rich in love, health and happiness xxxxxxxx

Zannie hola! The snotiness has indeed left me, although I've still got a horrible, horrible cough and it's made me a social outcast in this house cause no one wants to be in the same room as Coughin' Katie. Grumble grumble. Love you xxxxxxxxxxxx

ColbyPants said...

I dont have an iPod either, but my new phone will hold 4 GB of MP3 ;-)

Happy New Year Princesse, Carrie got me a Celtic Supporters scarf for Christmas even though she couldnt give feck all about soccer!! While your in glasgow, see a match at Paradise for me.

Hope all is well,