Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ugly Princesse

It's been quiet around here recently. In my minds eye I can see cyber tumbleweed blowing softly around this cobwebbed little blog. So where have I been?! I reeeeally want to say I've been so busy lately that I've simply not had the time to write. I want to make you all think that I'm cool and have an interesting life. But I can't lie.

I've been lounging around the house in scaffy velour tracksuits, eating stodgy comfort food and watching Ugly Betty season one and two. (Me and Betty have a lot in common. I feel I can relate to her. In fact I am Ugly Betty.) I haven't pulled a brush through my hair for...a very long time and my eyebrows are in serious need of plucking. Yes, that's how bad it has got. Eugh.

You see, I've been feeling sorry for myself. (What do you mean, 'again'?!) I'm having my seventh biopsy this week, taken from my face, so I shall have fetching stitches on my cheek for christmas. Jolly good!

Still, after a few days of being stuck in a time warp where my cat is my only friend and the only loved one I talk to ('You're the only one who understaaaands me Ollie,' she sobbed.) I'm trying to see the bright side of things once more. I may not be getting anywhere with my health problems yet, but it's the festive season; the time for family and friends and loved ones to be together, and after all the support my special people (and by 'special' I mean special not 'special', if you get me...) have given me this past year, what sort of sillypuss would I be to let this time of festivity pass without showing them how much I love them? A pure massive sillypuss, that's what I'd be.

I'm very excited for christmas and New Year. My uncle is flying in all the way from Oregon in the states to spend the holidays with us, and I haven't seen him in about 6 years. And on the 27th my wonderful, handsome and faithful FP will be arriving to see in the New Year with us. Oh it's all going to be grand, I can't wait. Even if my health is shit and the rash on my face is bad and strangers point and stare and whisper about me I'm trying to focus on what really is important. And that's certainly not my appearance or what strangers think about me.

Shit it's cold and late and I can't think any longer so I must leave. I intend to write a more 'flowing' post v soon.

p.s. A big pigeon pooed on me today and left a greenish brown stain in my hair. Bastard.


Ghosty said...

Dahlin', I've seen great big high-res pictures of you. Recent great big high-res pictures of you. You're prettier than old farts my age have a right to say without coming off as dirty old men, and your FP has excellent taste in women. So, no more little-miss-poopy-face! I know it's tough to keep your chin up when health issues aren't what they should be - but know you're beautiful! You are your own worst critic!

T.D. Newton said...

Princesse, you absolutely slay me. You are hilarious and fantastic. I wish you nothing but the best for Christmas. I surely hope you enjoy the time with your uncle and FP because I guarantee they will be enjoying the time with you.

Stupid pigeons...

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Pigeons are the worst type of critic - I know.
I'm having missing teeth problems at the moment - strangers keep well clear which makes me smile which makes it worse ..... oh well.

T.D. Newton said...

(commenting again because I forgot to "subscribe" the first time)

I want to try to blog more often again too. Sometimes it's tough. My wife started a blogger blog, though, so that's cool.

Zannie said...

Apparently birds pooing on you is good luck! I don't see how having stinky icky stuff in your hair can be a positive thing, but that's what they say so you never know! Keep that chin up petal, it's nearly Christmas and lots of fun will be had - can't wait to see you! Lots of love x x x x

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Apparently birds pooing on me IS good luck!! but the amount of times a big ill bird with diarrhea has chosen my head for its toilet means I should have had a whole lot better luck than I've seen of late so I'm losing faith in this theory!!!

Zannie, can't wait to see you too pet lamb, and looking forward to giving you your pressie! Will be in touch with you this week, maybe after tomorrow because I'm getting my biopsy done then and there's a virus on the ward I'm supposed to be going to so they've closed it which means I shan't be going there until after xmas I think so the hell that is this week will only last one day (hopefully!)

Ghosty you are too kind! I very much appreciate the compliment but are you sure you don't need to have your eyes checked?! (just kiddin'!) (to 'very much appreciate'? i think I've lost my grip on the English language, I can't work out if this is gramatically wrong or not - apologies!)

TD I've never heard this phrase 'to slay someone' but I love it! I must remember to use this expression in the future, I'm gonna start a new craze and bring some funny American lingo over here!

I wish you the very best xmas this year too, because it's your first as a husband to your new wife! I hope it's a special one for you both (or if you don't celebrate xmas then I hope you'll both have a nice holiday off from work anyway).

I was worrying about not having written in my blog for so long, I'm always scared no one will come back to read if I leave it too long! But sometimes you just have to take a wee break. Although then it's difficult to get back into writing and I always have to write a jibberish post about why I've been away and - hmmmm I feel I've gone off on a tangent now, sorry! What is your wife's blog address, I'd love to read it if she doesn't mind writing publicly now!

DP I feel for you, I really do. Imagine the pair of us stepped out together in public though, we could have a great time scaring children and people would avoid us so we'd never have to dodge people in busy streets!

T.D. Newton said...

Micah's blog is here.

We definitely celebrate Christmas! We're very excited to, in fact! We already have all of our presents to each other wrapped and underneath the tree.

The phrase "slay someone" is actually a pretty old slang term, I thought, like old in the sense of Sinatra and the Rat Pack. Like a "You'll kill 'em, you'll slay 'em, you'll knock 'em dead" kind of thing.

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Awww that's so very sweet. It must feel pretty damn special to be spending your first xmas together as husband and wife *sigh* so romantic! I can't wait to give FP his present, I really think he'll like it, although I ordered it online and I'm still waiting...that was a bit risky! Fingers crossed that it arrives before he does!

What does slay someone mean then? I took it to mean an equivalent of 'you crack me up'. Ahhh good old Sinatra. What a legend.

T.D. Newton said...

To slay someone, in the slang sense, means to make them die laughing basically. It's a very good thing.

Yes, I [heart] Sinatra. Man, that guy could sing.

I ordered Micah's stuff online, too, but I got the last of it yesterday (and wrapped it before she got home from work). You have 2 buffer days since he's not going to be there until the 27th so you're pretty lucky.

Heather said...

PE, we're all entitled to throw a pity party now and then. *hugs*

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Pity Party! Yes, that describes my last few days where I gorged on junk food and had a case of the poor-me's perfectly. And hugs back to you too Heather honey!

ColbyPants said...

Merry Christmas to you. I know I havent been feeling terribly festive this year, but it snowed a bloody ton last weekend and tha helped a bunch, cause all of ohio is a winter wonderland now.

I have one questiom, if your gonna leave Europe, why the heck would you (meaning your uncle) move to OREGON??


Zhu said...

It's okay to have some down time sometimes... But no plucking eyebrows? Wow, you must have been down. It's very symptomatic! :D

Cheer up girl, you have your life ahead of you... and you don't look ugly, silly you!