Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Inside Princesse's Bag

When Zhu tagged me for this meme I was really pleased. Firstly, it's a girly meme. Secondly it proves to a certain FP that I am not the only wuman that carries everything but the kitchen sink in her bag. And thirdly this meme physically excites me because

I am a bag perv. When I see a good looking handbag I get a thrill. If it's on the arm of another girl, I want it, I have to have it. And when I buy a beautiful handbag I treat it like a God. That means the bottom of my bag never touches the sticky floor of a pub, a seat must be reserved for my bag. No exceptions.

There were the days when I went out and bought bags (as Zhu puts it) 'the size of a pack of cigarettes', but those were the days when I could get away with wearing no make-up, I didn't have credit cards or house keys and carrying practical items such as Kleenex and pens didn't occur to me. So the purse the size of a cig packet carried a crumpled ten quid note and a mobile phone, perhaps the odd glittery lip gloss or packet of chewing gum if playing tonsil tennis on the back seat of the bus was anticipated.

Nowadays I find myself buying bigger and bigger handbags. I was so happy the day I saw oversized Marc Jacobs bags on the catwalk - finally, fashion was becoming practical. Now I can carry all my crap in a fabulous bag and not be ashamed by the overflowing paraphernalia bursting the seams. Although, in France bags still appear to be average-sized and FP and his friends have mentioned several times that mine is not a bag; it's a suitcase. But it seems to me that today's modern woman needs a bag the size of a suitcase just to lug about the shit we need from day to day. (Men can't possibly know; they expect their girlfriends to carry the Kleenex, the half-full Evian bottle, and the damn GPS system).

I believe that you can tell a lot about someone just by looking at what they carry in their handbag. I'm not quite sure what my bag says about me, perhaps simply that I'm an untidy, disorganised hoarder, but let us take a wee look...

So this is The Bag. It's from River Island; my absolute favourite high street shop, and I bought it about three weeks ago for £60. I love it because it's big and shiny and the zebra print lining turns me on but the wee dangly things on the handles really bug me. Ollie likes to chew on them though, so at least they seem to serve some purpose.

Et voila! The Crap I carry about with me every single day. A lot, innit? But it's all completely necessary! Let's take a closer look...

The thing about living in Scotland is the fact that you can get the weather of all four seasons in one day. Sun, rain, fog, hail, snow...all in a day's work for Scotland. So it's wise for a girl to be prepared for all the elements. And so day in day out I carry a pair of sunnies (complete with smudged and scratched lenses), a woolen hat and an umbrella. As you can see my umbrella is pink - well would you expect any different? It is also covered in little cats and dogs with the words 'meow' and 'woof'. Isn't that cute? Well, I thought it was, but whenever I pull out this brolly, friends I'm with mysteriously disappear until the umbrella goes back in the bag. Apparently no one wants to be seen with a 21 year old carrying a bright pink brolly covered in cartoon cats and dogs.

And this is the bain of my life. My old ball and chain. I literally rattle as I walk, and it's all down to this. My box of medication - yes! all those little coloured things are pills! Now, I did ponder over whether I should include this in the meme because now if a junkie mugs me I'll know why and how they found out I was carrying the equivalent of a small pharmacy in my handbag, but I decided that's pretty unlikely.

There's the Kleenex I was talking about, some Trident Splash Gum which is utterly vile by the way, my current book, a pack of sugar pills and the cat's paw in the right hand corner (I found that quite amusing). I don't always carry a book in my bag, but if I know I'm going to be taking a long bus or train journey, or will be sat in a waiting room with a bunch of 5-years-out-of-date magazines then I try to remember to put whatever book I'm reading at the time in my bag. The sugar pills were given to me by my dad who has diabetes, after I suffered from hypoglacemic episodes - the pills are pure sucrose and help if blood sugar is low (they also taste damn good and I have been known to snack on them...)

My Elle wallet, a few pens, credit cards and a lot of change. Oh and a £20 I didn't know I had! I need a lot of change in my wallet at all times - living in Edinburgh means great bus services but it also means you have to have the exact bus fare at all times - they don't give change.

Voici my beloved pink Nokia and my house keys. My brother always asks why I must carry the keys on so many keyrings - no wonder you have to carry such a massive bag - but believe me, it's best for all. Years back when I carried my keys on one single ring I kept losing them at the bottom of my bag which is really not helpful when I'm desperate for the loo and locked outside frantically searching for the keys. I've had too many close encounters - it's just not safe. (Is it just me or does everyone else become desperate for a pee as soon as they realise they can't find their keys?) And the 'L' keyring may or may not give away the first initial of my name.

My mp3 player. I don't go anywhere without my mp3 player. I must be the only person in the western world who doesn't have an ipod but I don't care. This mp3 player has been there for me through the hard times and I love it. I'm not about to trade it in for a newer model. And if I were to buy an ipod, I know for certain that the fashion and technology would move on to something new and I would once again be left with out-of-date technology. Sod's law.

And what kind of girly girl would I be if I didn't carry a collection of cosmetics with me? Here we have the usual mascara, eyeliner, foundation and concealer, as well as some super magic lip gloss that I bought in Sephora in Versailles with FP - it really does make lips grow! The bottle of Ghost perfume was given to me last christmas from...ahem, 'Santa' and is one of my favourite fragrances - I recommend it, girls!

Okay, so there we go, that's my bag, now let's see what's inside yours!

I tag;

Zannie - my bestest friend from the real world! If you haven't already checked out her new blog then do it now, she's grrrreat! And I bet you anything she carries puppy treats in her handbag!

Despina - I imagine Despina to carry a really beautifully organised handbag (I've no idea why!)

Sylvie - And I imagine Sylvie carrying a really funky bag with a minimal amount of junk inside!

Little Miss Awkward - ahh the lovely miss awkward, I'm hoping her bag will be as full of disorganised crap as mine is!

Lis - She's not been around recently, maybe this will get her back into the blogosphere - miss you Lis!

Jane - she designs her own jewellery which I've checked out and believe me - it's lovely stuff - so I imagine her bag to be arty, funky and full of interesting little bits and bobs!

Lesley - She's a busy mother, so it will be interesting to see how the things in her bag differ from mine!

Stratford Girl - Hmmm, well lots and lots of SLT paperwork that's for sure!

Heather - I imagine a Marc Jacobs bag. I don't know why, I just do.


Lesley said...

Must go and tidy out my bag. I love yours!

T.D. Newton said...

This is an awesome meme. I'm making my wife(!) do it when I bring back her digicam from Toronto.

Zhu said...

I love your valise... er.. bag! The zebra fabric inside is lovely. Tells a lot about a person... smooth and quiet outside and wild inside ??!;)

Change... I can see I'm not the only one ! But as you say, it's handy for the bus.

Come to think of it, I don't carry my MP3 with me anymore, nor a cell (which I don't have in the first place). Not sure why... I used to. I guess I like reading best in the bus.

I don't have much makeup either... I guess this is mainly my work bag. If I were to hang out with friend or go out, there would be... yeah, more stuffs.

Great post, I loved to read - I'm so curious about other people's bags !!

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Hooray lesley! I'll be really interested to see what's in yours!!

It really is an awesome meme TD, really cool because I'm nosey and love to see in other people's business! The photos really make it a good post I think. Does Micah have her own blog? Or is it a myspace blog?

Zhu thankyou for tagging me for this meme it was so mad fun to do and took up many hours believe it or not! Which is a good thing because all I had planned this evening was to sit and watch the tv! Good fun :-) And yeh, if I had emptied my bag that I use when I used to go to uni classes I'd have more paper and folders and paperclips and marker pens and less - well no - I'd still have all that make-up but thats not out of choice that's out of necessity!!! Anyway, I'm hoping the girls on the list do this meme cause moi aussi I'm so curious about what other people have in their bags!!

Theresa said...

Zhu tagged me for this meme, so I decided to see what everybody else had done with it. That is a very pretty bag you have there, I like the zebra stripes, now I want one. :)

Eliza said...

wow lady that is a LOT of pills! i love the bag by the way and the new look blog...

*shuffles off to river island*

Despina said...

I'm even more in love with you than before! I love the contents of your sexy bag!
I don't know where my camera batteries are, as I'm in the middle of moving house, so I'll give you the virtual tour.
Mine is badly organised, full of just-in-case lemsip sachets, receipts from over a year ago, payslips, business cards, pens, pens and more pens, a purse so full of crap it won't even close, half a broken flip-phone and loads of kirbigrips! My keyring is Budapest tourist tat, but it's nice to remember my holidays! Oh yes, and my glasses. Not forgetting the lip-balm, which causes panic if forgotten! I'm surprised you don't carry a hairbrush! I also have the same max factor mascara and maybelline foundation as you (which means we are clearly soulmates and should run away together).
I have small neat black leather bags for all my girly things. The most recent is a £30 black leather one from Dolcis, soft material and long straps. A bit mumsy with all the zip-up compartments, but very good.
When I'm singing, I have nice big over the shoulder satchels to put my books in. Some are leather (very professional), some are brightly coloured fabric, depending on the occasion. Last time someone left at my handbag, it was when a friend took me out for a drink the day of a big audition. I ordered tea, and mortified him by pulling a jar of organic acacia honey out of my bag and emptying half of it into my brew.
Thanks for the tour darling!

Despina said...

*Last time someone left at my handbag*

- I meant "laughed", forgive the phonetic spelling!

ColbyPants said...

Carries bag is way smaller than yours, but somehow she still magages to cram an ass ton of stuff in there. . . .


ColbyPants said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ColbyPants said...

What's in my pockets?!

Anonymous said...


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T.D. Newton said...

Micah's blog is a myspace one.

Gotta forgive our little bits of privacy; there are a couple of people that have tried to "check in" on me from time to time.

I've asked Micah why she doesn't have a public blog but she basically thinks she doesn't need one. Who knows.

I do get her to read yours once in awhile but I think she just enjoys the pink-ness of it.

sylvie d said...

Great meme! I have to say yours is extremement tidy! Thank you for tagging me I will try to find time to do it ;-)

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Theresa hey there! Thanks for stopping by, I'm going to come over to yours to see whats in YOUR bag in a moment! It's such a cool meme, simply because I'm so nosey!!

Eliza my dear, glad to see you back, hope things are ok for you and indeed it IS a lot of pills! You have to laugh about it though...otherwise you'd cry!

Despi thankyouuuuu for letting me into the secret world of Despina's bag! I have no idea how you can bear to hold onto your receipts - I throw them away asap - I feel way too guilty! And lemsip...that's so cute! The fact that we share the same maquillage tastes is a sure sign that we are made for each other. Take my hand and we shall run into the sunset together. And you remind me of one of my best friends - she carries a huge bottle of chilli flakes everywhere in case she gets a bite to eat (she eats chilli with everything!)!

Tom, oh and Carrie's posts were hilarious!!! A SPOON!!!! teeheehee I love it!

TD thats a rare shame! Micah wont be able to enjoy the pink-ness anymore! Poo! What do you mean by, "gotta forgive our little bits of privacy; there are a couple of people that have tried to "check in" on me from time to time." ?

Sylvie - extremely tidy?! God I can't WAIT to see yours if you think mine's tidy!!!! I know you're busy though, so there's no rush, and if you don;t have time to do it that's ok :-)

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic meme and I LOVE your bag! I will take a photo of mine as soon as I can! xx

ColbyPants said...

yep, thats Carrie for you, best part is she doesnt know how or why the spoon got there. . .

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Yay SG! I can't wait to see your bag, it's so great to peer into someone else's stuff - I feel like a spy!:-D

Heather said...

LOL I just saw this. I'll do mine tomorrow or later, for sure. A Marc Jacobs bag, huh? Nope! :-P

Great meme. I can't believe how much you cram in your bag!!!

Heather said...

OK, PE -- I posted it on my blog!