Wednesday, October 03, 2007

What's up Doc?

Remember Doctor Asshole? Well it's become my little game to get to know all my doctor's names; first and last, in an attempt to find the doc with the most unfortunate name. Doctor Asshole, or if you want to be technical about it, Doctor Assol, is still up there with the best of them, but I think he may have some stiff competition.

Sitting in the TB clinic (holding my breath in case the woman across from me who is coughing and spluttering is infectious) my name is called out by a short, bespecled man with a salt and pepper beard. I've never met him before, and as I approach him I realise I'm taller than him, which makes me feel like a heifer.

"Hi [Princesse], I'm Doctor Urine. If you'd just like to follow me, please."

Pah! Doctor Urine...hahaha! Poor guy...

Again, it turns out the spelling is not exactly the same; it's Doctor Uren, but still, it does cheer me up!

Then again, is it completely wise to put all your trust in someone whose name makes you want to pee?


Teuchter said...

Wouldn't it be great if his first initial was P?

* sniggers

Stratford Girl said...

I love the way you can have a laugh in the midst of all these awful things that are happening to you.
I hope that now you're being treated for TB things will improve a little for you.

T.D. Newton said...

It's great that you actually have funny stuff at the doctor's office. I always get bored and zone out watching the fish tank and I could care less what my doctor's names are. I guess if they were as entertaining as yours I'd pay closer attention.

My optometrist's last name is Whiteman... and he is caucasian. Woo.

Drew said...

Really. Dr. Uren, that is too ironic for words. He isn't a urologist, that would be too weird.

Ghosty said...

Oh, do I ever have a treat for you ... part of my job is to call surgeons, and these people have some of the most hysterical names walking! I'll compile the list and send it to you in the next day or two.

I added Dr. Assol to the list when you last mentioned him. :)

Despina said...

I hope Dr Urine and Dr Asshole manage to get to the bottom of all this.


Deadpoolite said...

I am sure beyond the funny names there are countless other pleasures to be found in that hospital. So, naturally being a wisecracking fool I have some questions for you:

Do doctors call eachother with funny nicks and rollover on the hospital floor with laughter?

Do cute nurses flirt with every single male in sight?

Are sick kids stuffed with lollypops so they dont whine or cry?

Could the vent machines actually work over there?

Ah, dont answer fair lady... a nutty Merc like me has a right to dream you know:)

Deadpoolite(DP) has just arrived at your service fair lady:) (I dont come cheap but samples are free while supplies last,lol)

Take care and well done on an uber cute blog on all accounts.

Later... I have to harass other unfortunate bloggers now:)

Zhu said...

Hey there !

I haven't heard of you in a while and now you're straight to urine subject ? Princesse ! Un peu de tenu ! :D

I read this article a while ago that we're influenced by our last name when choosing career path. Some are better than others... :D

Hope you're doing fine girl ;)

misterwoppit said...

Apparently in the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield, there used to be a Consultant Gynaecologist called Mr Finger. I kid you not.

Lord Likely said...

Dr. Urine, hmmm?

Is he a registered G.Pee?

Christane said...

Mademoiselle la Princessecossaise
Un peu de sombre dans votre vie et pourtant des yeux et des idées claires pour embellir la vie.
La beauté de votre blog c'est d'être lumineux, tout rose, plein de tendresses. Bravo. Good on you. La chaleur se mêle à la dérision, la vie quoi avec ses bonheurs et ses heurts.
La maladie n'est qu'une incommodité passagère, si on la surmonte, la vie reprend tout son sens avec tout son éclat.
A bientôt de vous lire encore et encore.

J'ai écrit en français car j'en avais envie, si vous voulez me traduire pour fêter votre diplôme n'hésitez pas. Feel free to translate! big hugs, gros bisous!

T.D. Newton said...

Hey, I tagged you. Check out my blog you'll see why.

It's a meme but I wouldn't pass it on if it wasn't cool!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I wish I had a funny name story but I haven't. I'll say hello though, just to be friendly my lickle haggis.

T.D. Newton said...

How's the kitty doing?