Sunday, October 28, 2007

Underage Drinking

This week has all been very exciting. I have actually been out and about, living something that resembles a normal(ish) life! I caught up with Zannie, PartyHard and Indigo; real, live, 3-dimensional people in the real world! Wow wee!

On Friday, Indigo and I decided to meet up in Edinburgh after she’d finished her classes at uni. She called to tell me that although we’d been planning to have a hot chocolate at Costa she’d left the flat that morning without her purse and had no dosh on her whatsoever. Luckily, later her boyfriend lent her a tenner for her bus and a coffee with me (this all sounds like very random details I'm giving out here, but it's vital info for the story later on, honest!)

As I approached her on Princes Street outside Jenners, I ran quietly up behind her, tickled her, making her squeal out. “Oh my Gawwwwwd!” Indigo cried as she realised it was me, “I thought you were pure muggin' me you jobby!” I was so delighted to see her, it had been months since we’d caught up properly; in fact, I hadn’t seen her since our last exam in May.

As we walked and talked, navigating our way through the busy crowds of school kids just let out for the weekend and the shoppers laden down with shiny plastic bags, I felt a lovely surge of happiness. Things felt good. My health nightmare had an end in sight, I had new shiny hair (I had been to the hairdresser the day before and had a full head highlighted…mmm silky, golden locks!), I had new boots on, new skinny jeans (well, the jeans are skinny, I’m not – but I’m working on that one), and a fabulous new handbag. I felt like the old Princesse Ecossaise. The one I was in first year at uni, when Indigo and I first met, before I got sick.

“Hmmm…” I mused, “I quite fancy an alcoholic drink…” I hinted as memories came flooding back to me of our time in first year; Freshers Week when we partied together like it was our last day on earth, those boozy nights spent drinking in student digs, talking to complete strangers at the bar like they were old friends, when socialising and partying took up 80% of your time, you drank through your hangovers and walked into a pub and knew everyone. Ah...those really were the good old days.

And so once the idea was planted in our heads, Indigo and I decided we really, really , really quite fancied a good old drink in a bar. Even if it was only four in the afternoon. So what? We’re Scottish; let’s drink like we are!

We lunged into the nearest bar, which was a small café bar situated on Rose Street and wasn’t exactly bursting at the seams with people, although there were several tables occupied. The pair of us studied the board to see what was on offer. My poison? A fresh orange and vodka.

The barman took one look at us, the two of us being rather on the short side – especially compared to him who appeared to be well over 6ft – and let out a small snigger.

“I need to see yer ID,” he muttered in a gruff voice.

Hells Bells I’m being ID’d! I’m 21…Indigo’s 22 next month…What a total laugh!

I pulled out my purse, excited and smug, looking forward to proving the barman wrong. After all those years when I was actually underage, being turned away from bars and clubs, utterly humiliated, and now I can pull out my ID card and get revenge! Ha! How I loved it when I flashed them my drivers licence and noted the way the barstaff's eyes avoided my smug gaze when they took in the year '1986'. But before I had a chance to put the moody looking barman in his place, Indigo cleared her throat and said sheepishly, “Oh…I, uh…I forgot my purse…”

A snort from the barman as if to say 'pfft yeah right'.

Oh the shame!

Red faced and well and truly humiliated, with other customers trying not very hard to hide their smirks behind their pint glasses, we were asked to leave.

Indigo felt really guilty, she kept apologising. But me, I couldn’t stop laughing.

“That was so embarrassing! It was just like first year at uni when we were 17!” She cried.

“I know,” I replied, “I love it!”

We decided to celebrate our youthful looks with several drinks in The Standing Order, where we were later joined by Indigo’s boyfriend (who is particularly generous when buying in the rounds) and a charming girl who wore very nice shoes. And so I made a new friend! With nice taste in shoes!

And even better…

I didn’t even have a hangover the next day!

Ahhh it was grand, just like old times when we worked hard and partied very, very, very hard!


Getty72 said...

Hiya.... Just a little message to say that I am really glad that things are on the way up for you!!! And what a compliment, to be asked for your ID at 21. I keep hoping the same would happen to me, but at the age of 35 I think the room would have to be very very dark and very very very!!!!

Once again, I am really glad that you are feeling better and having a bloody good time!!!!

Take care ~ Graham :)

Zhu said...

I'M glad to see you're better ! drinking age... don't you miss France where even toddlers can have a glass of vin ?

Ghosty said...

Well, good to see I'm not the only one who's boozed it up in the last week or so! And so good to see you've gotten out and about with friends. Good for the soul, warm friends and a cold beer! :)

Despina said...

Hooray for having no hangover! Those were indeed the days...
Last time I went out with my best friend (who lives miles away) we walked straight into a bar and got served, and she said to me
"That's really strange, that's the first time I've not been ID-ed!"
I felt like throwing myself under a bus. I'm only 22 for Gawd's sake!

Deadpoolite said...

You are 21 one and you said "old times" , I mean... it doesn't get much more -LOL- than that!

I am several years older so I guess I am around DP pension time judging from your time frame and how you perceive the time continuum (yeah I watch Dr Who now and then, sue me! As a fellow nutter I can relate to the good doctor you

So 'old timer'... I am glad you are enjoying life again and I hope the best is yet to come for you!

Take care!

Zannie said...

Hey pretty lady, sounds like you had a fun day, when you're back from visiting FP let's have some of the alcohol you mentioned and a giggle! Aww, hope kitty is coping without you when you're in France, I'm missing you, got used to you just being down the road again! Love n Hugs, Zannie x x x

T.D. Newton said...

I think Zhu talked about this on her blog a bit awhile back. I did quite a bit of my "partying" before I even turned 21 so my drinking since then has been a lot more tame. I mean, I do drink, and once in awhile I do get totally blitzed, but I know other people who are way worse that waited until they were 21 to have a drop of alcohol. I'm not saying one way or the other is right or wrong but I don't think that underage drinking is the end of the world.

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Hey Graham, thanks for the happy comment! Things are definitley looking up, it's been grand being able to go out into the big wide world, getting some friends back...ahhh life is grand! Perhaps you should try going into a very dark, very smoky bar just to be ID''ll do wonders for your ego! hehe

Zhu you crack me up! Do you know, that when I was a wee impish toddler myself, and when the family went on our yearly holidays to l'hexagon I did indeed have a few sips of good old vin francais? It was great, I loved it, but it only ever happened in France! Now THAT really IS underage drinking!

Agreed Ghosty! And now you don't have to feel as bad, you're not alone! And thankyou for the facebook hit the spot, it really did!

Despina...ha! I'm sorry, I shouldn't laugh but you're just SO CUTE! Don't you be upset sweetheart, you don't look old :o) plus; when you and Jez hit Glasgow, you can get ID'd at the bar with me!

Deadpoolite you know what I meant by 'old times'! I admit I'm not quite old enough to use the terms 'In my day...' or 'In the olden days...' but I'm certainly looking forward to it!

Zannie, my lovely lady! Good to see you around here yay! Lets DEFO get some drinking time slotted in when I get back, it's been a while since we had some vino together! As for Ollie...Oh my God I'm so pathetic! Leaving him in the kitchen as I set off for the airport was AWFUL! I almost cried. Am I turning into a cat person do you think?

TD I always thought it bizzare that America's legal drinking age is 21. Here it's 18 and people are drinking from much earlier than that, which, depending on the age and to the extent they drink of course, I think it's alright. There would be no way I could have waited until after I was 21 to be drinking...that would mean I would have gone through all my university student days without a drop - and that is simply ridiculous!!!!

ColbyPants said...

I just dream of the good old days when anybody thought to care to card me, LOL.


s.j.simon said...

lol. did you know that chocolate was banned in switzerland for many years. read this