Sunday, October 21, 2007

An Exciting Month *

* Title is false advertisation...sorry.

I'm not a 'cat person', honest

Ok I mean it. It’s time to get back to blogging. I know I’ve said it for the past couple of posts; I’m ready to write again, blah blah blah but I just got sidetracked. And then, when I wasn’t distracted, I dreaded turning on the computer and feeling the guilt of not having written. I wracked my brains for things to write about, trying to avoid droning on about any health situations or cat escapades (more about that later), but a writer cannot be forced, and when my head is empty, my head is empty. Which is quite often.

But here I am, throwing myself in again amidst the blogosphere and I’m going to encourage myself to write like I used to. Perhaps not every single day because at the moment not a lot happens here on a daily basis, but a few times a week should get me well and truly back into the spirit of things.

So, as I’m trying to ease myself in, let me make some updates. It’s all been terribly exciting here since I last wrote. (Haha.) Ollie the kitten grew very fast and can now jump from the floor to the table, much to the delight of my father who has seen several wee trinkets broken in the process of a wagging tail and naughty pawing paws. Now, readers, I really don’t want to be seen as one of those ‘cat people’ (as I mentioned to Despina recently, to me cat people are all quite odd. I mean, no offence…I’m so not a cat person. I just own a cat. In fact, I was always more of a dog person before, but Ollie is special. Cat people, in my eyes and Zannie's eyes anyway, tend to own more than two kittys, and talk about them a lot. They refer to them as their ‘babies’, and feed them better than they feed themselves. They also end up buying t-shirts, sweaters, placemats, mugs, tea cups, saucers, plates, pictures, bedding, figurines and…well basically anything with cats on. I am not one of these people and if I talk about my cat too much, please tell me. I don’t want it creeping up on me.) but it’s certainly true that Ollie is a rare fun addition to the household and has been keeping me busy. If he’s not mewing around my legs for attention, or chewing on my hand then he’s playing with wires or running around with a milk beard dripping goat’s milk everywhere, which makes it slightly difficult to be able to sit with a laptop warming my knees like I used to.

Cheeky Chappy with food on his nose

My health is improving dramatically since I started on the TB antibiotics. Hip hooray! All my lesions have gone down and my nose is back to its normal size and shape. I am so so so grateful. It’s crazy…I forgot how small my nose actually is. I’m happy – delighted – but terrified after having been so let down last time when the same thing happened with the infliximab so I shan’t jibber on and jinx my good fortune.

I’m rather disappointed though, because my boogers aren’t florescent pink like the doctor told me they would be. My pee is though, and that’s a consolation.

I’ve been on steroids since I took a bad reaction to the infliximab a while back. I’d been on them before but had to come off when the side effects were too much (think depression, hairiness, a moon-shaped face and BIG mood swings). I’m now feeling really steroidy and I look it too. I’ve been eating like a big cow *moo* and all my fat has congregated around my middle so that I have a lovely spare tire. It wobbles. My face is as round as a round man in a round shop (does that make sense to people or is that an old expression only us weegies used at school?) and…well let’s just say I could probably beat Ollie in a hairiness competition. However, there’s been no depression, hooray! Spirits are high because I know my life is going to begin again soon and I’m very, very, very excited.

Steroid Moon Face - but a nice normal nose!

I don’t think I’ve suffered from mood swings but for some reason my entire family have been avoiding me all day, muttering something about being terrified and walking on eggshells and PMS. No idea what they’re on about. Eejits.

Ahhhh what else?

Oh yes! We have lovely new road markings outside our house. They are simply ravishing and we were all very excited when the painters came to paint the big ‘20’ with their truck. Still, that was a few weeks ago and the novelty is wearing off a little now.

Exciting new road marks

Now that you're all caught up on my exciting life filled with health situations, cat escapades and exciting new road marks (I bet you're glad you didn't miss out on reading about all that!), I'm off to read your blogs.

Oh! And belated congratulations to Drew at Benspark and his lovely wife who gave birth to the beautiful baby Eva Grace (Love love love the name Drew!) and to T.D. Newton and his new wife who were married last week. A happy month for all!


sugar007 said...

Glad to see you back, you look lovely by the way :-)

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Aww thankyou petal ('',) x

Anonymous said...

Yay!! Nice to be reading you again ... and glad to hear your health is improving!
Your cat is so cute!

John C said...

I think the cat's precious, and you look gorgeous, woman.

Man, where were you when I was your age! Oh, yeah...barely in gradeschool.

Now I'm depressed. Hold up, better seein' your smilin' face and those straps!

Ghosty said...

(a) There is nothing wrong with being a cat person, meow. We cat lovers are not odd, meow, but simply a bit off from center. The little thing is SO CUTE!

(b) That's the biggest picture of you I've ever seen. Holy crap, you're cute. Didn't realize your hair was that long either; keep it, it suits you nicely.

(c) What's the big 20 mean anyway?

Princesse Ecossaise said...

SG hello my dear! The cat is cute, no doubt about that, but right now he's chewing my toe and he's doing my nut in!

John C good to see you around these parts again! Or actually, it's me who wasn't here, but it's good to see you comment again!

Ghosty (a) there is everything wrong with being a cat person but since you say my kitty is cute then I shall let you off the hook. Just this once...

(b) Thank you thank you thankyou for your lovely complement!! I didn't realise it was gonna open so up as such a big file! Argh!

(c) the big 20 means 20 miles per hour...traffic goes slow in our street!

Teuchter said...

Lovely to see you out and about in the blogosphere again.
You don't look at all Fatty McFatterson - more like Blondie McGorgeous.
Know what you mean about the steroids though - I keep looking in the mirror for signs of roundness.
Hope we'll both get off them soon.

Have you come across this site yet?

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Argh! Teuchter you poor thing, having to be on these hideous drugs same as me! Hopefully you won't suffer from moon face syndrome like yours truly though! Ahhhhh I do feel like Fatty McFatterson, I do, sob sob sob...

I checked out that site a while ago when there was a whole load f references to it everywhere but although the pictures are soooo cute, I couldn't stand the language used. Why does it have to be written in such a weird way?! Am I just being a geek?

Despina said...

You are beautiful.
It's been such a dark few months for you, I can totally understand why you're excited about the changes ahead, rather than feeling depressed.
Well done, gorgeous!
I love what you say about "cat people" by the way!
Where's the best place in Scotland to go Christmas shopping and drink white wine afterwards?

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Hmmmm christmas shopping in Scotland eh?! Cooooooooooooool!!

Well, I'm biased because I love Edinburgh and would always opt for being there, but Glasgow is admittedly much better for shopping and has a massive range of shops. Yes, I have to say Glasgow is a better choice, finishing up in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall for a lovely glass of wine.

Wooooooo let me know if you're coming to Scotland!!!

ColbyPants said...

You talk about your cat too much.


Glad to see you are doing better & my Ollie is better than yours!


Princesse Ecossaise said...

Noooooooo!!! My Ollie is better than your Ollie! Even though your Ollie is cool as, I bet he doesn't drink milk and then run around with a big white milk beard!

I dooooooon't talk about him too much :'-( SOB!

Despina said...

In that case, my dear, I shall see you in Glasgow, for shopping and tea and cake and that rather exciting sounding concert hall you mention!

But only if you promise not even to look at tea cosies with little cats on them :)

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Wowwwwwwwww!! Yes, the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall is a lovely place, I do think you will like it there! Oh wow wee I'm EXCITED man!!!

I can't make any promises about the tea cosies though...(save me! save me from myself!)

ColbyPants said...

Hey I meant to ask you, what does FP think of the craptacular start for the New Orleans Saints this year.

(BTW I am pissed at the the egg laid by Celtic v Rangers this weekend, wtf)

PS (does your Ollie fetch things, or bark?)

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Well, FP has been banned from talking about the Saints with me...I shall let him know you were asking and just this once I will allow him to talk about the saints here...if he's good. (coincidentally, he has been buying alllll the american football equipment off ebay; shoulder pads, helmets, skull caps whatever they are. Obsessed!!)

Don't tell me Rangers kicked Celtics no, that's BAD. Anyone else but Rangers.:-(

My Ollie may not bark, in fact he bleets like a goat, and he may not fetch, he pounces, chases and attacks, but he does sit on my latop keyboard and press buttons. Here is what he says to you Mister Tom C; so7hda888888888888hjjjjjjjj Now that's a clever kitty!

ColbyPants said...

3-nil I got up at 730 AM here to watch the webcast, and they were horrible.


that one profound kitty you got there ;-)


Princesse Ecossaise said...

He is without a doubt very profound. Perhaps even more profound than me!

And booooooooooooooo to Celtic...boooooooo. How very dare they mess up?! And against the Hons as well! I'm disappointed man. V disappointed.

Anonymous said...

ah ah TomC... :-p
Saints just got a "start problem"...
Ok, they look like cursed this year!! cause of the last year's playmaker (Bush and Colston) are sophomore this year, and everyone knows about the sophomore curse. (look at QB Colt McCoy of Texas Longhorns!!)
But i'm still confident even with the lost of HB Deuce for the season. They still got lots of work (especialy in droped passes!) but they improve each week. They won their two last games and two rookies are EXCELENTS (HB Pierre Thomas and WR Lance Moore) and special mention to the rookie CB Usama Young who play very well in special team.
We are 2-4, still on competition in NFC South and i'll be always a SAINTS fan.
GEAUX SAINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS: i'm a good boy baby :-)


Drew said...

I just noticed that you linked to me. I have been busy with baby Eva Grace. she is quite the Handful. Glad you love the name. she is meeting her namesake today for the first time.

ColbyPants said...

FP - they have looked better as of late.


doow said...

And yet nobody thinks it's cute when I run around the house with a milk beard dripping everywhere. I shall never understand this world.

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Ahhh now doow, I would think thats a wee bit cute, thousands wouldn't, but I would :-D

Deadpoolite said...

So cute cat, nice normal nose , astonishing road marks on streets. Ahhhh!!!! I knew when I kickstarted my blogging addiction that I would live "exciting" moments like these:)

Good to know you are getting better in health and are feeling so upbeat lately!

Take care!

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Haha! My blog is rather exciting innit? ESPECIALLY the road markings! :-p

T.D. Newton said...

HEY! Thanks for the honorable mention in your post! The wedding and honeymoon went absolutely fabulous and we are back at home now ready to open our gifts and get back to our jobs (which I'm at right now). Hopefully I will post a bunch of pictures and blog stuff on my MySpace as well as some new YouTube videos! Right now all I have up are 2 Karaoke ones from our performance on the cruise ship (long story!).

T.D. Newton said...

Oops, sorry, forgot to mention: you are looking great! Seriously, keep up whatever you're doing as it is definitely working well for you!

I need to lose some weight again after being on that lovely cruise ship all week ;)

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Hello Mister Newton! How is Mrs Newton? How does it feel to be a married couple? Awwwww I'm so glad everything went well; the Big Day and the honeymoon. Can't wait to see the photos! And you sang karaoke? That is GREAT! I MUST see these videos!

And thaaaaankyou for the compliment, you know I love compliments!