Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Bloody Norah!

So, something funny happened this week...I was diagnosed with tuberculosis. Yes, TB! That really ancient disease from the Victorian times. Thankfully it's not in the lungs, and I'm not contagious so I've not been locked up in isolation for months on end. More's the pity.

You see, I'm a greedy thing. One disease isn't enough for me. Normal modern day flu viruses just don't cut the mustard. No, my body contracts TB, just for the laugh. And now follows 6 months of antibiotic treatment which will turn my pee, saliva and my boogers pink! Pink! Love it! I'll match my blog!

To be honest, after the initial shock, I'm not too down about this latest development. You see, sarcoidosis and cutaneous TB present themselves really rather similarly in the body and it's extremely easy to misdiagnose a patient. The two diseases are also often connected; TB can be the underlying cause of sarcoid. So, could it be that I was misdiagnosed and treated for sarcoid when all along I have been suffering from TB? That would certainly explain why I have reacted to none of the usual treatments for sarcoidosis. And then there's the possibility that I came down with TB which then caused sarcoidosis. Take away the TB and the sarcoid will almost definitley improve, eve if it doesn't go away.

Now if you're not a person interested in medical stuff then I'll warn you I'm going to be rambling on a bit now and I promise you, I won't be upset if you stop reading. It's just I'm so very fascinated in my own case. It all seems to come together in a roundabout way.

I remember when I was 15, at school, when we were all getting our BCG vaccinations. I didn't get my BCG. I tested positive for TB with the skin test I'd had beforehand. They told me I'd have to go to the hospital and get checked out, x-rays and breathing tests just to make sure that although I'd almost definitley come into contact with the disease, I didn't have active TB. Tests came back negative, my lungs were fine, as they still are today.

And it was around the age of 15, after the skin test for TB, that my nose became all stuffy and I found I couldn't breath properly. At the age of 16 I was in the hospital after an operation to remove my appendix when the doctor and several student doctors were around my bed, asking how my health was otherwise. I complained of suffering from a cold for the past year. The doc laughed and walked away. But it was true! Argh!

And then by the age of 17 I'd found a lesion on my leg which led to the beginning of a diagnosis of sarcoidosis.

Could it be? I mean really, could we finally have found the underlying cause? Oh please...


Teuchter said...

Wow. Fascinating stuff, princesse.
I really, really - fingers, toes, legs and everything possibly crossable crossed - hope that this is an explanation of what's been causing you so many problems.

It seems logical.

Hope you'll keep us posted on the details - and that the sarcoidosis bogey is finally vanquished.


Princesse Ecossaise said...

Yay! Good to hear from you Teuchter, and thanks for crossing everything possibly crossable...I'm touched! And...and! You read this post all the way through, hooray!

Big cyber hugs to you!

Lesley said...

Yes, I'm crossing all appendages to.

(BTW, I didn't get the TB jab at school either because of the BCG reaction and my Dad had TB when he was young - he got it from unpasteurized cows' milk in Argyll)

T.D. Newton said...

That's exciting!!! Here's to hoping!

Medical problems are a weird thing. I'm glad we're past the days when people thought diseases were a form of divine punishment.

And I laughed hard about the "pink" comment. Great one.

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

I'm particpating in a blogland delurk day, so I've left my feed reader to say (because it sounds like it really may have been to cause of all your medical drama), "Yay for TB!" Plus, pink pee sounds totally fun;>

Teuchter said...

I remember being very scared by a pink pee episode once ...

... then I remembered I'd eaten a whole jar of pickled beetroot the previous day.

Silly me.

Pink bogies sound almost decorative - and much nicer than the usual, regulation issue, green ones.

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Thanks Lesley ma cherie for the crossing of appendages! Thats odd about your dad having TB and you having been in contact with it too, because MY dad also tested positive when he was at school and never got the BCG...hmmm interesting, very very interesting.

TD, I am also so very glad that the days have passed when these kind of diseases had such bad connotations. For example, had I been in Victorian times and been diagnosed with TB I'd be avoided like the plague (even if I wasn't infctious) and people would think I was from the depths of poverty. It's so good that people are more open and understanding about ill health these days. What a relief for me anyway!

C WooWoo thanks so much for stopping by! ah yes, the pink pee will definitley be an experience...hmmmmm better than some other colours anyway!

Teuchter...that is crazy! I had no idea beetroot could do such a thing...I may have to experiement one day. Pink bogies will be a total laugh, I just hope my nose doesn't start running in public.

sylvie d said...

I hope you get to the bottom of this!
I can't begin to imagine what it must be like not knowing anything for sure!

Ghosty said...

My extremities are crossed for you too, Princesse. Excellent if this turns out to be a step towards getting you all-betters.

Pink? Must be my monitor, I always thought this place was more like lavender. Pink boogers ... some very girly sneezes in your future.

doow said...

Crikey, Princesse! Don't go getting the plague now, will you? That wouldn't be good ... though now my mind is wandering and I'm imagining what colour your snot might be then...

Be well.

Despina said...

I feel like I'm wishing TB on you now - how weird! But I really really hope you're close to finding the answers.

Lots of love to you, my little Victorian heroine!


Deadpoolite said...

I got two questions for you girl:

1)Can I do my Biotech PhD on you? I mean with such a medical history and uber cute personality we got a Nobel Prize in the pocket:) Think about it... I'll put the snacks and the wacky brains you'll put the sense of humour and you'll constantly slap me on the face to inspire the cogs of my thought (man I am so deep sometimes it hurts, it really does, LOL). It doesnt get much better than that in modern scientific research:)

2)You say you got TB in latent form so to speak. What can I say I got DP... you know what DP is... it is short for Deadpool, a comic book creation with a wacky sense of humour. I mean I am a living caricature... there is no cure... no salvation... no boundary to restrain me... I am like that 24/7...

It sickens me to the bone but it is who I am in this behemoth that is the blogosphere. This is my gift, this is my curse... I am Deadpoolite... sorry world... it just feels so good:)

Dont worry, as I say under my profile link in my blog:

"I am not as nuts as I may sound, just a little bit more..."

Take care Princess!

P.S.:I have added your link to my blog, it is a truely revolting development for you but you are strong... you can take it:)

Lis of the North said...

First I had to share that, it's what's in the word verification box today.
And on more intriguing matters, it sounds like you'll be a future textbook case. Learnee doctors will read about you and acquire insight into cutaneous TB and its side-effects.
I so very hope that this could at last be a breakthrough for you and maybe the know-it-all docs will finally come up with some useful medical science to put you to rights once and for all!
Praying that this has a positive outcome! xx

Daddy Papersurfer said...

If I had an extremity to cross I would. Actually, this is beginning to sound hopeful ...... oooooo, I know, I'll cross my eyes.

Gordon Scott said...

Oh, I hope so!!!