Friday, September 28, 2007

Risen from the Dead's been some time since I last wrote here, mainly because this September has been an absolute rollercoaster for me and my family. As I wrote previously, my health had deteriorated, and I had to spend a lot of time in and out of hospital, getting tests, being treated and having operations. Of course this was all I've been doing, spending time in white, sterile rooms that smell of disinfectant, reading magazines and becoming pure addicted to Sudoku. I have been actively avoiding writing in my blog, simply because the only things I have to write about are the difficult times I've been having and let's face it, that's no fun for anyone!

So, I'm going to skip over these little complications in my life and I'm going to start writing again. About things. About two very lovely things that happened to me this past week.

Firstly, I got a letter from university...Yes, that big brown envelope that contains a few simple sentences that would either make or break my future career. It totally has not sunk in yet but...I've graduated! And what's more, I graduated with a 2:1!!! I mean Gaaaawd how the hell did I manage that?! (For those of you who don't know, to graduate with a 2:1 is the second best degree you can get, after a First Class...not that I'm trying to show off here...ahem). So, I am now Princesse Ecossaise with a freakin' BA Honours degree! Hooray!

And secondly, we have a new addition to the family...I have a wee baby kitten!! His name is Ollie, and he's a Ragdoll Cross, he's absolutley gooooooooorgeous and I fell head over heels in love with him the first moment I saw him. At only 8 weeks old, he's just a wee baby, he's dead playful, pure teensy tiny, and thinks I'm his mummy! Ohhh he's really changed things around here, we're all loving him.

So, expect some good Ollie Ecossais anecdotes sometime soon! Until then, thanks everyone for being so patient with me, and for coming back to read after such a long absence. Things are looking up and I think I'm ready to be writing again.


sugar007 said...

Welcome back!! Congrats on the degree, it is a hell of an achievement to have graduated with all that has been going on but to graduate with a 2.1 is purely wicked!! Just make sure you party hardy, you deserve it. I am not a catty person but even I have to admit that Ollie is a cutie..

Despina said...


T.D. Newton said...

Awesome, glad you're back. Your loyal fans missed your anecdotal adventures.

Your cat is adorable. Who cleans the litter box???

Are you still writing on the novel at all?

Drew said...

Welcome back!
Ollie is so cute. We have an Ollie too. I am so happy that you graduated and got such high marks, that is fantastic! You started blogging again in time to be online when we have our birth announcement, (hopefully in the next 3 weeks).

Welcome back, hope you are here to stay for quite a while!

Ghosty said...

Wonderful! Welcome back, Princesse, so very nice to hear from you! And congratulations on the degree, a 2:1, I am very impressed. Very nice work indeed!

And that kitten is absolutely adorable haha ... and so tiny!

Lis of the North said...

Yay Princesse!!
So pleased you're back, so chuffed for your degree. 2:1s are the best degrees, y'know ;)
And a little baby kitten cutie!! Did that blanket come from M&S?? Doggy has one just like it!!

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Sugar thankyou darling!I shall be partying hard as soon as poss! Can't wait to gt back to FP and to open a good old bottle of bubbly, hooray!

Despi thaaaaaaaaaanks angel cake, thankyou!

TD I clean the litter box! :-D Something weird happened when I got Ollie; I became less squeamish and more responsible. Crazy! As for the novel, I haven't gotten very far yet, but haven't given up. I'll let you know how it's going, but at this rate it's gonna take some time!

Drew hey! Wowwwwwwww so soon you're gonna be a daddy! I can't believe how fast time has flown by, I hope mummy to be is doing well!

Ghosty thanks for the congrats!! Ollie really is teensy it's hilarious, he's about the size of my hand!

Lis wooooo are you a fellow 2:1 achiever? We rule!!! The photo was taken at the breeder's house so it's their blanket but I want it! I had to give Ollie my very own pink blankie while I search for a nice soft kitty one...I'm off to M&S!!

Stratford Girl said...

Hi Princesse,
So good to be reading you again.
Congratulation on your fantastic degree result! BRILLIANT! I hope that you are going to go out and celebrate. Looking forward to hearing some kitten anecdotes. Kittens are just so cute, aren't they?

Baxter Tocher said...

Sorry to hear you're not keeping so well.

Ollie is a wee sweetie! I'm sure you're going to have a lot of laughs with him :-)

Lapa said...

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Getty72 said...

A 2:1? Bl**dy'ell mate!Congratulations.... all that hard grafting has paid off. I am truly overjoyed for you. I wish you the very best of fortune for any direction that you choose to follow in your life.

sylvie d said...

Nice to hear from you, I was getting worried! Great news about your degree...not too much of a surprise as you are clearly a bright girl!
I hope your health improves, thinking of you , make sure you take it easy!

ColbyPants said...


And we have an Old English sheepdog named Ollie!


Princesse Ecossaise said...

Hey SG, Baxter, Getty, Sylvie and Tom! Och aye, kittens are so so so sweet, and Ollie really cracks me up, he's a total comedian!

Tom Old English Sheepdogs are absolutley GORRRRGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!

ColbyPants said...


Heather said...

Wow, so sorry to hear about your health problems. Seems like we're having a similar time of it lately. Let's start a support group. ;)

The kitten is making me squee all over the place! And congrats on the degree! That's huge.

Gordon Scott said...

Many congratulations on your degree. It's a wonderful feeling to know all that hard work has been for something.