Thursday, August 16, 2007

Beef Burger

Dear beloved blog,

I’m still alive!!

I do apologise, little blog, for not being around lately. I’ve been a very, very busy girl looking after FP, making sure he’s fed and watered and I've been taking him tours, generally acting like a tourist in my own country.

Now don’t think I have forgotten about you, blog, I haven’t abandoned you. Au contraire – so many weird and funny things have happened to me in this past week and I always thought of you. Honestly.

I don’t have much time to write just now, because I have a delicious Frenchman sitting next to me playing cards, and I’m eager to start our aperitif, but I thought I might let you and all my blog buddies know I’m having a rare old time and so is FP. He says Bonjour.

Before I go, guess what we’ve been up to?!

We witnessed a real bitch fight in a restaurant between a waitress and a really annoying drunk woman. That was rather fun.

We went to a gig in (of all places) Glasgow (actually, it was my brother's band who were playing), and I got myself stuck in the middle of a massive moshpit, and was then hit on the head by a flying glass of alcohol which made me insanely angry so I had a temper tantrum and FP had to drag me away.

I went to get my second infusion of Infliximab and saw what nicotine addiction does to men who can’t wait two hours on a drip without smoking. As a side note – It appears I spoke too soon, infliximab hasn’t worked this time. It’s gone from a love story to a love / hate relationship.

We went to the Glengoyne whisky distillery with Daddy Ecossais, went on the tour, drank lots of free whisky (which I detest but I drank it anyway – it was free) and dad asked way too many questions. He was the teacher’s pet. Did I mention that for the third time in a month I was asked for ID because they didn't think I was old enough to drink? Grrr.

Oh and 8 years of being a vegetarian has ceased and I ate my very first beef burger! I must admit, it was rare delicious.

And Despina, I’ve fallen in love with you too…let’s run away to some obscure country and you can teach me how to sing.

Grand! Okay, so I better go now, and entertain the handsome man standing behind me looking over my shoulder.

Wish you were here, blog,

Lots of loooooooove
Princesse xxxxx


ColbyPants said...

You don't like WHISKEY (us Americans use the way cooler spelling, with an E)?? Poor you! In Septenber Carrie and I are going to Kentucky to go to a Bourbon festival and tour a bunch of distilleries!


ColbyPants said...



Tom(I Hope This Works)C

Ghosty said...

Ohhh, we have missed you! :D

You don't like whiskey!? Are you sure you're a Scot? Isn't that, like, the sign of a traitor, or a sin against all things holy in Scotland, or something?

Oh dear, you are not a meat virgin anymore! I'll bet it was yummy though ...

Jane said...

This is the third time I've written this comment...I'm so crap at this.


Lovely to have you back Princess but the fact that you have been having too much fun with FP to write is a good thing! I'm just glad you haven't forgotten us entirely!

And boys, sorry to be a wee nippy sweetie, but Scottish Whisky doen't have an E in it, that's the Irish or American versions!

Princess, I don't like the stuff either!

Stratford Girl said...

You were only away for a week ... but a week is a long time in blogland! Nice to read you again!

ColbyPants said...

I know, being American, I vastkly prefer American Bourbon WhiskEy (and amusingly, Irish WhiskEy) to the Scotch E-less alternative. Sweeter and more bold, it is.


Daddy Papersurfer said...

John reviewed you! Well done - I wish I hadn't called him a bald git now.
I love a malt myself - and Christmas isn't that far it?

sylvie d said...

"We witnessed a real bitch fight in a restaurant between a waitress and a really annoying drunk woman. That was rather fun."
So have we!!!
exept it was not funny at all...weird week so must be something in the air...tourists are very agressive!
Congratulations first on your review...that voice had to win him over! secondly...euh on your burger...that will make my life easier when you come and visit La Rochelle ;-)

Despina said...

*wipes away the tears that are coursing down her cheeks*

"But how long Princesse, how long? You keep making these promises but I don't think they'll ever come to anything.....!"

Glad you're having an ace time with FP. Not so glad about your treatment or the flying alcohol, but you sound like you're having wayyy too much fun to let that bother you.


Jez said...

Oi! Hands off my girlfriend!

T.D. Newton said...

Yay! We're all glad you're having fun away from the comp. That is about the only unacceptable excuse to avoid it, you know.

Just the thought of straight whiskey makes me want to gag and die. Probably because I've gotten sick off of it so many times.

I <3 beef burger, especially grilled (and especially when I grill it). I had one yesterday and will probably have a few more all weekend. It's a love affair with only slight side effects.

T.D. Newton said...

Then again, I've tried just about every other ground meat I could find already. I've had ground lamb, chicken, turkey, pork, buffalo, and ostrich. Food = fun!

Lord Likely said...

Welcome back to the world of the carnivore, dear Princesse.

ColbyPants said...

Poor T.D.! Dude, I had to get over the sick sessions with Jack and Jim before being able to re learn to appreciate bourbon as an adult, so it can be done!

walkDownAnnaLane said...

hi! yes, have missed you! I bet the meat has missed you more, though, almost as much as you have missed it as long as you have been without it! I don't see how you do it, as I LOVE meat and couldn't imagine my life without it! (I am SUCH a Carnivore!!!). I go on a Detox 4 times a year...for 2 weeks, I can not eat any meat...or anything else cooked. Nothing but raw fruits and vegetables. BLAH!!! And it is so hard for two weeks. I couldn't imagine going MONTHS without it! But I applaud you for having done it. Wonderful!

ha ha! The fight in the restaurant between two back funny memories of my own! We witnessed a fight between two women in a bar. So much fun, n'est pas?

okay, I gotta get back to work. Talk to ya later! :-)