Sunday, July 01, 2007

Too Close to Home

There are no words strong enough to specify how shocked I am. Last night Glasgow Airport was the victim of a terrorist attack. Thank God it was a failed attempt. And thank God the two suicide bombers did not die; they didn't get away with it lightly. In fact, according to the BBC, the only casualty was one of the suicide bombers who was badly burned.

The two bombers rammed the car into the front of the building of the airport, on the busiest day of the year there – the first day of the school holidays – in attempt of committing mass murder.

It appears the two men were Muslims, and this attack was linked with Al Qaeda. Although news reporters are keen to keep confirming that the men are not Scottish born or bred. Frankly it doesn’t make a difference.

Witnesses say one of the bombers was repeating ‘Allah, Allah, Allah,’ over and over again.

Frightening stuff.

But I feel terribly awful for the large Muslim community here in Scotland. There’s always been good relations there. Let’s hope it stays that way and that people here understand that it’s a minority of Muslims who believe that suicide bombing is the way to go.

It’s only really due to sheer luck that the attempt failed. But already things here are changing.

I’m no fool, I know there will never be ‘world peace’, but I just can’t understand it and I fear for the future. Is this conflict going to end? How many innocent lives will be taken before the end? How many mothers, fathers, sons and daughters will be lost? How many countries will have to endure terrorism?


Lis of the North said...

Hi princesse,
It is all very disheartening. I cannae understand what drives people to behave this way. You have a problem with the UK government, for whatever (real or imagined) reasons, take your argument to them. I suppose that's the whole point of terrorism, to make innocent people who have nothing to do with your combat, suffer. It doesn't solve anything and it doesn't make people sympathise with your cause. I suppose then, that terrorists are the epitome of idiotism.
Looking on the positive side, their cunning plan has been a big fat failure and no one was hurt but them.

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Exactly! They are rubbish and will have to live with themselves forever. Failures!!

Terrorism is frightening and horrible and terrorists are extremists and / or brainwashed and / or sick in the head.

Still, life goes on! I'm quite releived I'm flying from Glasgow Prestwick next week instead of Glasgow Airport!

sugar007 said...

I have been keeping abreast of the news and I am shocked at the same time.I guess it is naive off me to think that what happened in London was never going to happen again but it is frightening to think that there are people out there plotting carnage. I am so glad that you mentioned the Muslim community because you are right the majority are disgusted like everyone else about this but ignorant people out there are going to think this is a suitable reason to persecute innocent people that are only guilty by religious association!!

Zhu said...

Every terrorist act make me wanna cry. I just don't get how can people be so blindly brainwashed by ideology to do something like that.

I'm quite afraid of the aftermath. As you mentionned, communities relationship, daily living etc. shouldn't be affected by the attempt of a few criminal.

BTW, I left you a link after your comment on my last post about health care in France for British. You might wanna check it out !;)

T.D. Newton said...

I think it's incredibly disrespectful to refer to them as "blindly brainwashed by ideology." It's unfair, frankly.

(Sorry for ranting on your blog, Princesse)

While I don't necessarily agree with taking human life as a means to achieve my end there is NOTHING in the world that is worth enough that I would murder over it (I'd defend my life but that's not murder).

Instead of labeling these muslims as crazies and crackpot radical sociopaths, try and understand that they believe there is a valid reason for doing what they're doing.

Maybe the world has left them absolutely no other means of communication than to kill so that people will listen to them ... then of course the media flags them as insane radical muslims and says "oh don't worry, not all muslims are like this, etc etc" and we can all sleep at night again.

But no one actually gives a rip WHY these people would go to such great lengths. Hasn't the entire history of humanity been pushed forward by causes worth killing and dying for?

Ghosty said...
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Ghosty said...

OK, now that my typing skills are under control ... I'm as amazed as you are that this has come to Scotland. I'm so very glad it was not as bad as it could have been.

T.D. Newton said...

What was that, a reprisal comment?? Looks like it was deleted. Could have been spam. Who knows.

Getty72 said...

Hi Princesse,

I passionately and whole heartedly agree with you. I was in London a couple of years ago when the 7th July bombs went off (I was going to a Queen concert in Hyde park the following day - that subsequently got postponed). It was devastating - such a sad loss of life. I’m English and I know we have done some terrible things in our history that I am ashamed of, but people know better now. There is no excuse for this (as you rightly said) mindless extremism by terrorists that are brainwashed and/or sick in the head. My heart goes out to all those in the world that have lost loved ones through this type of crime.

Kindest regards, Graham

Zhu said...

T.D. Newton,

I don't see why I shouldn't label these guys as radical sociopaths. Nor that I'm seeing where am I being disrespectful here.

I don't give a shit about the reason they feel they have the right to bomb people. Really. And I react the same way no matter of the ideology, I'm not one of these Muslim-hater or whatever (as a matter of fact, I'm an atheist, but anyway).

I lived in Latin America for a while where they were some riots and pretty tough demonstrations. I might or might not have supported the political ideas then, but I didn't mind the political movements anyway. They weren't 100% peaceful but it was always possible to discuss, exchange ideas, and move on. With terrorism, there's no discussion. Kill. That's it. And I'm not gonna support that. I'm pretty left-wing (okay, pretty radical actually) and I've had my share of marching the streets. But I drew the line to violence.

Zhu said...

Oh, BTW princess, just wanted to let you know the FAQ page is ready on my blog... check out the answers to your questions ! ;)

Munther said...

Hello princess..

These are animals and should burn in hell ! I am a Muslim who studied at Scotland never once have I been treated badly ! I'll always consider Scotland to be my 2nd country ! These guys need to be executed ! They have nothing to do with Islam nor its teachings !

My heart and thoughts are with you Scots !

PS. I've written something about this, so feel free to drop by my blog

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Munther! Thankyou so much for commenting on this, it's nice to have the opinion of a man who is Muslim on this controversial subject and it's wonderful to know that you got on well in Scotland! I sincerely hope there is no negative backlash for the Muslim community anywhere - it's just not fair.

I'll pop over to your blog in just a minute to check out what you've written on the subject.

Thanks Zhu my darling! I'm on my way over to your blog to read the FAQ and to check out the France health system link!

(Sorry, I appear to be replying to everyone in a backwards manner...)

Getty, thankyou for dropping by and commenting, I understand for anyone who was affected by the London bombings that all these attempted terrorist mass murders are even more frightening. The thing is, just to watch it on the tv is scary and horrible but for someone to be there in the midst of it all, in person and to see it with their own eyes makes it all very, very real and terrifying. I feel for you, and I'm so glad you did not get hurt.

And no TD it was just Ghosty typing a message which erm...did not make sense! Perhaps he was drunk?

Ghosty were you drunk? :-p

Okay I like you my friend, and I don't want to cause conflict but I have to disagree with your view. I know these people feel they are doing something that they believe has its valid reasons but really, it's all very well if they take their own lives, but why take away thousands of other innocent lives? We are human beings, no matter what race, colour or religion we are we have other ways open to us to sort out problems. The fact is that little Scotland has never done anything concerning this conflict. And neither have the people of Enlgand. Take it to the government. Citizens of Britain going on family holidays have nothing to do with it.

It turns out that three out of eight of these terrorists are doctors. I find that terrifying.

Sugar, your right, there may be a backlash against the Muslim community and it's going to be awful and very unfair. As Munther said, these acts don't follow any of the beliefs and teachings of Islam.

T.D. Newton said...

Alright, now we're TALKING.

I tend to get on my soapbox and my views aren't always the best put-together. I can't say that I know how it is in Europa or Scotland especially but I think the last 6 years (after Sept 11th, 2001) have shown me just how ignorant people can be. People have talked a lot about this subject, believe me, and I've formed what I think to be some very solid - albeit unpopular - conclusions.

The fact that the terrorists are bombing innocent people is exactly the point in itself. The entire point of terrorism is to take away your enemy's will to fight, I think, by making him so afraid of you that you give in to whatever they are demanding. That sounds bad but "on paper" or in a fictional story it should make more sense.

My problem is that no one wants to listen to these people to hear or understand why they're doing this in the first place. As evidenced; you don't care [zhu]. I understand your stance is in the interest of preserving human life and I respect that, but all I meant was that they're going to an incredible amount of trouble to be heard and I don't think anyone is listening. I think listening and possibly sacrificing a bit of our Middle Eastern interest would give us a way to put a stop to this killing altogether.

The alternative (Plan A, just invade every cave and house in Iraq and Afghanistan) doesn't seem to be working.

Zhu said...

I actually see your point a bit better t.d Newton... Alright, let's go argue on your blog, poor Princess, she hasn't done anything to us ! ;)

T.D. Newton said...

Sounds good, Zhu.

Princesse likes when she gets a billion comments, though. I'm sure she's okay being in the proverbial crossfire.

Princesse Ecossaise said...

TD you know me faaaar too well. I do adore when I have lots of comments. I would be sad if you migrated somewhere else to have your argument. Please stay, I'm enjoying it!

T.D. Newton said...

I'm fairly convinced your blog attracts interesting people, Princesse, though it is kind of egotistical for me to say that (I hope I'm interesting!!!).

The truth is that when you get people from different points of view (and especially different countries) in the same place there are bound to be disagreements; this is healthy human interaction. If we all believed and thought the same way, we might as well be robots, no?

I'm glad that we're allowed to disagree and create a productive dialogue. That's half the reason I created my [OSC] blog in the first place. People that constantly agree with me don't teach me anything new, nor do they challenge me to learn anything new.

Princesse Ecossaise said...

I like what you're saying, I find it refreshing when people can have an open minded conversation. The thing I find hard to deal with is when someone refuses to listen to others POV's and then go out of their way to convince people that their opinion is the only correct one and no one else has a valid point to make.

Ever sat around a dinner table with a bunch of French people and listened to them 'discuss' politics? Oh good grief! Don't ever bring up the subject of French politics at an otherwise lovely dinner party.

T.D. Newton said...

There's an old adage about NEVER talking about politics or religion. The lines that separate people over those topics are thick indeed.

And I do try to listen to other people's POVs as a matter of respect. Sometimes I can be fairly hardheaded but I do try.