Thursday, July 26, 2007

Run, FP, Run!

First it was a dream list of baby names. All typed up neatly, girl names separated from boy names, in order of most favoured.

Then it was the wedding gowns. Leafing through glossy bridal catalogues, circling dream dresses; Vera Wang, Reem Acra and Badgley Mischka.

And last night, bored and alone, I opened up my laptop and typed in ‘Property for sale in France’ into Google. Houses with pools, five bedrooms, dressing rooms and stables, with separate gîtes in small, beautiful villages…houses with un grand cave for storing wine!

The worst thing was that I was searching for homes that would suit ‘the kids’.

What kids?!

Someone help me. I’ve turned into one of those girls I hate.


CJ said...

No!You're going to jinx it!

Princesse Ecossaise said...


T.D. Newton said...

Oh no, did I get your mind tumbling down this course with my comments about you and FP's parents???

Vera Wang == Cool, but way expensive. My fiancee has a coffee-table-book of her work.

Princesse Ecossaise said...

haha! Yes, TD, I'm going to blame you. It's all your fault! You mentioned children and I thought far ahead into the future and got excited...

Vera Wang..*sigh*..I could never ever afford a Vera Wang, not in a million years. But it doesn't stop me looking at her dresses, its just an imaginary wedding for the moment! I was also looking at houses in France that cost 3 million, a girl can dream can't she? :-p

When is your wedding? And has your fiancee got her dress? Have you seen it? Ohhhhh its all just so lovely!

I wonder if she's been thinking about baby names yet...hehe

miss despina said...

If Jez asked me to suggest names, I'd suggest the name of a pub, drag him there and drink myself senseless :)
I'd find somewhere with room for your shoe collection and be happy with that for the moment!

T.D. Newton said...

I knew it was my fault!! LOL

No one can afford Vera Wang (that's why she's Vera Wang) but beautiful and breathtaking wedding dresses on a budget is something that people have made a career out of providing. 3 million dollar homes, on the other hand, still remain quite in the bailiwick of the "filthy rich."

Our wedding is Oct 19th. Yes, she certainly has her dress and NO I have definitely not seen it (she won't let me). We are very excited as it's only a few short months away but we are also nervous about getting the last few details ironed out.

Munther said...

hahaaaaaa ! You are turning into a girlie girl now ! It's normal I guess , I mean since you've got FP and moved to france for love, what would be next on the agenda ? Don't worry about it, I think FP would think that its cute. I did, maybe its because I am at that stage myself, nooooo not looking into bridal mags ! Just finally ready to commit !

Cheerio mate

Princesse Ecossaise said...

How exciting! 3 comments in quick succession! Love it.

Despi you've got the right attitude, play heard to get, make them think your not the kind of girl I am!! Damn it, I'm going to try my very best to distract FP so that he doesn't read this post! Still, the idea about running off to a pub and getting legless is very appealing for these next few years! Enjoy being young and free and all that!

TD it's jut too sweet. Lovely. Delightful. So romantic! I can't WAIT to get married. If I do get married I mean...ahem.

I'm glad she won't let you see her dress, it's v important you don't see it! But it's sooooo cute. Just imagine the moment she will enter the church / place your getting married and you'll see her in her beautiful dress and your heart will just melt at the sight of her. I'm such a loser. Just thinking about weddings gives me frissons and tears in my eyes. But wow, I'm really happy for you and your fiancee TD!

Munther - I've had a hilarious image of you flicking through glossy bridal mags! Fantastic! :-p it's funny though, because the whole ready to commit thing is the most happiest feeling ever but also the most scariest...

T.D. Newton said...

What is a "frission"???

We are getting married in a church (an awesome church) and having our reception at a pretty fancy place. We're both really excited about our first dance (we take ballroom dance lessons on a fairly regular basis just for fun).

If you don't mind my saying so, give yourself a few more years before worrying about marriage. I know you're in a good relationship now but, take it from a divorced person, getting married before your mid-20's can be a lot harder on both of you because you really are still developing into the person you'll be for the rest of your life. Just my two cents, I'm not being critical; I think your relationship is wonderful and adorable (from my vantage point).

Sorry to "write a novel"...

fp said...


ColbyPants said...

I'm baaaaaa-aaaack ;)


Princesse Ecossaise said...

Oh my darling FP you really crack me up sometimes. I told you to say 'ha ha' not 'ah ah'! awww how I Love you precious x

TOMS BACK!!! Thomas you silly susan, you were gone SO long :-| I do hope you're back for good now! Get writing on your blog, it's been missing you!

TD the word 'frisson' is french, I hoped it was also used in English because I can't remember the english word for it! It's like when you get butterflies. But it's not butterflies. Hmmm, it'll come to me later. It's on the tip of my tongue grrrr! I hate when that happens.

Thats adorable that you guys have been taking ballroom dancing lessons! It'll look really lovely and swift and graceful. Ahhhhh...

Don't worry, no wedding plans for a long time. We are both very poor. Anyway...who knows if he'll be able to put up with me enough to propose! :-p only time will tell.

And thanks for the compliment on our relationship!

sugar007 said...

FP better start saving those Euros because Vera Wang prices can buy you a house in some parts of the world :-)

Just enjoy the boy and your relationship for now, the prison sentence...sorry I meant marriage (such a romantic aren't I?) will happen at the right time besides you need to give FP the time to work on those calf muscles for the kilt he will have to wear hahahahahahaha!!!

Princesse Ecossaise said...

haha oh it's lovely to see you show your romantic side Sugar! ;-)

And Hell Yeah he'll be wearing a kilt haha without a doubt!!

Zhu said...

Hum hum... someone is having a mild cause of wedding/kids/settling fever... It's okay. Crazy s.x should cure it. (I had to beep the word, your parents read this blog, right ?)

If not, then run after FP ! :D

Miss Despina said...

Oh dear, I see you didn't distract FP well enough! Is that FP I see running for the hills.....?

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Zhu..the parents are away on holiday - plus I'm pretty sure they've forgotten how to get to the comments page! Technology pah! Crazy s.x sounds a very, very, very good cure. I should make the most of crazy s.x before we get married and have kids and never get crazy s.x ever again! Oh god! :-O

(FP, darling, if you read that don't worry, the crazy s.x will never go)

Minxy Despina he phoned me up lastnight upset that people might think he's a 'common boy' who would run for the hills. So although it could be him you see running for those hills, you've not to think he's a common boy and a commitment phobe. In fact, he's probably running up those hills just to get to me. Awww aint I lucky! :-D

Then again it might not be him. It might be some other lad who's just realised he's shacked up with a clingy girlfriend who, after two weeks of dating, is planning the wedding.

T.D. Newton said...

LOL @ crazy s.x! I haven't had any s.x in over 2 years. THAT'S crazy.

I made the reservation at the hotel for our wedding night yesterday. She's excited as it's the only thing she gets to be surprised about that day (she's basically planning out every detail of the wedding).

I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled today. Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well.

Lis of the North said...

So know where you're coming from on this one Princesse!

You better start working on FP now for the kilt issue, I understand he's not overly keen ... He'll come round. :)

For what it's worth, even though Hubby and I sort of knew we'd end up married, it still took us 9 years to get round to it. 9 years of growing and changing together, and wondering if we were still right together, and knowing that it was the only way to be.

And now we're coming on our 1st anniversary! Only 59 more to go and we'll have been married as long as my grandparents.

bisous !

PS - frisson = shiver

T.D. Newton said...

Ahhhhh... thinking about weddings gives you the shivers, like, because you're SO excited you can barely contain yourself, eh?

Princesse Ecossaise said...

SHIVER!!!! Thanks lis! It was on the tip of my tongue...phew glad you reminded me, that was beginning to annoy me!

TD you haven't had s.x in two years? But that's SO sweet! I guess you two are waiting until after you're married...ohhhh that's lovely. Really lovely.

As for the wisdom teeth...good luck man. When you get back you're not gonna be wise anymore. I don't have any wisdom teeth. That's why It took me so long to realise tuna was a fish.

Lis happy 1st anniversary! Lovely! Wow you've been together 10 years, thats amazing! Such true love, it's adorable. And yes, I need to figure out some tactics in order to convince FP to go for the kilt. It'll take a few years I suppose!

Ahhh it's so nice to know you and your hubby and Lesley and her family over at are all franco-ecossaise. Grand!

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Ahh something like that TD! I just find it tugs at my heart strings, and fills me with emotions.

Any time I see a wedding on tv, even if I've just flicked the channel and caught the vows and missed any story behind it, I just cannot hold back the tears.

It's so, so beautiful.

Do you think you might shed a wee tear when you see your lovely fiancee entering the church? I know on my wedding day I will be crying like never before. With happiness of course.

ColbyPants said...

when did sex become such a bad word?


uhm its not like you all were saying f**k*ng ;)



T.D. Newton said...

Yep, we are waiting. It totally makes things worthwhile but it was a mutual decision between the two of us and worked best for our relationship. I wouldn't ALWAYS advise waiting; it depends on the people and what they want.

I'm not at all excited about the surgical procedure but I might enjoy laying in bed for a few days (except that I have one errand to run tomorrow).

I do think I will shed a "wee tear" when I see her that day. She'll be my BRIDE! Hahaha. How could I not be excited enough to cry?

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Tom I just like the look of s.x as opposed to sex. It's the new lingo. Zhu is a trend setter!

TD thats lovellllly, it really kind of proves how much you both love each other. Respect to you! Respect!

T.D. Newton said...

Respect is good. I like respect.

Damnit, I am in pain!! Stupid wisdom teeth!!! Someone commiserate with me!

Lis of the North said...

Hey td I am sending sympathy across the internet. I have to have all 4 wisdom teeth out but I'm a scaredy cat so I keep finding reasons not to make the appointment (my dentist frowns at me).
Excited for you and your impending wedding. My rotten hubby didn't turn round to see me walk down the aisle!! And we both cried, when my brother prayed over us. Hope everything goes marvellously and remember to take time to savour the day because it whizzes by!

Miss despina said...

Princesse, I stand corrected, it wasn't FP I saw running to the hills.

Common boys don't get Princesses! he should know this!

Thomas Hamburger Jnr said...

There's nothing at all wrong with looking to the future, Princess. Dream onwards, dream upwards, even down to every last detail of the wedding dress, the kitchen and the curls in your little girl's hair!

T.D. Newton said...

Hi Lis! Thanks for the sympathy. The surgery itself really wasn't anything to be afraid of; they hooked me up to an IV and gave me some oxygen and I passed out immediately and didn't wake up until they were done. They let you listen to your MP3 player so I would advise taking that but just do it and get it over with. My big problem now is that I still can't eat any "real" food. You get tired of pudding and applesauce and ice cream pretty quick!

We are both very excited for the wedding. Only something like 80 days to go!

Ghosty said...

Back when my brother was expecting his first, he came to me and asked that I name the baby. I thought about it and offered 'Denise'. He said that's a pretty name, but what about if the child was a boy? I thoght some more and said 'Denephew'. He didn't speak to me for days.

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Sympathy to TD and Lis! Sounds terrifying :-( Although eating ice cream and pudding lots sounds absolutley ideal for me!!

Despina that is so cute! And correct! Common boys don't get princesses, unless the princess is common... oh dear...

Thomas Hamburger Jnr, that is rather adorable, and grand advice that makes me feel better about being one of those girls that are planning the wedding in their head on the first date!

Ghosty, I know someone called Denephew! No, really I do! I think its German..

T.D. Newton said...

There's nothing wrong with eating ice cream and pudding, of course. I am definitely enjoying that part of my recovery (as I only very rarely eat ice cream) but I would MUCH rather eat meat and bread and pasta and crackers and cereal and sandwiches (etc). Soft foods may taste good but they get boring quick!

Princesse Ecossaise said...

TD you mean man!!!!! Did you read todays post over at fuelmyblog blog?

If not that's such a coincidence...look -

I can't eat bread and pasta and crackers and cereal and sandwhiches anymore!!! :-( and I'm having a really difficult time without them.

T.D. Newton said...

Whoa whoa, I wasn't being mean. And no, I didn't read the FMB post. Total coincidence; I was just naming most of my favorite foods to eat.

I can totally sympathize right now if you can't eat that stuff. The most solid thing I can eat right now is mashed pinto beans (refritos) that I cooked myself the other night with cheese melted in it. It's kind of a gross looking paste but at least it's protein.

I need some ice cream but I have too many conference calls and stuff to do today :(

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Sorry TD, when I call people mean I totally don't actually mean that they are mean if you know what I mean?

What I mean is that I was using the word loosely :-)

Your pinto beans sound absolutley delicious. It sounds like puree. Which I ADORE.

I'm hungry...