Thursday, June 14, 2007

Unpleasant Dreams

Are there any dream analysts out there? I’d be quite interested to find out what my recurring dreams mean.

The Vomit Dream

It’s no secret that in reality I have a horrible phobia of vomit – particularly other people’s vomit. My nightmares frequently involve someone hurling all over themselves before they then run after me, chasing me, trying to wipe their sick-covered hands on my clothes. It is one of my biggest fears. In fact, if the person who chased me in my dream is someone I know in real life, I often hold it against them when I wake up. Once it was FP. "I can't beleive you did that to me!" I cried at him. The poor soul, he had no idea what he'd done wrong.

The Falling Dream

Now, I know this one is not uncommon. I know, because when I talk about it everyone nods in agreement. This one is where I suddenly fall from a great height, sometimes from a cliff, sometimes from the top of my staircase, and I feel myself fall. I mean, I really feel that awful sensation of weightlessness, as though I’m on a rollercoaster, at the big drop, leaving my stomach back up at the top. And then I prepare myself for the awful landing where I expect to feel great pain; I anticipate it with terror. And then just as I am about to hit the ground, the muscles in my legs or arms jerk, waking me up.

The Too Weak Dream

I have never been in a fisty-cuff fight with anyone, thank God, nor have I ever punched anyone. But in this dream there is an evil person, whoever it is, I can never remember, but they are going to kill me. So I run from them, but they catch me. I try to punch their face but no matter how hard I try, no matter how much strength I put into it, when my fist meets their face, it makes no impact whatsoever. They laugh at me. I wake up.

Dreams are really odd. I’d like to know what mine mean, if they mean anything at all.

Anyone have any ideas?


Jeebus said...


those seem like some freaky dreams

i've always wondered what dreams ment, many people have different theories toward what they mean

As for me, I haven't really determained my own theory but i like to think they represent what your unconscious mind wants or fears

ColbyPants said...


my interpretations are simple.

vomit is icky

falling would be scary

getting attacked by someone stronger would suck.

BTW, Carrie blames me for things i do in her dreams all the damn time. . .


T.D. Newton said...

Gack, I hate hearing about other peoples' dreams. Mine are bad enough, seriously.

I really only hate it so much because my ex-wife used to bombard me with her dreams on an almost daily basis and they were always preposterous variations of me cheating on her in a dream and then her waking up mad at me over a dream she had. Yeah, I'm traumatized, but know it doesn't make me NOT roll my eyes at other people's dreams.


ColbyPants said...

my ex did that a lot too

Ironically, she wentout and cheated on me, go figure.


Princesse Ecossaise said...

Haha! It appears that most females bring their anger out of their dreams into reality. I have to admit that once I dreamt about FP leaving me for another woman and when I woke up I phoned him up and told him 'I'm not your friend any more'. Poor men. On behalf of all women I apologise.

I've found a helpful website that interprets my vomit dream as:

"signifying false pretenses of people who try to take advantage of you."

Hmmm load of rubbish.

Princesse Ecossaise said...

That's cause she was a poo-head Tom

T.D. Newton said...

My ex was/is a poo-head too. I don't think she could have cheated on me, though. She wasn't exactly the most sought after girl in the neighborhood.

Princesse Ecossaise said...

LOL T.D! All exes are poo heads. Some are even worse. They are baw bags. Especially those who cheat. They are baw bagged, poo headed, bum faced eejits.

I'd laugh A LOT to hear 'poo head' in an American accent!

T.D. Newton said...

You mean there's more than one way to say "poo head"???

LOL bum faced eejits

Sebastien said...

Hey, that dream where you want to punch the person in the face but you can't, I've had those before... I think there's a lesson in that dream, a sort of zen lesson, that violence is not the key to solving problems. And yet, we all know that violence solves many problems. Or does it cause more of them...

Princesse Ecossaise said...

hahahaha! I think you're wrong I think it simply means that I'm a weakling... :-(

Violence is NEVER the answer!!! Except sometimes.

The Horns and the Hawk said...

so, two things.

1. perhaps the mystery greater than the meaning of our dreams is why girls will take out their anger on US, when it's your gals' screwy brains making up all kinds of ridiculous nonsense.

2. violence is a tool in a box. the adept craftsman will select the right tool for the right job at the right time.

ColbyPants said...

and yet, usually the person in charge of the toolbox attempts to do neuro surgery with a jackhammer.



Princesse Ecossaise said...

I'm rather lost on all this metaphorical stuff

Jeebus said...

me too....I'm sooo lost

just don't think too much about them

ColbyPants said...

motto of your life, Jeebus?

PS my dreams are too dumb and literal. i am at work. I am dreaming about sleeping. stupid shit like that


Jeebus said...

My dreams are quite pointless as well

and yes Tom....the story of my life


Princesse Ecossaise said...

Poor Jeebus, poor, poor Jeebus.

My dad claims he has never dreamt in his entire life. Except for the time he was a little boy and he dreamed he went to the loo and then had a wee accident. Poor wee mite.

ColbyPants said...




and Jeebus, at least you have a fundadore for your upcoming birthday, life cant be too bad.


Zhu said...

I had the falling dream many many times ! Vomit.... nope. I have the chase dream though.

Bella said...

While I also have never been in a fist fight, I do have the same recurring dream that my punches lose all their...well...punch. However, in my dreams the person I am fighting usually looks at me with this expression, I call it the "you think you can hurt ME" expression. Sometimes they laugh at me with this horrible cackle. I have to say it has made me afraid that my punches will do the same thing in real life if I ever had to use them.