Friday, June 29, 2007

Moving On Up, I'm Moving On Out

I’m moving so slowly today that I’d go faster if I were underwater. I feel like I’ve been beaten up. Swollen arms, throbbing veins jumping about like electric wires, and bruises the colour of the Ecuadorian Quichua Flag are so this season dahhhling.

Soon my mother will be home to drive me back to Edinburgh, to my faithful little apartment where I shall be forced to throw tonnes of my much-loved clothes in the bin (“I can’t throw it out!” “You never wear it!” “I wore it once!” “Throw it out.”), and carry all my belongings down three flights of old winding stairs in order to make a start on ‘moving out’.

It’s incredible the amount of crap one accumulates over a single year.

Hi Ho Hi Ho It’s off to work we go!


Despinová said...

You're not carrying anything young lady! Hope it goes better really soon and that the packing is not too stressful for you. I also hope you have a letter in the post to the hospital. Oh yes, the crap one accumulates........ Good luck! And well done on the fuel my blog win!


PS: Your boyfriend is weirder than mine :)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Thought I'd pop by and say hello.
I see you're moving - my sympathies - just done it, still recovering - but then I'm ancient and you're just a young gal.

T.D. Newton said...

Well they just look like bruises now and not battle wounds. I hope they don't scar and make you look like a heroin addict. That might keep you from getting a job hahaha.

Have fun packing/moving. I'm going to be doing that at the end of August myself.

FP said...

Hey you Despina!!! i'm not weird!!!!
Well ... i'm maybe a little bit... :-s

Princesse Ecossaise said...

No, darling, you're not weird atall...(Pssst Oi Despi! Of course he's weird, thats why he loves me! People who aren't weird don't 'get' me.)

TD I cannot believe you find it amusing my arms are in a state of heroin addict! a woman spotted them today and no doubt thought I was a druggie.

awright daddy papersurfer! Thanks for coming by!

GirlieGeek said...

I really like your blog so I tagged you in a little game :D See the post here and participate if you'd like!

Ghosty said...

DAMMIT! NOOOO! Girliegeek tagged your for that stupid meme I got suckered into before I could - I just finished writing the damn thing ARGH!

Anyway ... gee your arms look sore. And congrats on the win, that's totally cool!

T.D. Newton said...

You'd be surprised what I can find amusing LOL

(not that I'm unsympathetic, that looks more painful than getting a tattoo with a railroad spike)

I just meant the possibly funny situation of an employer making an idiotic snap-judgement. Sounds like sitcom material.

Speaking of which, have you ever heard of a UK show called "House of Horrors"? I saw clips of it today on one of the financial tip blogs I subscribe to and it was awesome. It hit me at home, too, because it was about a UK computer tech ripping people off by "repairing" their computers (but actually stealing parts and replacing good parts with inferior ones). I can post the link if you want.

T.D. Newton said...

Here it is, whether you want it or not.

Repair Tech Caught In Sting Operation on WiseBread

sylvie d said...

You poor thing...No I do not envy you!
think of the end of the the road prize!

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Girly Geek and Ghosty, I already did the meme! it's here... Thanks for the tag though!

Yeah TD that show is great! I always enjoy seeing the baddies getting caught. They make me so mad - they always prey on old people. Sickos.

Sylv thats the only thing that keeps me going through this - the reward of being in France very, very soon!

Parents keep asking me why I'm not sad to say goodbye to my wee flat - it's only cause I'm too excited that my next apartment will be in Paris near my angel!

Ian Green said...

You've been tagged in a game of Eight Things You Don't Know About Me - started at fuelmyblog. Got to:

Zhu said...

I love moving and throwing away stuffs - am I weird ???

Sure, it's tough at first... but it's a good feeling after going through so much crap kept in the closet for many years. You'll see !

Devil's Son said...

poor thing...
hope it doesn't hurt u a lot..
get well soon!~