Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Final Countdown

Two weeks today my life will change. Not in any extraordinary way which will take away all pain, suffering or complications in my life, but a significant change all the same.

Two weeks today I shall be in France. I shall be reunited with my love. After all these months we will be reunited.

No more counting the days that we have left together, no more crying at the airport when saying our goodbye’s, no more trying to fit a billion things into 14 days.

No, this time I will be there for good. I will be an expat. I will live in France once again. My home will be in France. My job will be in France. And somehow, I will ship all my belongings so that my collection of beloved clothes, shoes, jewellery, dvd’s and miscellaneous ‘stuff’ will be in France.

But most of all, FP will be in France. And so will I.

It’s the small things I’ve missed; waking up next to him at dawn, the cuddles on the sofa after dinner eating m&m’s, waiting eagerly for him to arrive home from work at 6pm where I greet him at the door and jump into his arms.

I miss going to Auchan with him for the weekly shopping, forgetting our list and spending too much money on crisps that I insist on eating with the apero.

I miss waking up in the middle of the night and being scared of the dark, turning to him, telling him ‘bébé…j’ai peur…’ so that he holds me close to him, smoothing my hair and planting little loving kisses on my forehead, allowing my head to rest on his chest, breathing in his delicious scent that makes me melt.

I miss the nights where I would fall asleep on the sofa, him carrying me to bed in his arms like a baby, even though I was sometimes only pretending to be asleep.

And the car journeys we’d take to visit his parents, or to Dieppe where we’d sing loudly and terribly out of tune just so that I wouldn’t feel sick travelling the windy French roads.

He is the man that takes care of me, the man who needs me as much as I need him. And in two weeks our life together can begin.


Despina said...

This is wonderful! I am so excited for you! Will you be living in Paris? Your life together sounds impromptu and fun and loving. I hope he's prepared for when you jump on him!

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Awww why thankya Despinova! Shall be living in Beauvais for a few months but will probably move closer to Versailles in the new year - if I can find a job!

Ahhh my dear, he has been waiting 3 months for me to jump on him again!!! :-P

Lis of the North said...

Princesse I'm so excited for you! Two weeks will whizz by be sure of it. Don't be discouraged by the packing (how I hated it) - I think I first came to France with one suitcase and gradually the rest of my stuff followed me with each trip home. Of course, there's still loads at my parents' but hey :)
Ah, French life. Apéros and "chips" (I stuff myself with these too) and Auchan (we shop there!!) and TéléMatin and and and... :)

FP said...

C'est avec plein d'émotion que je te lit car tes mots sont vraiment beaux et me touche vraiment beaucoup... je suis vraiment heureux qu'après tous ce temps d'attente, nous allons enfin être récompensés.. Le plus marrant c'est que nous ne demandons pas la lune !! mais juste une vie simple, plein de bonheur, et surtout, surtout.... réuni à jamais.
je t'aime Princesse... X X X X


Princesse Ecossaise said...

Oh the packing will be absolutley horrific Lis - It all begins tomorrow as I move out of my flat (argh!) Waaaa I'm just so excited! Can't wait to go back to Auchan - even though after the first couple of times I'll be hating it again!

And! I'm so excited to watch French tv again! Friends and the Simpsons in French - yasss!

Mon amour; t'es absolument magnifique. On a attendu depuis (pendant?) si, si longtemps! On le merit bb. J'ai hate d'etre dans tes bras encore - j'ai hate d'etre 'home'.

Zhu said...

Wow, big move, good luck on your new life !

It's good you don't have to go through the immigration paperwork since you're within EU. ;)

mrsnesbitt said...

Just found your blog, so excited for you! We will have been married 20 years next year...I knew I had found the right man when I was on holiday in France, writing home to Jon, now my hubby. A holiday of a lifetime, 5 weeks in the South of France, but I missed him so much.

We travel over to France on our motorbike....2000 and 2005! What a holiday, true adventures.

Whitby, North Yorkshire......WET North Yorkshire!

Betty C. said...

This is so sweet -- good luck with your new life! I've been there...

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Ahh zhu you've no idea how relieved I am not t have to go through the whole immigration thing.

Helo Mrs Nesbitt! How lovely to meet you, thankyou for the comment.

Writing from Glasgow at the moment - grey Glasgow! :-)

Hey Betty! Thanks for the luck!