Saturday, May 05, 2007

Seyfn Ydvhern Pfhenk Di?!

Insane. I’m going insane. I am, no doubt about it, going absolutely crazy. All I have been doing this past week is French revision.

May is the month of exams and they begin next week. I have my final presentation to do en Français this Tuesday, which means I have been slaving away over dictionaries, internet websites and Powerpoint. I’m so over it. SO Over Itttttt.

I’m a quivering mess. With every May comes the stress. Hand in hand with the month of exams arrives my unstable anxiety. My emotions are all over the place.

Yesterday I sobbed when the kettle took too long to boil. Today I burnt my toast so I threw a tantrum. I couldn’t tuck the sheets under the mattress nicely; I screamed.

I dream of exams, I dream of teachers laughing at my awful grades, I dream of going to exams naked. And all my dreams are in French.

Whatever you are doing this weekend, have fun and think of me, hunched over a pile of papers, writing in a language that is rapidly looking more like jibberish; not a language at all. It begins to look like this to me; fuhbamsd hfye fi cnsfb vkbn, and that’s hurting my head. Nevertheless, enjoy your weekend.

And now, I’m off to ponder over how to say “I think I’m having a nervous breakdown”.

It does beg the question though; is it true that the new things I learn push the old things I already knew out of my brain?

I’m beginning to think so.


ColbyPants said...

I do not miss collegiate exams on iota. not one.



Princesse Ecossaise said...

booooo! rub it in why don't ya!!


FP said...

courage courage.....

dis toi que c'est la DERNIERE fois de ta vie que tu as des examens... et si tu y penses ça fait drôle !!

moi je viens just de finir, j'en suis bien heureux, mais je me dis qu'il y tellement de choses qui arrivent maintenant... profite de tes derniers examens pour enterrer ta vie d'étudiante et de repenser à tout ce que tu as fait pour en arriver là.. c'est vraiment peanuts quand tu y penses !!!!!
alors courage!!!!

je pense à toi, beaucoup...



sylvie d said...

Courage! je croise les doigts pour toi! after passing my english exam, I came to UK and realised that I knew nothing and more importantly my teatchers even less :-)) not sure that was the right thing to say...oh la vais aller faire un tour a la plage moi....

Miss Despina said...

Aw Princesse I'm thinking of you, it is so difficult to study sometimes isn't it? I can't blog right now I'm so stressed. (I'm studying Czech which actually does look that crazy on the page!)

You will do very well and excel yourself in your exams - you come across as someone who can always get the best from a challange. You will be fine, honestly.

Mnoho štĕstí!

(Good luck in Czech!)

Despina x

ColbyPants said...

Go get 'em, killa!

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Despy! Dekuzi! hehe one of my best friends is czech, I asked her how to say thanks today, i hope she wasn't tricking me, it could mean 'f**k you' and I wouldn't know! You deserve huge praise for studying czech, it's so damn difficult!

Thanks to everyone...tomorrow, tomorrow. My post tomorrow will either be hyper or very low indeed. Still, I've been practicing so much my throat hurts, I'm kind of hoping I'll wake up with no voice :op

Sylvie I totally know what you mean...four years at uni doing french and everytime I go to France I realise I know only the basic (and some rude words!)

Sebastien said...

I really wouldn't recommend taking your exams without any clothes on, you might catch a cold.

Zhu said...

If you need some help with grammar or anything, remember that I'm a French teacher ! I'll be glad to give you a hand... ;-)

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Let me tell you, Seb, that I did once go to an exam naked and I wish I had taken that advice back then. I had the flu for weeks after. On the other hand, I got an A+.

aww merci bien Zhu! t'es vraiment gentille toi! I may take you up on that offer over the next couple of weeks as I have a written french exam soon. Boooo!

Zhu said...

Yeah, no problem. You have my email on my blog, so just let me know !

You don't even have to be naked for me ;-)

FP said...

Zhu : "naked" ?????
sorry i dont get you... :-|

(j'ai pas trop bien compris là..)


Princesse Ecossaise said...

haha oh babe ne t'inquiet pas! It's because I wrote about my dreams where I turn up at exams naked! Silly sausage.

Thanks Zhu!!

FP said...

oh! dsl! autant pour moi.. :-S