Saturday, May 12, 2007

Scottish Nights in La Rochelle

Ahhh La Rochelle. Sylvie’s last post over here gave me a pang of nostalgia.

How I miss living in a little stereotypical french apartment, close to the beach, drinking champagne by the bottle on the sidewalk cafés in the sun, shopping at Monoprix, taking incoherent abuse from Betty Beecham, being able to walk almost everywhere, feeling like I was on an extended holiday.

I have to say, the best thing about living in France as a foreign student was the amount of people I met from all over the world. I had friends from France, Spain, America, Amsterdam, Wales, England, Mexico, Surinam, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Russia, Czech, Sweden, Poland…everywhere!

There were three of us Scottish girls, and everyone seemed to love the idea of ‘Scottish Nights’ with whisky, drinking until the wee hours of the morning, generally being rowdy and having a blast. And so, that is what we did.

Looking back over my photos of my time in La Rochelle it reminded me of all those Scottish Nights spent in our little apartment;

The night Tim the American ran into a post, totally drunk, bust his privates and lay on his back in the middle of a busy street crying while we couldn’t stifle our laughter.

The night my brother hid under the bed in my apartment, when Party Hard jumped on the mattress and the bed snapped in half, squashing my brother underneath.

The time we dared Tim the American to run down the street naked and then locked the door on him.

The time my face was painted and I actually went to a nightclub with TWAT written across my forehead.

The night we got locked out of our apartment and had to sleep three in a bed at Nick from Colorado’s place.

The night some random French man walked up to me and took a huge bite out of my pizza (how rude!).

I feel like partyin’…


FP said...

Dont be nostalgic princesse !!!
We will go to la Rochelle together if you want.. :-)
Even if i think, it will be hard for me to give you as much fun as you had with all your friends... :-(
but i will do my best for.

With all my love X X X X


Princesse Ecossaise said...

Mon Prince d' give me a billion times more fun than anyone or anything in the world.

YOU are my best friend, and my clown. You always make me laugh. You always make me smile.

You are not second best cheri, tu es tout ma vie. You are everything to me. And instead of being nostalgic, I look to the future, to our future, full of calins and bisous, full of des moments vraiments romantiques, des moments tres reste de ma vie.

Tu sais que j'ai jamais rencontre quelqu'un comme toi dans ma vie. Et je vais jamais rencontre quelqu'un comme toi dans le futur. Car c toi qui es special, c toi qui es parfait pour moi, c toi mon meilleur ami et mon personne favori du monde entiere. C toi.

x x

Princesse Ecossaise said...

I don't know why I started off in English and ended up in French.

FP said...


Thats so beautiful !!!! and equal to me actually... :-)

i know why you started like that.. its because its how we talk together : half-french, half-scottish...
i hope our "futur" will be like that: half-froggy, half-haggis..
and im sure you know what i mean... ;-)

LOve you blondie baby...


Princesse Ecossaise said...

mmm oui I know exactly what you mean ;-)

and me too thats exactly what I want...

ColbyPants said...

ew frogleg haggis. . . .

(turns green)

hahahahaha you guys rule!


Princesse Ecossaise said...

ah come on Tom, frog leg haggis would be delightful! Absolutley delightful!

Don't deny it!

FP said...

Hey Cigaro man !! i've smoked one time a ROMEO&JULIETTA cigar (havana one) and i still even prefer juicy tasty delightful frog legs !!! MMMH!!


ps: im kidding, french never eat frogs !! that's only Urban legend!!!!

Princesse Ecossaise said...

French DO eat frogs legs!! They eat them at special occasions, you're dad told me!

Personally I have never eaten frogs legs or haggis and I'd take a cigar any day. Apparently it tastes like chocolate.

On the other hand I've eaten grass, green crisps and snails, so I can't take any high ground here.

ColbyPants said...

romeo y julieta cigars are great. gonna have one tonight in fact (yeah I know its illegal in the US, blah blah. . . .*evil grin*)

as someone who has had both haggis and frog legs, though, I really doubt that would be a good flavor combo, haha.


Sebastien said...

Love the random French guy taking a bite out of your pizza. And locking the naked guy out of the apartment, that's funny :)

Miss Despina said...

I'm sure I've seen this photo on the front of Heat magazine!

Haha you make me giggle so much. And I hope that when you and FP live together you will still play out your romance in your comments box - it is perfecly normal!


Princesse Ecossaise said...

I've just had a marvellous idea...frog leg pizza. Mmmm.

FP you have eaten frogs legs, you told me it tasted just like chicken!

And Tom, I'm curious, what did you think of the haggis?

Why are Romeo y Juliet cigars banned in the states?

Zhu said...

Everyone who has been a n exchange student usually have wonderful memories of it.

I also totally agree on the part where you said you met people from all over the world ! ;)

Princesse Ecossaise said...

awww Despy!

Well who knows if there will be any romance left after we live together?!

Hehe nah, I'm kidding...but I know I will get on his nerves like never before!!

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Yes indeed Zhu! and thats probably one of the best things ever. You don't usually get that chance when you don't take part in a foreign exchange. A once in a lifetime opportunity I'll never regret =oD

Miss Despina said...

Hmmm yes you will get on his nerves and he will love you even more for it.

FP said...

hey miss despina! ne lui donne pas de mauvaises idées!! :-p
Même si je sais que tu as raison, je souhaite qu'elle reste comme elle car elle est parfaite pour moi !! :-)

Miss Despina said...

Mon copain dirait la même chose! Je suis la fille la plus bruyante et hyperactive du monde mais c'est pour ça qu'il m'aime. Il vient de me donner un gros bouquet pour notre premier anniversaire, bien que nous habitions ensemble(!)
C'est l'amour n'est ce pas?
Félicitations, Princesse :o)

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Oh Despina!!!!!

Félicitations a toi!! Oui, c'est carrement l'amour! Je suis vraiment hereuse pour toi et ton copain!

(Je m'excuse pour tout mes points d'exclamations!)

De plus, tu parle vraiment bien en francais, c'est meuix que moi...c'est parfait! (moi, je suis loin de parfaite mais j'ai l'habitude lol)

You are a clever cookie ^_^

Miss Despina said...

Oooh laa laa, Madamoiselle is too kind!
And don't be daft, you just got the best exam feedback in the world!
Been looking at your new blog, please tell me that's not a photo of the two of you at the top, it's far too beautiful for me ever to visit your blog again.
D x

Princesse Ecossaise said...

haha if I tell you it's not us will you come back?

FP has a big black line down his face in the photo...I'm surprised he hasn't complained about it yet. My website design skills are evidently minimum!

Miss Despina said...

Oh you beautiful people... I think it gives him an aura of mystery! Very nice :)

FP said...

i prefer like that.... i like mystery.. ;-)

and a pic of my princesse attrack much more!!

thank for all the comment miss D !


ColbyPants said...

haggis was an experience but not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Though I am not Scottish, there is enough celtic heritage (Irish in my case) to have stomached some interesting stuff.

and with the romeo and julietas, its complicated. we have RyJ's, but they arent the same as the rest of the world. RyJ traditionally come from Cuba, and by law American residents are not allowed to own or purchase any cuban products, including cigars. they do sell RyJ brand cigars in the US made in the Dominican Republic. all that said I had a CUBAN Romeo y Julieta Cazadores last night, cause I am slick like that. See my post about SC tasting 2.0 if you are curious.


Princesse Ecossaise said...

Tom I am proud of you. Good man! I fed it to FP and he loved it! Better than frogs legs I presume.

My heritage is also Irish. In fact there is a statue of my ancestor in Dublin wooooo!

ColbyPants said...

i adore frog legs though, used to go to a special frogleg dinner every feb, all you can eat and all the beer you could drink for $20

Princesse Ecossaise said...

a special frogleg dinner? That sounds totally surreal!

Does it taste like chicken?

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