Friday, May 11, 2007

Madeleine McCann Update

The traffic to this blog has more than quadrupled today. And it’s thanks to all those who have read about Madeleine McCann here, and passed the information on.

It’s not that I am happy about the traffic for my own popularity, but rather that those who are seeking information on little Madeleine are being forwarded here.

In fact, it is touching to read the search words that people have googled to get here; ‘What can I do to help Maddie McCann’ etc. The world is a wonderful community when it comes together and I know that if there were more we could do to help, we would be doing it. Indeed a British businessman has offered a £1 million reward for anyone who can provide information which leads to the safe return of Maddie.

Everywhere you look here in Britain and Portugal, people are becoming increasingly worried about the safety of the child, whose fourth birthday is tomorrow. On the eighth day of her abduction, the British community are uniting, holding special church services for the family, laying flowers and yellow ribbons for hope of the safe return of Maddie, and those who have found themselves here, who have actively searched out how they can help with the search.

Celebrities are also uniting to help with the search. Today David Beckham appealed for the safe return of Maddie and other football players Cristiano Ronaldo and John Terry have also appealed on video.

New pictures have been released of Maddie, along with a similar pair of pyjamas that the three year old was wearing when she was last seen (pictured above). As the time ticks by, it seems more and more likely that this is a sinister abduction. It is heartbreaking.

Now, the search has taken to the skies where the Portuguese police are scanning the surrounding area of the Algarve.

However, the Portuguese police have admitted that the search is slowing down now, and they are running out of leads.

Her devastated parents are not giving up though, and have spoken out against the recent criticism of the Portuguese police in the British press, by saying they are leaving no stone unturned, they know first hand that the Portuguese authorities are doing everything they can.

I will be updating any news here as it comes in, and I am not giving up on trying my hardest to get the blogging community to unite in order to continue to spread the word.

Come on bloggers, help to find three year old Madeleine McCann before this turns into an even more devastating tragedy, or the police put it in the ‘unsolved’ file.

You have the power to help. Spread the word.

Please read Help Find Maddie McCann for more information on how you can help, and Bloggers Unite to see who else has been writing in order to help with the search.

Note: I'd like to thank my lovely boyfriend, FP for advising me to write about the disappearance of Maddie McCann on my blog to appeal for her return and to spread the word to others out there in cyberworld. FP mon coeur, you are a wonderful, kind hearted man and I love you.


The Horns and the Hawk said...

hats off to FP. i wouldn't have heard about it any other way.

FP said...

Thank you man.. Now i just wish an happy end for her.
Hope she is alright just right now.
Thank you for you too to be supportive.


Anonymous said...

Please everyone help find Maddie.

Anonymous said...

Please everyone help find maddie. If you have a blog or website, add this to your page. Help find her.