Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Inevitable

She saw me before I saw her. Had I seen her first I may have ducked behind a car or into the nearest shop. But no, my chance was gone…she was already walking towards me, waving and grinning.

Why do I always bump into an old friend when I’ve popped out for a quick pint of milk? Why do I continue to put on the scruffiest pair of jogger bottoms known to man, the oldest in my closet, the baggiest at the knee? Why don’t I run a comb through my hair instead of bundling it on top of my head in a messy birds-nest style? Why don’t I begin to realise the pattern? That every time I do step out the apartment in ugly, scruffy, un-matching clothes, I will definitely bump into someone who I haven’t seen for the last two years. Someone that I was avoiding. Someone who has been sending me sms messages and I have been ignoring?

I didn’t think I’d see her again. So I stopped answering her phone calls, her messages. I didn’t want to meet up for ‘a drink’. I knew what it meant. I knew it meant a drunken night at a sleazy club drinking the cheapest vodka and dancing until we drown in sweat.

Not my scene anymore. I am no longer the partying student I once was. I like quiet parties now. Parties with friends, not strangers. No more parties spent snogging a stranger in the corner of the club, oh no. No more parties ending with my head down a toilet. Not for me.

She pretends to be posh. But really she is just a party girl. Nice enough, I suppose, but too superficial. Too ‘money-and-good-looks-are-the-most-important-things-in-the-whole-world’ for my liking.

“So you’ve been ignoring all my phone calls and messages…” Party Girl says.

I can’t look her in the eye. Way back when I’d gotten home from living in La Rochelle I had told her. I explained I was really sick, I was on chemotherapy drugs, I couldn’t drink alcohol, I had no energy to go out. She didn’t take it in. She acted as though the old me would come back soon, I just had the common cold.

But almost a year on, and at least once a month I was receiving messages on my phone from her. “Coming out for a drink tonight?” “I’m bored let’s go get a drink.” “Want to come to a party with me? Lots of booze, lots of boys”…

I got fed up of saying the same thing over and over. “I’m tired,” I’d say, “I need to rest”… “It’s been a hard week”… “I don’t feel so good today”.

She never understood, never got the point.

“I’ve been ill. I’m sorry,” is all I can muster up.

A huffy “Okay,” is all she can offer in response.

“So how have you been?”

“Darling, wonderful! I’ve got a new boyfriend, he’s got a Mercedes. Other than that I’ve been partying, as usual.”

“Nice,” I say, with a smile. I look around, trying to find things to talk about, or a way to escape.

“I must admit,” she says after a slightly uncomfortable and prolonged silence, “you are looking under the weather.”

She looks me up and down, eyeing my scruffy trainers, my joggers, my baggy grey t-shirt with Metallica scrolled across it, my lopsided glasses and finally, my hair.

“I…uh…I was having a lazy day, I just popped out for some milk.” I try to explain, blushing.

She, on the contrary, is wearing top of the range designer clothes, Gucci sunglasses on top of her head, red hair that seems so perfect and in place that I wonder if it’s a wig. Her fingernails are perfectly manicured, her fake tan precisely applied, her designer jewellery glinting in the sun.

I open my mouth to say politely that I should be getting back to my pile of revision when along comes a dog.

The owner is puffing and panting, yards behind the dog, he shouts, “Carla! Come here! Carla!”

Carla is a funny name for a dog.

“Oh hello sweetie…” Party Girl bends down to pet the dog.

And then, Carla the dog stuffs her big wet nose into Party Girl’s crotch, takes a big sniff and refuses to remove her snout.

A red faced dog owner apologises to a red faced Party Girl and we all part ways.

As we leave, Carla the dog and I exchange satisfied smirks.


T.D. Newton said...

Oh my, so true. No matter how expensive some people's clothes get they just don't seem to mature past their 21st birthday.

Maybe getting into drinking and drugs as a teenager was good for me, in a certain respect, since neither is really an issue for me now (drugs especially, I do still drink after all).

I guess let the young people be "young" and hope the others will wake up and realize there are more important things in life. Or am I just a stick in the mud? Who knows.

Tokar said...

Thats funny!why do dogs always do that man???

Me too I was a'Party Girl'when I was younger(talking 20 years ago now!)and it was somethin I just had to get out of my system.After I did it I was done with it.But sure,there were others who never grew up.They never will.Stay away from those ones I say.

Tok x

ColbyPants said...

METALLICA! (Flashes Devil Horns!)


but yeah, I dont understand how people can keep up the energy to continue doing the club scene past about the first six months of legal drinking age in their locale. after about that length of time I started to find it terribly tedious and gave up on it.


Zhu said...

I have the worse dress-sense when I go outside the house for a smoke (which is quite often).

I gave up trying on being sexy when I'm smoking outside. Add to this fact that it's -40C about 6 months a year, so I also have a running nose, red eyes (the cold...) and dry lips. I love myself.

But I must say I never run into friends in my neighbourhood - l'honneur est sauf !

Jessica said...

Ooh I hate that. I hate being confronted on not calling people back, why can't people just relax?

On another note that photo of you is adorable.

Sebastien said...

I love how she mentions that her boyfriend drives a mercedes. He is defined by the car he drives, haha, there are way too many people who do this, but I guess that's the way some people choose to view things...

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Thanks Jessica ^_^

Tom! Metallica fan too? yasssssss.

I really can't understand how people can party hard for four years in a row. I managed to party hard my first year at uni, second year was more difficult, third year was no clubbing, just cool soirees in the apartment and this year...nothing! I am so over clubbing, I hate the music, the people, the smoke, the sweaty pervs...euch

She defines everyone by what they have, money wise, job wise or car wise. She's not superficial whatsoever. Uh-uh. Not at all.

sylvie d said...

hi hi c'est bien fait! be prepared if you have children one day to lose another bunch of friends...hope you are better now :-))

The Horns and the Hawk said...

friends like that aren't friends worth keeping. if you hurt or are sick, and they can't/won't hurt/be sick with you, they probably aren't actually friends or even emotionally capable of friendship. moreover, if life is going splendid because her boyfriend has a mercedes, then life will be hell should she lose any of her STUFF.

i've never been one for parties, though i like those nice little intimate get togethers at houses or bars. a place someone can talk and laugh, not one of those crowded places where you can't hear the person next to you.

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Merci Sylvie!
Horns & the Hawk I'm exactly the same, I hate parties now and love those intimate get togethers. I can't stand being in a nightclub with shitty music and you have to scream in people's ears just to say hello. Conversation is way better than screaming.