Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Donald, where's yer troosers?

As I made many foreign friends while living in France I’m quite used to being asked stereotypical questions about my country. My favourite one is about the clothing our men wear. I'm always asked if it’s true Scotsmen don’t wear anything underneath their kilts.

Of course it’s true! I say. Shocked faces, mouths open in surprise explaining that they thought it was just a rumour. But why? They ask me. I shrug, it’s a tradition.

The first time I met FP’s family the inevitable question arrived. His mum was curious to know if Scotsmen really did wear skirts without anything on underneath.

I explained that when the Scots would fight the English, our men would like to scare the Englishmen away by flashing their dangly bits. Sometimes we even fought naked. It did the trick; they wouldn’t come near us.

I love this part of our heritage and culture.

There’s nothing sexier than seeing a man in a kilt. Every Scottish girl loves it. The muscley, hairy legs, the sporran, the sgian dhub (that’s the knife that sits in the socks)…to me, that means ‘I’m a man, hear me roar, grrrr’.

But I suspect other cultures find it terribly odd. Ever since FP and I got together I knew he’d look HOT in a kilt, even with his cute French accent. His legs are perfectly formed, muscly, strong, tanned and not too hairy. I begged him to come with me to a kilt shop in Edinburgh to try one on, but no, he wouldn’t. His reason? Because he wouldn’t be able to wear it in France.

Well guess what Mr Prince? I saw a huge group of Frogs walking around Edinburgh, all wearing kilts, with their faces painted with the Scottish flag.

Now there’s no excuse!

I’m going to buy you one for your birthday; that way you will have to accept it, either that or hurt my feelings and make me cry...

What do you think of kilts? If you're a guy, would you wear one? And if you're a girl, do you agree with me?


Lis of the North said...

Hurrah for kilts. I have one thing to say to FP: my (French) husband wore a kilt for our wedding! He had one made in the family tartan, the same colours as my brother has. And he looked just yum.

sylvie d said...

On top of having good takes a lot of guts to carry one and that's just soooooo sexy in a man! Scottish men are just so cool!

Totally off topic now: all the best for tomorrow my friend! I will be sending my positive vibes all the way to Scotland :-))

ColbyPants said...

Us Irishmen (well, Irish american men in my case) can dig it too. it seems to be in revival, at least for weddings and st patricks day, in the boston area. several members of my favorite ounk band, the Dropkick Murphys, perform in kilts. . .

Ghosty said...

I've been known to don a kilt from time to time, mostly for St. Patty's or some other event. Let me tell you, it DOES take a confidant man to wear one if you haven't grown up with the custom ... but beware, it can also prove most embarrassing if one has a 'very male' moment! :P

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Thanks Sylvie! Exam's today...not looking forward to it whatsoever. Pretty sure I'm gonna flunk it!

Lis, that is so sexy! You know, when the time comes for me to get married I really hope my husband to be will wear a kilt (HINT HINT FP) I don't think a wedding would feel like a wedding to me without the groom in a kilt.

You're right, it does take confidence to wear a kilt and that surely adds to the mmm factor.

And Ghosty! I do hope if you had a 'very male' moment while wearing a kilt that you were wearing a sporran! I assume that's one of the main reasons for a sporran!

Lesley said...

Yes, the kilt's the thing but tartan not black.

T.D. Newton said...

Sure, I'd wear one. Why not?

The Horns and the Hawk said...

this yankee owns a kilt.

that's got to be the most ingenious piece of clothing ever created. i've never felt so at home.

and... i didn't know you were scottish. i think i can be put in the "crush" column now.

one question i do have: i've always heard that scottish and irish girls (not that they're the same) find american accents sexy. is that true?

The Horns and the Hawk said...

as an amendment: i'm a complete retard for not realizing you were from scotland. i mean, edinburgh. come on.

i hang my head in shame.

Miss Despina said...

I'd love to see Jez in a kilt, thenI could stare at his legs without inconveniencing him too much...
Well done to Colbypants for embracing his altar ego, Colbykilt, and to the other boys, especially Lis's hubby!

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Horns & the Hawk I am very,very disappointed in you! You didn't know I'm Scottish? Boo! I suppose should write in more of a Scottish, 'Trainspotting' way. But would anyone who isn't Scottish even understand me? I doubt it.

Let's try:

'It's a braw bricht moonlicht nicht the nicht in Auchtermuchty'


And the question about the American accent, I suppose yes, there are many of us here who swoon at the sound of an American accent. It is as though we have stepped into a movie. Then again, Bush kind of ruined the accent for us. Coincidently, there was an american guy in La Rochelle, one of my freinds, he came from Baltimore, and we used to always ask him to say 'Leonardo Dicaprio' in his accent. It did something to our insides to hear him say that in his accent.

Another boy, Nick from Colarado spoke really rather nicely with his slow drawl. 'Ammmm Niiick Froooommm Colaraaaado'

Miss Despina said...

Auchtermuchty! We stayed in the next village to there when we went to a wedding in Cupar, no kidding!

Zhu said...

We have a Scottish pub here where the waiter wear Kilts. I go there hoping to see something... I know, it's bad. ;)

The Horns and the Hawk said...

colorado doesn't have an accent. he must have been imported from some other state. colorado has to be the most accentless place i've ever been to... and i live there. srsly.

probably a good thing you don't do the trainspotting thing. i would, uh, be confused to say the least.

lastly, bush has a texas accent, the worst of all american accents. that or new jersey. oh. minnesota's is pretty piss poor as well. it's like canada light.

ColbyPants said...

what exactly is an american accent. I grew up in massachusetts, have friends in new york city, and now live in ohio, and all three groups are in america and have noticably different accents, nevermind georgies hillbilly texas drawl.

by the way ColbyKilt = CLASSIC!

The Horns and the Hawk said...

that's what i was thinking just now. there isn't really one defined accent. there's one for the mid west, the east coast, the west coast, the south, the north. not really any one accent.

Jez said...

I'd wear a kilt. Wouldn't buy one though - they're too bloody expensive. I'm not sure about the fella's pink kilt in the blogpost picture either.

Princesse Ecossaise said...

I think the dude in the pink kilt can only pull it off 'cause he's a rockstar! It does look good with the guitar though, I must say.

Colorado DOES have an accent!!!! It's only 'cause you live there you don't realise it! It's a nice accent, I like it a lot.

There was a huge group of folk in France who came from Colorado and they all spoke with the same kind of drawl, but Nick spoke particularly slowly so I suppose that made it more obvious.

I hate strong New York accents, it scares me, it's a gang accent! Oh and Britney Spears' accent is awful, maybe it's just because it's her and I can't stand her, or maybe it's because she sounds like a hick.

Thats the thing with accents, you may think my accent is simply Scottish but to Scottish people they know I come from the West coast.

I've said the word 'accent' so much in this comment and now it sounds like a funny word.

ColbyPants said...

I have to tell my buddy, a cop from brooklyn, that he has a gang accent. Thats great!

Princesse Ecossaise said...

ahahahaha! Oh shit, please don't he'll be terribly offended and might come to get me :-(

Gabe said...

As a Coloradan myself, I have to say that only once in my life did anyone ever say 'are you from Colorado? you have the accent'... from then on I had to accept that there must be something distinct about the way we speak, though many of us see it as rather neutral.

As to the Kilt, absolutely, I'd wear one.

And girl with Brogue makes me dizzy in the best kind of way.

It's the Aussie one that throws me, when a girl said "G'day Mayte" I was baffled.