Thursday, May 10, 2007

Colbypants The Smoking Lounge

Tom C, aka Colbypants is a cigar enthusiast, which is why his blog is ‘The Smoking Lounge’. Now, don’t let that put any non cigar fans off. I highly recommend taking a gander at his blog, it’s full of interesting facts, sexy girls’ profiles and pictures, cigar reviews, baseball game reviews and results, he even throws in some personal posts.

Tom C’s own summary of his blog is this;

“As a cigar enthusiast, I love Smoking Lounges. They are great not only as a place to relax and light up a stogie, but for the conversation and interaction as well. In my little corner of the internet lounge I would like to expound about anything that comes to me, just like the conversations in a real Lounge. It will be fun, I guarantee you.”

And it is fun.

The Smoking Lounge was in fact Fuel My Blog’s “Blog of the Day” only yesterday and the day before.

Now, it may sound like a boy’s heaven, but girls, you should take a look too. Tom C writes well and is humorous. You never know what you will find when you go to the Smoking Lounge, because it is so varied. This blog is a wonderland full of interesting and random facts, tags range from cigars, whiskey, girls, and one of my favourite – cocktails, to dogs, TV, basketball, baseball, music, politics, current events and pop culture.

There really is something for everyone.

Now GO and enjoy!


ColbyPants said...

hell, you sold the site better than I could!

ColbyPants said...

not just any baseball scores, RED SOX baseball scores! lol (even though I live in Ohio now, I grew up in Boston, Massachusetts).

this brings me to my question. Are you a sports fan? and if so what teams?


Princesse Ecossaise said...

lol, sorry! I have no clue about baseball, we don't get it over here in little Scotland!!

I'm not actually a sports fan..not British sports anyway, because the British love their football (soccer for you) and it causes too much violence. It's ridiculous, depending on your religion you choose your team and you don't socialise with the opposite team fans.

But FP adores american football and I'm starting to become interested in it myself. I'd like to go see a game, the New Orleans Saints of course!

My uncle lives in Oregan and he loves the Red Sox, so reading your blog reminds me of him :o)

I think American sports are way cooler and more fun than over here. Sports should be about the fun, not violence.

ColbyPants said...

fair enough. When I grew up, baseball fandom almost reaches fanaticism, albeit nonviolently.

I dig Soccer, even though the league here is mostly crap. the world cup is pretty cool, though the US laid an Egg in the last one.

Princesse Ecossaise said...

ha! laid an egg? what does that mean?

I have to admit I watched the World Cup last summer and thoroughly enjoyed it. Although Scotland is not so hot at football, I was able to support France, who are hot.

I don't recall ever seeing an american soccer team playing, are they any good?

What about rugby? Do you guys play rugby over there?

ColbyPants said...

American Soccer is a joke. Though they are slowly getting better. We do have a semi-legit professional league, Major League Soccer (MLS), though all the good players go to play for European teams. Big fuss cause David Beckham is gonna play for the Los Angeles team this year.

"Laid an Egg" is a fun phrase that means to perform badly, to thoroughly suck.



ColbyPants said...

I think it may be an extention of the baseball term, a "goose egg" which is a baseball euphamism for not scoring, because the number zero is shaped similarly to an egg.

ColbyPants said...

Rugby is HUGE at the college club level, I used to play a bit at Ohio State.

(wow I have commented a lot today)


Princesse Ecossaise said...

hahaha you are so full of random facts!! I'm gonna start using the phrase 'to lay an egg'.

I can't believe we are losing Beckham and Britains favourite right foot to America, I suppose now I will start hearing more about soccer over there though! Maybe you'll all stop laying eggs?

You have commented a lot today, which is GREAT! Comments are like christmas. But isn't it the middle of the night over there? I don't know, I never get the hang of your time.

ColbyPants said...

early morning, actually. remember I work nights usually, and sometimes I cant go to sleep as soon as I get off.

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Ahhh that makes a lot more sense now. God, I could never work nights,that's gotta be difficult,surely!