Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bloggers Unite!

I don’t want the most important post to get lost amidst the archives and so I’m linking back to Help Find Maddie McCann. After doing my best on several blogger websites to spread the word, I successfully reached at least six others who have written about little Madeleine.

Marilyn from the Non Violent Planet Newspage

Tom C from The Smoking Lounge and The Smoking Lounge Lite

The Horns and the Hawk from Project Blogject

The Lovely Miss Despina from The Adventures of Miss Despina

Echathost from Echathost.GenBlogger

Kuanyin from The Art of Living and Dying

And Shadowscope who wrote a very touching piece at several websites; Straight White Guy, Shadowscope, Theapp, and Miles Business Blog

Thankyou for listening and doing your best to help, even if it does seem very little, it is all we can do.

Please, add your own blog to this list by writing a few lines about this tragedy, linking to my post if you wish, if only to show respect and to inform others.

Together, we can help. Take two minutes out of your time to help reunite a little three year old with her devastated parents.


ColbyPants said...

Post linked to, message passed along. Hopefully it will help.


Princesse Ecossaise said...

Good man! Thanks! I'll add you on the list.

ColbyPants said...

check the link, it edited the post and now I think the link is dead.


The Post on "The Smoking Lounge"

The Post on "The Smoking Lounge (Lite)!"

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Cheers Tom, both the links work for me, sorry I probably f**ked it up when I kept editing it to add more sites onto the list!

Hey, I've never been to the smoking lounge lite, I love it!...i totally have ADD.

Anonymous said...

i was realy upset wehen i heard about her!
i have put a video about her on my website and i wish there was a way to find her just keep looking and maybe soon you will find her

all my love maisie age 11
ps she is extremly cute!!

Anonymous said...

Every time I see a picture or on the news of Maddie's Mommy carrying her little pink stuffed toy (don't know what it is exactly, but that does not matter), my heart goes out to her and know that she must carry Maddie close to her through this toy. It is just unimaginable that anyone could abduct and want to hurt an innocent child. My prayers are with them often. May thay continue to stand strong and not give up hope.