Tuesday, May 29, 2007

All You Need is Love

What would you choose; money or love?

A friend of mine, let’s call her Tara, cannot decide between her ‘Sugar Daddy’ and ‘The Love Of Her Life’.

Now, her Sugar Daddy is apparently very well off, but he likes her and constantly gives her money for her rent and buys her extravagant presents. She doesn’t love him, she doesn’t find him attractive, well – apart from the size of his wallet, and she’s already in a serious relationship, albeit a long distance relationship.

Her boyfriend is a much older man, he’s handsome, he’s kind and as Tara always exclaims, he’s The Love Of Her Life. In fact, she loved him so much that she divorced her first husband to be with him.

And now, Tara tells me she can’t decide between not having to work for the rest of her life, living comfortably in a rich life full of endless extravagance and living in a smaller house with a man she loves, a man she wants to have children with, a man she has waited for since September.

Personally, I can not comprehend this dilemma. To me there would be no question about it. I would never ever choose money over love. Never.

I do understand that money is more important to some. I’d like to think Tara is in the minority. But it never ceases to shock me to the core when I realise just how many people are simply common gold diggers.


sugar007 said...

I would love to say that I go for the love option everyday but at the same time I see the reality of the problems that not having money causes a relationship. Apparently it is one of the biggest issues why couples argue and break up. Money obviously doesn't buy you happiness but it sure buys you a lot of freedom. There is nothing wrong in wanting financial security but i think there is a sense of pride in achieving that success yourself and not through others. If your friend goes with the bank account, I think it is a decision she will live to regret..eventually!

T.D. Newton said...

The obvious answer is to not get yourself into that kind of predicament in the first place. No matter which way she goes, she's going to have problems and struggles and probably will wonder if she made the right decision. Human feelings can't be bargained or reasoned with; they simply are.

I'd wish her luck but since we don't live in the movie world it's pretty obvious which choice your friend is going to make. Judging from the limited glimpse of her past, she's got an exciting (albeit rocky) future ahead as well.

The Horns and the Hawk said...

to sort of echo newton there, this won't be the only time she'll face a predicament like this, especially if it's an ACTUAL dilemma for her.

also, when giving advice (and when advice has been given to me), there's a saying i've read over and over (and it applies to girls and guys): if she'll leave him for you, she'll leave you for him.

and to be gender-equal: if he'll leave her for you, he'll leave you for her.

ColbyPants said...

as a man who had his wife leave him, what about that dude?

Uncle Norman said...

I admire your view point. Sadly I have come to the conclusion your friend might be in the majority.

I accept that I might have a jaundiced view of the world but I have seen so much gold digging.

Liked your story about the bully by the way! What goes around comes around

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Wow, I'm saddened by the fact that she may be in the majority. I think I'm even more saddened by the fact that she's my friend, and I can't respect someone who is a gold digger.

I really feel for her ex husband. What's worse is that she lived in his house for months on end, while he thought she was searching for a place of her own but in fact she was sitting idle, not looking for a place, just using her poor ex husband for his house, his money, everything.

I also feel terrible for her current boyfriend. He was in fact my teacher and hers when we were studying in France. He was pleasant and fell head over heels for her.

And even the Sugar Daddy is not in a good position. How sad it must be to have to pay for a girlfriend...I don't know him, but I'm sure he's worth more than his money.

Perhaps the reason I'm so dead against it is because I am with a man that I love terribly and want to spend the rest of my life with him. Perhaps if I were not in love I would think twice.

Which means that 'Tara' does not love her boyfriend and is better off leaving him anyway.

Horns & the Hawk I think that expression is very true. It's sad, but it's true.

Zhu said...

I feel totally uncomfortable when I guy spoils me just to get what he wants. I might be too uptight, but I just hate it. Makes me feel like a whore. Yep, not less.

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Zhu - I'm totally in aggreement with you on that one!